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Trends and Scenarios

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Technology listicles, deep tech, and social systems — Day One Futures. Technology lists, what’s this thing called “Deep Tech”, and thinking beyond the tech.

Technology listicles, deep tech, and social systems — Day One Futures

Top “x” lists of technology developments, breakthroughs and trends aren’t hard to find. But how useful are they? MIT’s “Breakthrough Technologies” This time every year MIT’s Technology Review magazine produces a “10 breakthrough technologies” list. This showcases what it sees as the year’s most important technologies. For 2021 their breakthroughs are: mRNA vaccinesGPT-3 (a system that uses deep learning to produce human language-like text)Tik Tok’s recommendation algorithm (which doesn’t just reflect what’s popular)Lithium metal batteriesData trusts (legal entities that collect and manage people’s personal data on their behalf)Green hydrogen (produced using renewable energy)Digital contact tracingHyper accurate positioning (going from metres down to centimetres or millimetres)Remote everythingMulti-skilled AI (where the artificial intelligence is competent in at least two things, such as vision and audio)

Four Scenarios for Geopolitical Order in 2025-2030: What Will Great Power Competition Look Like? What will the next decade bring? Here are 20 predictions from trend forecasters. At the beginning of every year, trend forecasters the world over put together expensive reports predicting what the future will bring.

What will the next decade bring? Here are 20 predictions from trend forecasters

As a trend forecaster myself, I’ve read literally hundreds of predictions in the past few weeks made by the likes of McKinsey, WGSN and countless others so that you don’t have to. So, what do these professional speculators of the future think the next few years hold? Many of the themes are predictable: automation, artificial intelligence, climate crisis and climate-related migration, virtual reality and augmented reality, China’s rising power, cryptocurrencies, Zoom, remote work and people agitating for their rights. Like all predictions, these should be taken with a grain (or boulder) of salt. Circular futures: What Will They Look Like? 3D Hubs Manufacturing LLC, 2019 3D Hubs Manufacturing LLC3D Printing Trends Q1 2019: Industry highlights and market forecasts Including a special on 3D printing in Automotive 1D Hubs Manufacturing LLC (2019) Akubue, 2000 A.

Circular futures: What Will They Look Like?

AkubueAppropriate Technology for Socioeconomic Development in Third World Countries Alexander and Yacoumis, 2018 S. Ali, 2014 S.H. Aligica and Evans, 2009 P.D. Aligica and Tarko, 2012 P.D. Amara, 1991 R. Arushanyan et al., 2017 Y. Asara, 2016 V. Van Asselt et al., 2012 M. van Asselt, S. van’t Klooster, P. van Notten, L. These 25 Technology Trends Will Define The Next Decade. We may not be living on Mars or traveling to work using jet packs, but there's no doubt the coming decade will bring many exciting technological advances.

These 25 Technology Trends Will Define The Next Decade

In this article, I want to outline the 25 key technology trends that I believe will shape the 2020s. 1. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. The increasing ability of machines to learn and act intelligently will absolutely transform our world. It is also the driving force behind many of the other trends on this list. 2. 3. 4. 2050 scenarios. Ten predictions for 2020. 11 Megatrends Shaping Our Future. 12 Innovations That Will Change Health Care in the 2020s. New WPA-Style Posters Show the Ravages of Climate Change. An artist riffs on WPA posters to imagine how the country’s defining landscapes will look once climate change has taken its toll.

New WPA-Style Posters Show the Ravages of Climate Change

Americans love the national parks. According to a 2016 survey, 77 percent of American voters feel the country benefits either “a great deal” or “a fair amount” from the parks, with similar responses from Democrats (81 percent) and Republicans (75 percent). Whether that’s because of fond memories of camping in Yellowstone, hiking in the Grand Canyon, or rock climbing in Joshua Tree, Americans across the political spectrum value these natural landscapes—even while it feels increasingly difficult for us to agree about anything else.

But recent events may give us pause about their future. Between the proposed increase in park entry fees and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s recommendation to increase oil drilling underneath certain monuments, the parks could become very different from the places we know today. About the Author. The Catalog of Missing Devices. There’s a whole catalog of devices that are missing from our world.

The Catalog of Missing Devices

Things we’d pay money for — things you could earn money with — don’t exist thanks to the chilling effects of an obscure copyright law: Section 1201 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA 1201). That law makes selling a device that bypasses access controls on copyrighted works illegal, with criminal penalties of 5 years in prison (for a first offense!) , and potential civil penalties in the millions. It’s hard to notice what isn’t there. We’re aiming to fix that, with this work of “design fiction” — a collection of devices, services, products, and tools. The State of the World’s Children 2017. Global Trends and Future Scenarios Index.