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Presentation Magazine - Free advice and 519 PowerPoint templates

Presentation Magazine - Free advice and 519 PowerPoint templates
Basic Voice Improvement Techniques Your voice includes several characteristics, including: tone, volume, pitch, cadence, speed, voice inflection (word emphasis), emotion, and enunciation. Many of these characteristics can be learned and controlled with practice. This article has some simple techniques that I teach my students in an Introduction to Public Speaking class at Wilberforce University in the USA. (Read more...) 11 top tips for improving your presentation technique

A Beginner's Guide to Combining Multiple Fonts Using multiple fonts in the same design can get tricky if you don’t have knowledge of basic theories and good practices. In my opinion pairing fonts is one of the most difficult parts of the design process. If you have no idea where to begin, then this article will guide you through the knowledge you need for now. Browsing the internet for tips about pairing fonts can get confusing, because there are many practices designers use.

PowerPoint Revolution: 21st Century Design In a previous article, I reviewed several common PowerPoint designs used in corporate meeting rooms around the world today, and what you can do to improve on them. But now, let’s aim higher. After all, we’re professionals. We should look and act like them, even behind closed conference room doors. It’s time we dragged our presentations into the 21st century.

Ana Rodera: Mis publicaciones on Calaméo "Noves" metodologies a l'aula Avui parlem de... "noves" metodologies a l'aula Charla en escuela Adobe PDF document Presentations, History, Spanish You Need to Know These Seven Tips If You Build Graphics for E-Learning If you’re building elearning courses, then you should expect to have a graphics editing program as part of your tool chest. In a previous post I mentioned a few free (or low cost) graphic editors if you don’t already have one. There’s even a good discussion about graphics applications in the elearning community. Jump in and share a favorite of yours. There’s a difference between having a graphics application and being a professional graphics artist.

Correct dimensions for Power Point Import inShare0 Captivate 3 (and now 4) supports importing a Microsoft Power Point file. Captivate slide dimensions are defined in pixels, while Power Point defines slide size in inches. Many of you might have faced problems with stretched / shrunken objects because of a mismatch in the dimensions of the imported Power Point slides and your Captivate project. 10 Books Of Visual Ideas Sharebar Everyone needs a way to get inspired. When it comes to visuals, you can find ideas all around you—in magazine covers, advertisements, design websites and my favorite, books. Here are some of the latter that you might find intriguing. I recommend these books for visual examples and guidelines and for ways to visualize concepts, information and data. 12 Ways to Become a Better Designer in 2012 - Designer Blog Designer Blog Judging by the developments at 99designs, this year is going to be an important one. We’re growing and improving at an ever increasing pace and we want our designers to grow with us too. We have 12 months ahead — let’s use each month to become a better designer by learning a new skill and trying a new tip!

How to Focus a Presentation This post was written by Scott Schwertly Scott is the Founder and CEO of Ethos3. One of the most difficult tasks when fashioning a presentation is the process of sorting through the myriad of available information and turning it into a coherent outline with a few main points and one clear focus. Think of your presentation as a photomosaic, a large photo composed of lots of little pictures. You know, like this. The small photos represent all the information given in your presentation, and if they’re arranged together in an effective way, a singular image is created, representing your presentation’s main focus.

50 Totally Free Lessons in Graphic Design Theory 1,200+ courses and ebooks Design, code, video editing, business, and much more. Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesignGraphic, Logo and Print DesignSketch, Adobe XD & FigmaWordPressJavascript, PHP & PythonAdobe After Effects & Premiere ProMuch More Millions of creative assets Design templates, stock videos, photos & audio, and much more. Graphic TemplatesStock PhotosMusic TracksVideo TemplatesWeb TemplatesDesign AssetsWordpress Themes & PluginsMuch More

The Principles of Design The web professional's online magazine of choice. In: Columns > Design in Theory and Practice By Joshua David McClurg-Genevese

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