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Wired. Our Robots Are Powered by Poets and Musicians Beth Holmes, Farah Houston, Michelle Riggen-­Ransom Knowledge Manager | Alexa Information team Senior Manager | Alexa Personality team Managing Editor | Alexa Personality team Behind your high tech digital assistant is a band of liberal arts majors.


Know your foresight audience. During class last night on visualization techniques, a discussion emerged around when to try these techniques and with whom.

Know your foresight audience

I gave a quirk-and-dirty on “Know Your Audience” from the Organizational Futurist Audit. I wished I had a simple graphic handy to aid the explanation and thus figured it was to put one together. Figured I’d share it with y’all. It’s over a decade old but still robust and seemingly one of the few things people seems to remember The basic idea is that there are “typical” responses to the foresight message, mapped along two dimensions. The frogs are those rare folks in the organization who get foresight and are politically skilled in moving ideas through an organization. Free ebook: 40 Futurists on advice for young people on the future of work : Leading Thought. We're moving fast. But nobody knows where we're going. Visit to the World's Fair of 2014. Quora. Think Like a Futurist to Be Prepared for the Totally Unexpected - WSJ.

Drivers of change. Drivers of Change investigates the key global issues and trends driving change in our societies and markets.

drivers of change

It is one of the most well-known and comprehensive publication series of its kind. The cards are an effective way of raising awareness about our environment – both man-made and natural. They help initiate conversations, act as workshop materials, provide a foundation for further study and serve as an input for strategy and innovation processes. A compilation of seven of the above card sets was published by Prestel in 2009. How to Invent the Future in 6 Easy Steps – TED Fellows. A risky presidential candidate.

How to Invent the Future in 6 Easy Steps – TED Fellows

New legislation for labeling GMO foods. A social injustice demanding a response. Speculating Futures. These 6 new technology rules will govern our future. A robotic waiter carries food in a restaurant in Kunshan, China. (2014 photo by Johannes Eisele/Agence France-Presse via Getty Images) Technology is advancing so rapidly that we will experience radical changes in society not only in our lifetimes but in the coming years.

These 6 new technology rules will govern our future

We have already begun to see ways in which computing, sensors, artificial intelligence and genomics are reshaping entire industries and our daily lives. What Can Futurists Teach Us about Imagination? - Scientific American Blog Network. "Thinking about the future isn’t a special skill; virtually everyone does it all the time.

What Can Futurists Teach Us about Imagination? - Scientific American Blog Network

We schedule future activities and appointments on our calendars. We make to-do lists, a promise to ourselves of how we will spend our future time and energy. We pack our bag (or pockets) for the day by fast-forwarding mentally to what we’ll need later. The Board's Duty of Foresight: Associations Now. The beginning of 2016 is the right time for association boards to make a fundamental choice.

The Board's Duty of Foresight: Associations Now

On the one hand, they can choose to confront the insistent reality of profound societal transformation—as well as its growing impact on their organizations, their stakeholders, and the fields they serve—with a genuine seriousness of purpose. On the other hand, boards can permit the detrimental human limitations of myopia, nostalgia, orthodoxy, and denial to constrain how they think about governing for the future and, in so doing, severely limit their ability to build associations capable of thriving in the years ahead. To some, my framing of this choice may seem overly dramatic and stark. It is an understandable reaction, since most of us experience change as a strictly linear phenomenon, similar to driving down a long road. It is well established that the boards of all nonprofit organizations, including associations, must fulfill three critical legal duties: Core Concepts Strategic legitimacy. The Godfather of Good. In 1966, Stewart Brand started selling pin-back buttons featuring a simple question: “Why haven’t we seen a photograph of the whole Earth yet?”

The Godfather of Good

The activist and writer distributed the buttons across the country for 25 cents each and mailed them to congressmen, scientists, and government officials. Six years later, astronauts aboard Apollo 17 fulfilled Brand’s ask, bringing back a photograph of the bright blue orb bathed in frothy clouds. Often referred to as the “Blue Marble,” the striking image made people reconsider our role in the vast expanse of space. Now 77 years old, Brand lives on a tugboat in Sausalito, California. Sweden's Minister of the Future Explains How to Make Politicians Think Long-Term. Kristina Persson’s job is rather unique.

Sweden's Minister of the Future Explains How to Make Politicians Think Long-Term

Just over a year ago, Stefan Löfven, Sweden's current social democratic prime minister, decided the 70-year-old from Österstund would be the perfect figure to lead the country's new ministry of future issues, strategy and cooperation. The idea behind the creation of such a ministry was a simple one: for Sweden to remain competitive tomorrow, it might, unfortunately, have to take unpopular steps today—and since politics and politicians, given elections and interests, tend to focus on the short-term, a watchdog for the long-term was needed. It's easier said than done, as politics show us every day. Can you think of a politician willing to risk re-election for a better future they cannot benefit from? Most probably wouldn't.

Science Fiction books

Futures Ready Strategy Development – Thinking Futures. For some time now I’ve been using this graphic to talk about the steps involved in futures ready strategy development.

Futures Ready Strategy Development – Thinking Futures

I decided to turn it into a circle to make the circular and interdependent nature of the process a bit clearer but never got around to doing it. And I realised a little while ago that there was something missing from the process – an evaluation or check in stage, where you can stop and review how you are going, is everything still relevant? A New Board Game For Public Servants  Just over a year ago, I was briefed on one of the most interesting design challenges of my career. The ask came from Policy Horizons Canada, an innovation lab within the Government of Canada, who aimed to create a serious board game that would enable public servants to learn and practice foresight. Through a highly collaborative process, our team of futurists, strategists, and designers at Idea Couture worked with Policy Horizons Canada to develop IMPACT: A Foresight Game. One Earth, Two Social Fields. Why We Need to Pick Up Alvin Toffler’s Torch. In many large ways, it’s almost as if we have collectively stopped planning for the future.

