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Tumblr Thread: A Deep Look At The Incredibles - FAIL Blog - Funny Fails. Here Are 65 Of The Funniest Things "Harry Potter" Fans Ever Posted. Lawsuits against the Devil. Piskel - Free online sprite editor. The Guide to Getting into The Cramps, Garage Rock's True Freaks. THE 100 GREATEST COMIC ARTISTS. ‘101 Best Written TV Series Of All Time’ From WGA/TV Guide: Complete List – Deadline. Heavy Metal Magazine : Free Texts : Free Download, Borrow and Streaming. Texts eye favorite 0 comment 0 Heavy Metal v01 #06 (September 1977) Heavy Metal v05 #12 (March 1982) comment 1 Heavy Metal v14 #06 (January 1991) favorite ( 1 reviews ) Heavy Metal v08 #07 (October 1984) favorite 2 Heavy Metal v12 #02 (Summer 1988) Topics: heavy, metal, ihe, corto, color, maltese, copies, medium, bookplates, enclosed, heavy metal, metal...

Heavy Metal Magazine : Free Texts : Free Download, Borrow and Streaming

Heavy Metal v04 #05 (August 1980) Topics: metal, heavy, tintin, heinlein, comic, dementia, vesota, herge, residents, muzick, heavy metal,... INTJ Personality (“The Architect”) It’s lonely at the top, and being one of the rarest and most strategically capable personality types, INTJs know this all too well.

INTJ Personality (“The Architect”)

INTJs form just two percent of the population, and women of this personality type are especially rare, forming just 0.8% of the population – it is often a challenge for them to find like-minded individuals who are able to keep up with their relentless intellectualism and chess-like maneuvering. People with the INTJ personality type are imaginative yet decisive, ambitious yet private, amazingly curious, but they do not squander their energy.

Nothing Can Stop the Right Attitude From Achieving Its Goal With a natural thirst for knowledge that shows itself early in life, INTJs are often given the title of “bookworm” as children. Free Astrology Birth Chart Report. Back to Free Reports Home and list of charts For best results, enter your birth city ONLY in the birthplace location field. Depending on the device you're using, locations with that city name will drop down automatically or you may need to click the arrow at the end of a selection to see the full list. Select your exact birth location from the list. For example, if your birth place is Dallas, Texas, try entering "Dallas" only. A list will appear and you can then choose the correct Dallas location.

IMPORTANT: Double check your data by sending an email to with your full birth information.

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James Bond. Marvel Comics Stuff. Star Trek. Twin Peaks. WKRP In Cincinnati. Music Video Favorites. Can you name the countries of the world? Wife Zone Chart [OFFICIAL] Find a Girlfriend Or Pick the Perfect Wife- The Wife Zone Chart. 3 Golden Age Comic Book Heroes Who Got Left There, Part 1. The Dart's history sounds less like an origin story and more like a test to see if 1940s comic book publishers were even capable of rejecting ideas.

3 Golden Age Comic Book Heroes Who Got Left There, Part 1

It begins in ancient Rome, where the gods give Caius Martius "the secret of darting thru the air" to battle evil. People are sharing “jokes that are so stupid that they’re funny” and they’re COMPLETELY RIGHT. Over on Reddit Aweseom_ has asked “What’s a joke that’s so stupid it’s funny?”

People are sharing “jokes that are so stupid that they’re funny” and they’re COMPLETELY RIGHT

And there’s been over 9,616 comments in less than a week, and the results are superb. And we’ve gone though it with fine-tooth comb only selecting the very best for you, read readers, for you. I recently bought some shoes from a drug dealer. 22 Jokes That You'll Probably Go To Hell For Laughing At. Documenting the Engrish phenomenon from East Asia and around the world! Asian Shirts That Don’t Make Any Sense. Mean Cat. 31 Hilarious Tweets You'll Feel Incredibly Guilty For Laughing At (Slide #1) - Offbeat. 31 Of The Funniest Posts Tumblr Has Ever Produced (Slide #1) - Offbeat. 31 Hilarious Tumblr Posts About Doing The Nasty (Slide #1) - Offbeat. Celebrities Read Mean Tweets (Extended Edition) Funniest Misheard Song Lyrics from The Archive of Misheard Lyrics. Latest Misheard Stories Artist: 2147 Song: Eve The Story: Don't eat the fruit in the garden, Eden,, It wasn't in God's natural plan., You were only a rib,, And look at what you did,, To Adam, the father of Man.

Funniest Misheard Song Lyrics from The Archive of Misheard Lyrics

Continue Reading... All Time Funniest 100 Lyrics. Hilarious Mistaken Lyrics Stainless Steel Glasses – Meriwether of Montana. Drop Bears! Dave (@Join_Dave) A Brief History Of Time: Unpacking DC's Reboots, Relaunches & Retcons. Over almost eighty years of publishing history, DC Comics has gotten a reputation for mucking around rather a lot with the fictional history of its shared superhero universe.

