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ESPAS Report2019 V14. Global Strategic Trends The Future Starts Today. CSF Foresight 2019. Arctic eng. Commission foresight group spots 100 radical innovation breakthroughs with strong impact on global economy. A foresight report published by the European Commission identifies 100 radical innovation breakthroughs that are likely to have a strong impact on the global economy and advises the EU to boost investment in artificial intelligence and related technologies. The Commission expects that technologies such as bioplastics, blockchain, exoskeletons, gene editing and neuromorphic chips to be widely used by 2038. Published today by the Commission, the Radical Innovation Breakthrough Inquirer spotlights clusters of innovations that will have a significant impact on the future world economy and society. It also showcases 45 technologies which are currently at a low level of maturity but are expected to find market applications in the next 20 years. These include biodegradable sensors, warfare drones, and 4D printing.

In addition, the report has found that radical innovation breakthroughs are coming in two distinct but interwoven waves. The Global Risks Report 2019. Turn and Face the Strange: Changes impacting the future of employment in Canada – Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship. Version française Turn and Face the Strange sets out to illuminate the diverse and intersecting trends driving change in Canada’s labour market.

Turn and Face the Strange: Changes impacting the future of employment in Canada – Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship

These trends have the potential to influence future skills demand in either positive or negative ways—and sometimes both. Our Future World: global megatrends report. WEF Global Risks Report 2019. The Global Risks Report 2019. Global Strategic Trends. Global Strategic Trends (GST) describes a strategic context for those in the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and wider government who are involved in developing long term plans, strategies, policies and capabilities.

Global Strategic Trends

Without a strategic context there is a risk that planners, policymakers and capability developers may assume a future that adheres to preconceived thoughts and assumptions. Accessible Media Player by Nomensa The timeline slider below uses WAI ARIA. Please use the documentation for your screen reader to find out more. There is a transcript for this video. As well as providing a strategic context, this sixth edition of GST identifies long-term threats and opportunities. GST does not attempt to predict the future, it cannot. 20181121 GST The Future Starts Today. Futures Publications - Journals. As the academic field of futures studies has developed several academic journals have been founded, the first being Futures: The Journal of Policy, Planning and Futures Studies, first published in 1968.

Futures Publications - Journals

There are several peer-reviewed academic and professional journals dedicated to reporting, discussing and analysing issues of relevance to futures researchers, practitioners and students. There are also some futures-oriented magazines below. The lists are arranged alphabetically. Global Trends Home Page. Renaissance of Democracies In 2040, the world is in the midst of a resurgence of open democracies led by the United States and its allies.

Global Trends Home Page

Voices of Workable Futures: People Transforming Work in the Platform Economy – IFTF Workable Futures Initiative. Global Trends and Future Scenarios Index. MaRS Magazine Future of Work. NAEC. NAEC is a journey with concrete deliverables:


Naked approach. HansBaer. Research and Thinking About Canada's Future. Future of cities: current foresight practice. WEF GRR16. SOF2012-English.pdf. Strategic Foresight Forum. Future of cities: a visual history of the future. Are we witnessing a comeback of the Stars and Stripes? The world that rushed to New York this week can be forgiven for missing the relic of an earlier age of American supremacy.

Are we witnessing a comeback of the Stars and Stripes?

Across the river from the United Nations, in a corner of Flushing Meadows once known as the Valley of Ashes, the iconic steel unisphere of the 1964 World’s Fair still whispers a mention of the American century in full swing. Then, as now, America’s innovation, culture and design dazzled the world. People from all corners came to New York to see models of space ships, computer circuits, Disney films and a remarkable new invention, the video phone. For much of the world, the United States was the beacon. The world was a little less bedazzling to Americans, scarred as they were by Cuba, reluctant about Cyprus and divided over Vietnam. Fifty years after the U.S. strutted its accomplishments and ambition at the fair, a retrenched, some say retreating, hegemon has awoken from a summer of geopolitical chaos to find the world still not willing to be left alone. The U.S. 20140821_DCDC_GST_5_Web_Secured.pdf. Strategic Plan: Serving the Congress and the Nation 2014-2019 (Supersedes GAO-10-559SP)

World Economic Forum - Global Risks. Global Risks 2014 report The Global Risks 2014 report highlights how global risks are not only interconnected, but also have systemic impacts.

World Economic Forum - Global Risks

To manage global risks effectively and build resilience to their impacts, better efforts are needed to understand, measure and foresee the evolution of interdependencies between risks, supplementing traditional risk-management tools with new concepts designed for uncertain environments. Post date: December 30, 2013 Global Risks 2013 - Eighth Edition - Japanese The Global Risks Report 2013 analyses 50 global risks in terms of impact, likelihood and interconnections, based on a survey of over 1000 experts from industry, government and academia.

Post date: August 7, 2013 Resilience: What it is and why it’s needed Lee Howell addresses the question: What does it mean for a country to show resilience in the face of risks it cannot manage alone? Post date: February 27, 2013 Global Risks 2012 - Seventh Edition - Korean. Oxford_Martin_Now_for_the_Long_Term.pdf.