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Presentation Magazine - Help advice, 6399 free PowerPoint templates and backgrounds

Presentation Magazine - Help advice, 6399 free PowerPoint templates and backgrounds
Basic Voice Improvement Techniques Your voice includes several characteristics, including: tone, volume, pitch, cadence, speed, voice inflection (word emphasis), emotion, and enunciation. Many of these characteristics can be learned and controlled with practice. This article has some simple techniques that I teach my students in an Introduction to Public Speaking class at Wilberforce University in the USA. (Read more...) 11 top tips for improving your presentation technique

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Top 10 Social Networking Sites by Market Share of Visits [May 2012] For a detailed view use interactive chart at the bottom of this post. Twitter has reached 1.82% of market share of visits. This is the highest percentage of market share for them, ever. Storytelling TIps from Pixar This post was written by Scott Schwertly Scott is the Founder and CEO of Ethos3. Basically, we love everything that comes out of Pixar, the production company started by Steve Jobs in 1986.

Business Plan Outline (8 Sections of a Good Business Plan) By Susan Ward Updated March 04, 2016. Thinking of writing a business plan? Here is a business plan outline, listing the sections in the order in which they will appear in your completed plan with a brief explanation of each section to help you get organized and guide you through the process. Instagram Traffic Up 38 Percent In July, Tumblr Surpasses MySpace [ComScore] Interest in Instagram rose significantly in July, enough to make it the top gaining web property in comScore’s monthly tracking of traffic to U.S. websites. ComScore’s July 2012 Top 50 shows a 38 percent traffic gain for Instagram between June and July, with unique visitors rising from 16.5 million to 22.7 million. Overall, that puts Instagram just outside the Top 50 at No. 56. The numbers appear to coincide with Instagram’s self-reported growth.

How Language Shapes Your Organization - Kevin Allen by Kevin Allen | 7:00 AM July 24, 2012 Cultural permission is the tone, attitude and language that emanates from the executive suite. It is a mantra, expressed in oft-used catch phrases and philosophies that move like waves through the organization. They get adopted and interpreted as actions to be followed. They become part of everyday lexicon and cultural idioms that people hear coming from the highest levels, and form a platform for what the organization believes and expects of its people.

Platform University Is this a one-time fee or a monthly fee? Platform University is a monthly subscription service. When you join, your credit card will immediately be charged $37. You will be charged again for $37 one month later, and then again every month for the duration of your membership. Is there a long-term commitment? No.

Usage Statistics and Market Share of MySpace for Websites, October 2012 Technologies > Social Widgets > MySpace Request an extensive MySpace market report. Learn more This report shows the usage statistics and market share data of MySpace on the web. See technologies overview for explanations on the methodologies used in the surveys. Our reports are updated daily. Mind Mapping for Business Executives and Trainers Power Mapping - Is Mind Mapping a serious tool? Here Clive Lewis, MD of Illumine Training, highlights the techniques that make Mind Mapping especially valuable for business executives and trainers alike. We all live with pressure at work but what would you give for a tool that could improve your project management, that could bring your presentations to life, that could help you with information overload?

Stormboard Do I have to supply my credit card for the free account? No. Signing up for the free account is completely free and doesn't require a credit card. MySpace Market Report Technologies > Social Widgets > MySpace > Reports Overview > Market Report Get all the information about MySpace in an extensive report. Order here

An example of a bad presenting experience. Good site for sharing concerns and gaining support generally. An American slant by raviii May 13

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