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Daily Goodness

Daily Goodness
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Lovely Package | Curating the very best packaging design Lovely Derrière Home Ask me anything Submit Archive Mobile Lovely Derrière Photo September 04, 2012 0 Comments 34 notes 43 notes (Source: hotgirlscollection ) 17 notes 545 notes (Source: sweetlust , via simpleintimiste ) 73 notes (Source: unpoco , via amorsexus ) 177 notes (Source: nsfw-stunts , via a-kinksters-blog ) 24 notes 38 notes 27 notes 20 notes 530 notes (Source: pussylequeer , via pleasespankmyperfectbottomsir ) 14 notes (Source: onlynakedcouples ) 455 notes (Source: oshiris , via erostime ) 15 notes Next » About This blog celebrates the supreme beauty of the female form, with a special emphasis upon the derrière, and will often depict nudity. I do not claim ownership of these images. Stuff I like People I follow Powered by Tumblr .

[LSD] Google+ on LSD Et hop, ce blog continue sous une nouvelles forme. Je vous propose de suivre la suite des billets sur mon espace Google+ Les billets seront dorénavant rédigés en anglais. Un grand merci à vous! Graphisme | Loïc Sattler , mardi 4 octobre 11 | 0 commentaire | 11 trackbacks On Hold... Le blog est en pause pour une durée indéterminée. Pour d’autres informations, veuillez consulter mon profil Twitter ou ma page Facebook. Graphisme | Loïc Sattler , jeudi 23 juin 11 | 0 commentaire | 0 trackback MTV EMA // World Design Studio MTV sait s'entourer des meilleurs studios créatifs pour réaliser l'ensemble de ses habillages et génériques, ce n'est pas nouveau. Dans un tout autre style cette fois, voici une sélection de deux identités réalisées pour MTV World Design Studio sur les thèmes respectifs de la "vue" par Divisionparis et du "goût" par les Londoniens de chez I Love Dust. (via) Plenty | Showreel 2010 Leurs travaux sont à découvrir plus en détail sur

little clay bits Street Peeper | Global Street Fashion and Street Style NOTCOT Gunaxin Girls | models, actresses, singers, themes, athletes, and wags I like this blog Monster Children : Splash mental_floss Blog ? The Quick 10: The Real People Behind 10 Fashion Houses With all of the hype behind fantastically expensive one-named designers, I think we sometimes forget that somewhere down the line, one individual person actually opened up a store and probably never dreamed their clothes would sell for thousands of dollars (with a couple of exceptions, as you'll see). Here are the stories behind some of those one-named designers. 1. Gucci Getty Images Guccio Gucci opened a small saddlery shop in 1906 and started selling practical leather bags to his horsemen customers sometime in the '20s. The brand was hot for a while, thanks to famous customers like Jackie O., Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn. But when Rodolfo Gucci, one of Guccio's sons, died and left his share to his son Maurizio, Maurizio turned things around and made Gucci a sought-after brand again. 2. Prada has a story similar to Gucci's, but the line is younger and the Italian city it started in is 155 miles north. 3. Getty Images 4. By contrast, Burberry is the second oldest house on the list. 5.

How to be a stylish designer. | I love graphics! You don’t know how to dress. Fashion has no meaning to you, other than buying a pair of jeans every two years or so. You don’t get the point of wearing anything otther than black. This is a polyvore set. 1. After this, if you’re mommy still thinks you look like an accountant on a funeral, I’m no help. See you tommorow for a real post, May the ampersand be with you, Zélia.

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