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Encore une fois les banques nous font les poches. LÀ-BAS HEBDO, voilà le numéro 4 ! LÀ-BAS HEBDO n°4 (extrait) Télécharger le MP3 Vous n’êtes pas connecté.

LÀ-BAS HEBDO, voilà le numéro 4 !

Identifiez-vous pour écouter l’émission intégrale. Our Land Our Business – World Vs Bank. Thank you, your signature request was successful!

Our Land Our Business – World Vs Bank

Given email address is has already signed, thank you! Please provide a valid email address. Please complete the CAPTCHA. Oops. Something went wrong. On October 10th, join arms with us in a global stand for our future. We will do everything in our considerable power to stand against the World Bank’s insane, suicidal prescription for development that puts the growth of corporate power above all else; that ignores the truth of how the world is fed by ordinary people on small farms, not corporations; and that denies the science of how our fields, our rivers, and even our bodies are being poisoned by industrial farming whose only true beneficiaries are the 1%. When you show solidarity you bring together the sparks that start a revolution. The banks, the 1%, the corporations, Wall Street, the global elite have infiltrated once-democratic institutions built by our predecessors’ persistent and thankless organizing.

Indonésie : la Deutsche Bank finance la déforestation. La Deutsche Bank finance les déboisements opérés par Bumitama Agri par en Indonésie.

Indonésie : la Deutsche Bank finance la déforestation

Les banques spéculent sur les devises, manipulent le marché des changes et la taxe Tobin est dans les limbes. Les banques sont les principaux acteurs sur le marché des devises.

Les banques spéculent sur les devises, manipulent le marché des changes et la taxe Tobin est dans les limbes

Elles entretiennent une instabilité permanente des taux de change.


Les banques, championnes de l'opacité. Banksecrets. Comment les banques continuent à se goinfrer… 6 Reasons to Stop Trusting Banks. Recently, the Federal Reserve has been allocating $40 million each month to help lower mortgage rates, according to the Washington Post.

6 Reasons to Stop Trusting Banks

With this money, the U.S. government is hoping that the banks will grant loans at lower rates to boost the housing market. It’s a great plan… unless the banks decided not to modify the loan rates and keep most of the money for itself anyway, which is exactly what they’re doing, despite already making record profits as of late. For crying out loud! It seems like nearly every day we learn of new reasons to despise the big banks, and yet we continue to do business with them anyway. Here are 6 reasons we need to abandon all trust in the banks. 1.

In the aforementioned article, Wells Fargo CFO Timothy Sloan is quoted as saying that banks don’t make decisions based on whether they will help people but “from a profit standpoint… we run the business based on profitability.” 2. We already know they actively aren’t doing the ethical thing. 4. 5. 6. Découvrez les sept péchés capitaux des banques sur Internet. La crise financière et économique qui s’abat aujourd’hui sur les Etats et les citoyens européens ne trouve pas uniquement ses racines dans la mauvaise gestion des comptes publics mais également dans les comportements irresponsables de banquiers voraces, égoïstes et aveugles.

Découvrez les sept péchés capitaux des banques sur Internet

En France comme en Europe, les scandales financiers se sont succédés et les pratiques n’ont, hélas, que peu changé. De l’affaire Kerviel au gavage des bonus des traders, du sauvetage de Dexia à la manipulation du LIBOR, la liste est longue, trop longue. Les 7 péchés capitaux des banques. "Cher Crédit Mutuel..." Lettre ouverte à ma banque. Foreclosure Review Finds Potentially Widespread Errors. BOSTON -- Nearly a third of all foreclosed borrowers who faced proceedings brought by the biggest U.S. mortgage companies during the height of the housing crisis came to the brink of losing their homes due to potential bank errors or under now-banned practices, regulators have revealed.

Foreclosure Review Finds Potentially Widespread Errors

Close to 1.2 million borrowers, or about 30 percent of the more than 3.9 million households whose properties were foreclosed on by 11 leading financial institutions in 2009 and 2010, had to battle potentially wrongful efforts to seize their homes despite not having defaulted on their loans, being protected under a host of federal laws, or having been in good standing under bank-approved plans to either restructure their mortgages or temporarily delay required payments. More than 244,000 of those borrowers eventually lost their homes, government data show.

Bank of America Told Employees to Make Foreclosures Happen. Bank of America (BoA) is not just stealing its customers’ homes.

Bank of America Told Employees to Make Foreclosures Happen

It’s bribing its employees to make it happen. The federal government tried to decrease bank foreclosures through the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP), which “is designed to help financially struggling homeowners avoid foreclosure by modifying loans to a level that is affordable for borrowers now and sustainable over the long term,” according to Fannie Mae. It looks like BoA didn’t want its borrowers to “avoid foreclosure.” That is what six employees and one contractor have asserted in written affidavits made under oath in a pending lawsuit. The following is based on the employees’ allegations. Instead of acknowledging reality or complying with the law, BoA lied through its teeth about customers who had jumped through every hoop the bank and the law put in their way, saying that they hadn’t made required payments or filed necessary paperwork when they had actually done it all.