Logicalis predicts the digital future with UFKH membership. IT services firm Logicalis Europe has become the first corporate member of Unlocking Foresight Know How (UFKH), a new global initiative designed to “unlock the potential of strategic foresight for the benefit of business”. The initiative is devoted to building a “strong and committed community between foresight practitioners, academics and business leaders”. UFKH is creating online resources focused on bringing together foresight knowledge, materials, experts and research.

Chris Gabriel, chief digital officer, Logicalis Europe, said: “Digital disruption, like all major shifts, is always easy to spot in hindsight, and the tech industry like no other is changing at a rate that is hard to keep up with, and even harder to predict. “Strategic foresight is something Logicalis is passionate to support as it enables organisations across all industries to assess the impacts of digital change, and avoid the risks incumbent in our new digitally driven world.” @AntonySavvas. Predicting the Future: How to Engage in Really Long-Term Strategic Digital Planning. Companies need to engage in long-term thinking about their digital strategy. In an interview earlier this year, Deloitte’s John Hagel lamented that most companies don’t look far enough ahead when thinking about digital strategy. Instead of the one- to three-year time frame that most companies use for digital strategy, Hagel advocates using a 10- to 20-year timeframe — at least at times.

You're More Likely to Die in a Human Extinction Event Than a Car Crash. Nuclear war. Climate change. Pandemics that kill tens of millions. What Ancient History Has To Say About Near-Future Doom. The Curse of the Futurist (or, How You Can’t Escape the S-Curve) Are Others Letting Me Down, Or is it Just Me? In doing some very brief scanning this morning I came across a post by Klaus Schwab entitled, “How will the Fourth Industrial Revolution affect international security?” Healthcare of the future. Scenarios and the Military. This is a response in the discussion with @Aelkus about the need for scenarios in military thinking (because really, 140 characters isn’t enough to say what I’d actually like to say, most times). The Museum of Science Fiction Debuts Their Scholarly Journal's First Issue.

The path to enlightenment and profit starts inside the office. A strategic foresight and innovation consultancy with a global network of engineers, consultants and designers. Capitalism under the spotlight: six must-read books.


Strategic Foresight speaking. Cognitive bias and future thinking. Future of Toilets. Methods + SW. WWW. 2020 and other futures. How to Seize the Opportunities When Megatrends Collide. McDonald’s was one of the first Western companies to play an active role in the world’s emerging markets. It opened a franchise in Brazil in 1979, followed by Russia and China in 1990, and India in 1996. Why Your Company Needs a Resident Futurist. 2015-SOF-ExecutiveSummary-English.pdf. 125 Top Women Futurists & the End of Business as Usual. Last week, we published a blog post on the Top 20 Future of Work thinkers and the companies that most connect to them.

The 10 Best Sci-Fi Fantasy Novels of 2015 So Far. William Gibson on finding the future in the strangeness of now - Home. Tuesday November 25, 2014. Futurism Needs More Women. Sleeping Through a Revolution — Aspen Ideas. Andrew Curry on Futures. Forecasting principles. No one cares about your jetpack: on optimism in futurism - Dangerous to those who profit from the way things areDangerous to those who profit from the way things are. Game of Thrones: why hasn't Westeros had an industrial revolution? 11 Ways The Future Could Turn Out Differently Than You Expect. Home - Welcome to Foresight For Development. To Replace or Respect: Futurology as if People Mattered. Are We Passing Through a Bottleneck, or Will the Explosion of Existential Risks Continue?

Review of Michio Kaku’s, Visions: How Science Will Revolutionize the 21st Century. The past and future of global organizations. Synthesis, capabilities, and overlooked insights: Next frontiers for strategists. Beyond Forecasting: Creating New Strategic Narratives. Foresight and Surprise. 14-814-future-cities-visual-history.pdf. 10 Horrifying Technologies That Should Never Be Allowed To Exist. Inside The World's Most Intriguing (And Probably Only) Futurist Bar. Futurists' Blogs. _SR-1675C_SystemsMythologyToolkit_web.pdf. Building a forward-looking board. All The Times Science Fiction Became Science Fact In One Chart. So You Think You're Smarter Than A CIA Agent : Parallels. IRI2038 February News. The Importance of Resilience and How to Cultivate It – 10 Principles Overview. Strategic Implications of 12 Unasked Questions in Response to Disaster. This algorithm can predict a revolution. Entrepreneurs Don't Have an Optimism Bias. Your relationship with the future.

The World Changing Ideas Of 2014. What Machines Can’t Do. A Gem From The Archives: We Revisit A Mac Doubter. Strengthen Your Strategic Thinking Muscles - Liane Davey. Microsoft Word - Intellectual Cafe Presentation Paper.doc - FutureCentres.pdf. Thefuturecenterasanurbaninnovationengine copia. Future centers.pptx - 775a05_051dd491133e41be3733dff0de245f40. KAIST receives $20 million donation for futures studies. Natural disasters of the past can help solve future problems. Appreciative Futures. Whorfianism: What the Language You Speak Says About You. Association of Professional Futurists - ProFutures Blog. ISEF: Cautions, Dreams & Curiosities - Tomorrow Project Anthology. The Future According To Films. Take A Seat On This Gates-Funded Future Toilet That Will Change How We Think About Poop. The First Cellphone Went on Sale 30 Years Ago for $4,000. Foresight, Change Design, Leadership Development, Organizational Effectiveness.