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Hacky Hanger DIY - 10+ Crafty Ideas on how to repurpose old hangers

Hacky Hanger DIY - 10+ Crafty Ideas on how to repurpose old hangers
Posted by on fredag, september 7, 2012 · 4 Comments Coat hangers are super easy to come by, you’ve probably got a bunch of old ones stacked at the back of your closet or in a dusty box in the attic, am I right? Instead of leaving them to that drab destiny, plunge into the pool of inspirational D.I.Y ideas featured in this post! The round-up shows how old hangers can be tweaked into awesome new creations, featuring ideas for wire and wood hangers side by side to make sure there’s a little somethin’ for everyone in the mix – Happy Hacking! Super clever an seriously sleek (as always) from Ivana of Love Aesthetics, whose upside-down hanger hook D.I.Y inspired some D.I.Y action from AnnaLeena of ‘AnnaLeenasHem’. Awesome D.I.Y Coat hanger rack hack from Courtney of ‘A little glass box’ – DIY tutorial here A pop of color to spruce up your wardrobe… via blog DesignLoveFest & ‘PinjaColada’ A lil’ tweaking and you’re good to go, pics & D.I.Y tutorial from SuperZiper explains how Related:  HomeDIY / CRAFTidées tout court

Top15 Pallet D.I.Y Ideas for the Bedroom Posted by on torsdag, november 24, 2011 · 5 Comments In the ScrapHacker blog i´ve previously featured tons of D.I.Y pallet furniture ideas, including Top 10 pallet Coffee Table Ideas, Pallet Coffee Table D.I.Y instructions, Top 15 Pallet Sofa Ideas, D.I.Y instructions for a Pallet Sofa Bed, D.I.Y Pallet Dining Tables…In order to make the palette of pallet home ideas complete, I figured I should write a feature on Pallet Bed Ideas. Pallet bed hacks are perhaps the most straightforward ones…All you need for some D.I.Y action are some pallets, some paint and a mattress. Wheels are cool, but not necessary. Cute Wit Scandinavian simplicity Crispy clean Country charm Romantic yet Rock´n´roll Floaty Zen Plain rustic Industrial grit Homey & Natural …more homey & natural Country Romantic For the little ones The Open sky option Sleek stylish a la provençale Inspired by these creative pallet bed D.I.Y ideas I hope you started on your own pallet bed projects asap! Good Luck Hacking!

DIY stiffened felt boxes I love the thick wool felt that's increasingly popular, but man. Wool felt in the 3mm to 5mm range is really expensive ($130/yard or so). The boxes, bowls, and vessels made with it are very cool, though. So when I was poking around my local craft store, I found a poor girl's substitute: Eazy Felt. You know it's cheap when "easy" is spelled with a Z instead of an S on the product label. It's regular craft felt that's been stiffened into sturdy sheets, and cost me $1.78 per 12"x18" sheet. To make felt boxes, I cut a 9" square for the bottom piece, then added four slits and four diagonal cuts to trim away some of the excess felt on the tabs. I used a rotary cutter and ruler to cut out the main shape, then made the slits and diagonal cuts with an X-acto knife. The box top is similar, except the center area is larger to fit over the box bottom, and the sides are half the height. After the pieces are cut, crease the tabs against the edge of a ruler to make assembly easier.

Plumbing Furniture: 12 DIY Fixtures Made of Pipes & Fittings No, the other kind of plumbing fixtures – you know: lights, coat racks and the like.?Faucets, sinks, toilets and showers are usually all we see of our household plumbing – end caps to an incredible network of hidden tubes and joints that supply us with water every day (and then drain it away again). Made to bend, twist and yet stand the test of time, plumbing pipes and fittings are just begging to be made into other kinds of furnishings and fixtures (less utilitarian than those in your bathroom and kitchen walls). Steel, copper or brass, these can be crafted to have various engaging results as long as you are comfortable with a slight touch of Steampunk-style industrial design around the home.? Shelves, stools, lamps and hallways stands are just some of the neat objects that can be made my screwing a few steel joints together.

