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Open Libraries – "… are signs of life and hope: They are the cornerstone of democracy" Not for the first time, the glut of incoming information threatens to push out useful knowledge into merely a cloud of data. And there’s no doubt that activity streams and linked data are two of the more interesting things to aid research in this onrushing surge of information. In this screen-mediated age, the advantages of deep focus and hyper attention are mixed up like never before, since the advantage accrues to the company who can collect the most data, aggregate it, and repurpose it to willing marketers. N. Does data matter? In use, semantic differentiation gives striking information gains. Since MESUR is pulling information from CalTech and Los Alamos National Laboratory’ SFX link resolver service logs, there’s a immediate relevance filter applied, given the scientists who are doing research in those institutions. Hunch, a web application designed by Caterina Fake, known as co-founder of Flickr, is a new example of machine learning.

Best Vintage Stores in America: Best Stores in America Mister Freedom This cavernous showroom in the L.A. flats is a Wonka Factory of vintage menswear, with Frenchman Christophe Loiron as its visionary overlord. Both overwhelming and inviting, the store showcases Loiron's curatorial eye for just about every category, from Turnbull and Asser dress shirts to marled wool sweaters to skirted work boots that look like Laura Ingalls Wilder's pa just set 'em aside. Loiron himself is a spiky Frenchman with a soft spot for America, and a looming presence-his workroom is on a riser by the rafters. Up there he cuts patterns and stitches together romantic recreations of tug-captain coats and snug-fitting watchcaps.

Welcome to Spicy Brown! Maker of cute yummy kawaii t-shirts, toys and accessories. Fashion Skirts | How to Wear a Skirt Stylishly | Create Multiple Outfits With a Skirt | Disguising Your Problem Areas "How to Wear a Skirt: Chic Outfits & Styling Tricks that Help Conceal Your Problem Areas" What to wear with fashion skirts? Courtesy of ASOS On this page you'll find ideas and inspiration on how to create chic outfits with basic (just to give you a starting point - accessorize them as you please!) Want to look for the latest skirt styles and shop instead? Here you'll also discover tricks on how to wear a skirt to disguise classic problem-areas - from how to minimize curves and a muffin top, to looking taller in a skirt. Get fashion advice & tips on: We're mostly focusing on the styling aspect of skirts, but if you want to get the most out of putting together your skirt-outfits, I suggest that you also check out my tips on how to choose the right skirt for your body figure. Now let's learn how to style your skirts: Secure the Basics First The versatility of basic fashion skirts makes it easier for you to mix & match your outfits - which is super cost-effective, helping you save time and money!

Choosing The Right Handbag As many of you handbag addicts, aficionados and lovers know, half the battle is choosing the perfect handbag. You want a handbag that has stylish good looks, one that’s well made as well as something that you will get a lot of millage on. With so many different handbags to choose from it can get a bit overwhelming. What do you carry with you on a daily basis? (Newscom) What’s your personal style? What’s important to you in a handbag? What’s your body shape? Another important trait in a choosing the right handbag is the colour. No matter what your answers or personal tastes and style, the basic rule is to keep your handbag organized. (Images:)

Pasha Sadri (Yahoo!'s Pipes) Vintage and Retro Clothing, Footwear and Accessories for Men and Women - That Indie Look, one of a kind diy punk clothing Fashion Advice & Style Tips on How to Look Chic and Fabulous | Best Fashion Tips and Latest Fashion Trends for Chic Women

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