A Brief History Of Time: Unpacking DC's Reboots, Relaunches & Retcons

Currently it's in the early stages of "Rebirth," which (in a nutshell) apparently aims to restore ten years' worth of in-universe time to the five-year backstory of the New 52. RELATED: Ten Biggest New 52 Continuity Changes "DC Universe: Rebirth" Reversed. Top Soccer Shootout Ever With Scott Sterling - Studio C (Original) 10 Year Old Comedienne. Superheroes, supervillains, and the law. Erotica Written By An Alien Horrified By The Human Body.

@paperbackparadise. List: Nihilistic Password Security Questions. Hilarious Bootleg Toys That Are Obvious Knock Offs. I Can't Make You Love Me... 95.7FM - THE RIDE. WCGX - The Cat 1360 AM Galax, VA. Top 5 'Lost' Western Film Classics — Everyone loves a western surely?

Top 5 'Lost' Western Film Classics —

From John Wayne being an all American hero in John Ford’s early classics… to Jimmy Stewart as the ‘Naked Spur’… Late sixties revisionist years with Leone’s Dollars Trilogy, ‘Once Upon A Time in the West’ and Peckinpah’s ‘Wild Bunch’… and rebirth with Eastwood’s ‘Unforgiven’. Top 10 Super Bowl Commercials of All Time. The 14 Weirdest Moments In The Bible. 17 Hilarious Tumblr Posts About English. Simply 21 brilliantly funny readers’ letters to Viz magazine. The 85 Funniest Tweets Of All Time. The 100 Most Important Cat Pictures Of All Time. Ask Chris - ComicsAlliance. Q: Is it ever worth it to change comics canon to match the canon from other media?

Ask Chris - ComicsAlliance

-- @firehawk32. Ask Chris Special Edition: The Best Of 'Ask Chris' This week marks the 200th installment of ComicsAlliance’s weekly Ask Chris column, in which senior writer Chris Sims tackles reader questions that send him delving into comics history, the metaphors at the heart of his favorite characters that have developed over decades and, every now and then, straight up fan-fiction.

Ask Chris Special Edition: The Best Of 'Ask Chris'

To mark the occasion, we’ve gone back through the archives (and taken a quick poll of readers) to sort out the absolute best of the past 200 columns, covering topics like the secular humanism at the heart of Scooby-Doo, the complicated chronology of Super Mario Bros., the 75-year competition between Marvel and DC, and more. And Batman. Dirtbag Teddy Roosevelt. Doctor Xaos Blog. Emma Stone receiving the Guy's Choice Award (2012) for Hot and Funny. ERB. Extra History: All Episodes. I Has a Sweet Potato. 02:29 pm: I Has a Sweet Potato You know, a lot of times I write up random posts and then don't post them.

I Has a Sweet Potato

But Best Beloved just called me, and I could not really explain why I was inarticulate about sweet potatoes, so I said I'd go ahead and post this. That way, she can read it at work and know just what kind of day it has been. (Short version, for those who do not feel like reading the whole post: ARRRRRRG. Fucking sweet potatoes.) The longer version, summarized in conversation form: Inspirograph. OFFICIAL CITY OF PARMA POLICE DEPARTMENT PRESS RELEASE. FROM: City of Parma Police Department Public Information Officer, Detective Lieutenant Kevin RileyTO: Citizens of the City of Parma, "Media"REGARDING: Correction of False Statements Disseminated Through Harassment and Terrorism As our Vision Statement explains, the City of Parma Police Department is committed to providing the citizens of Parma with lawful environment where all persons can perform their daily routine at any time free from the fear of any type of harassment, injury, or victimization from the criminal activities of any person or entity.

Police officers are citizens of Parma too. They, too, have a right to be free of any sort of harassment or victimization or injury, physical or emotional. That is why this Department has taken lawful actions in the course and scope of its law enforcement power to uphold laws prohibiting disruption of public services. Swift and effective action has ended this particular campaign of lawbreaking. The Internet Arcade : Free Software. By Williams software eye favorite 227 comment 19. It Was Aliens. Jess Nevins LoEG Annotations. Annotations for League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Nemo: River of Ghosts. Jim Jefferies On Religion Horrible Blasphemy Panda - World's Funniest Comedy Standup ? Machete Order For Star Wars. Brace your­selves, what follows is an amaz­ingly long blog post about the best order in which to watch Star Wars.

This Gal Live Tweeted Her First Time Watching Star Wars and Got a Lot of Things Wrong. Forcekenobi: join me in star wars hell - TurtleTotem. The Mysterious Package Company. Pretty Much All Songs From The 1970s I Think. Red Letter Media Plinkett Reviews : Ric Flair Song. The Second Coming - Yeats. Shaw Brothers Martial Arts Movies. "Shia LaBeouf" Live - Rob Cantor. Uncomfortable Plot Summaries. Search transcripts, summaries, and titles of all episodes of The West Wing tv show!

The West Wing Weekly.