Cut-in-half D.I.Y - Double the trouble, twice the fun! Posted by on tisdag, september 18, 2012 · 3 Comments I gotta tell y’all, the D.I.Y blogosphere is indeed where the magic happens! The round-up of ideas in this post aims to prove my case by gathering of bunch of projects that I refer to as 2-in-1 magic makeovers. The featured projects shows how to make the most out of less (with a little help from a circular saw!). With a little luck, this boost of creative split vision might make ignite a lil’ spark of inspiration and make you think twice about tossing that odd old table in the attic/basement/garage. D.I.Y Design by the clever & crafty Sarah M Dorsey! 2-in-1 Console Twin table D.I.Y project via Remodelaholic, TUTORIAL HERE D.I.Y 2-in-1 nightstands from Brian Patrick Flynn a.k.a the DecorDemon – TUTORIAL on, HERE Awesomeness overload from InfarrantlyCreative! Spotted at Martha Stewart, the cut-in-half idea used to save a broken table – Awesome! Doesn’t get much clever than this!

61 Puppet Theater Tuesday, 1 June 2010 by Irene Hoofs Puppet Theater by Kayanna Nelson aka June craft This is the perfect project for erasing summer afternoon boredom or for a rainy day. {illustrations by Kayanna Nelson, not to be used for commercial purposes} What you'll need:*Download the Stage and puppets templates here and here and print them out. Step one:Have your child decorate the stage and puppets! Step Five:Repeat with all your remaining puppets.Step Six:If your box has top flaps cut them off with scissors so that the top is completely open. If you have older kids with longer attention spans have them color the inside of the box creating stage scenery. You could also cut a small hole is the lower back of the stage and set a flashlight in the hole to create theater lighting. ..June craft....June craft blog..

Star-shaped clothes horse by Aaron Dunkerton Graduate designer Aaron Dunkerton has developed an expandable clothing airer that unfolds into a star shape to create more space for hanging wet garments (+ slideshow). Aaron Dunkerton's Clothes Horse has 36 arms, 10 more than a conventional airer, and when in use it takes the form of a 12-pointed star. "The shape of my clothes horse when erect allows for good air circulation around the clothes, which will help them to dry faster," said the designer. The piece is made from narrow strips of beach plywood, connected by brushed aluminium rods. Small openings create hooks that allow the structure to be locked into position, or collapsed when not it use. "When it's collapsed it is a lot smaller than conventional airers, but when expanded it has more drying arms, as well as having a more interesting form," Dunkerton told Dezeen. Dunkerton designed the Clothes Horse as part of a product and furniture design degree at Kingston University. Here's a project description from the designer: Clothes Horse

Ombre DIY Ideas Posted by on onsdag, augusti 29, 2012 · 2 Comments Oh la la, ombre! Dip you toe (and your stuff) into the DIY dip dye and ombre trend. There’s lots and lots of awesome adaptations floating around the blogosphere! Here’s my lil’ pick of ideas to crank up the hotness of old stuff in an instant…enjoy! Pics via Ikea Livet Hemma, BrooklynLimestone & HeimaStore Dazzling D.I.Y Tassels from Clémence of ‘Oh The Lovely Things’, awesome TUTORIAL HERE DIY from Jesse Dresbach of the ‘Nine Red’ Etsy shop - featured on DesignSponge, TUTORIAL HERE DIY Ombre Wall from ‘PS I Made this’ – TUTORIAL HERE Great DIY (as always) from Stripes & Sequins – FULL TUTORIAL HERE DIY Ombre Art from ‘Papery & Cakery’ – TUTORIAL HERE Wanna dig further in to the pool of ombre inspiration? Head to my ‘DIY Dreams’ board on Pinterest! Good Luck Hacking!

DIY recycler vos emballages... : oOo Mzelle Bulle oOo Matériel : Ciseau / Colle pour papier / Cutter Pinceau / Papiers Canson / Tissu 1 - Utilisez une boîte de gâteaux type tuiles salées / 2 - Utilisez un bristol pour découper votre boîte / 3 - Découpez votre boîte en fonction de l'utilisation souhaitée, dans mon cas je l'ai diminué en retirant 6 cm de tube. 4 - Reformez votre boîte en collant les 2 extrémités et en les solidifiant avec du papier kraft / 5 - Recouvrez l'intérieur et le fond de votre boîte avec du papier Canson de couleur / 6 - Coupez une feuille de bristol blanche correspondant à la longueur et au diamètre de votre boîte, et collez le sur le tissu. Je participe au Concours Blog Créatif 2013, pour me soutenir cliquez sur l'étiquette ci-dessous puis sur "Je vote"... Merci et belle semaine à vous toutes !