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Monster Pulse
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POWER NAP - the sleep of reason brings forth monsters Adventurously Awkward! - copper Order the Copper book from Amazon | B&N | Indiebound | Scholastic Questionable Content 27 Amazing Graphic Novels For Readers New To The Genre So, you want to try comics, but are turned off by the history? You don’t want to memorize 60 years of X-Men characters, or why there have been four different versions of the Legion of Super-Heroes? Luckily, there are a ton of absolutely amazing graphic novels out there, that require no outside knowledge, just an open mind. Here are 27 graphic novels, perfect for someone new to the medium, presented in no particular order. Akiko Akiko is a scifi twist on the classic “Little Nemo” story, and is about the titular girl who gets whisked away to another planet to help its prince. Promethea Lets just get this out of the way. Whiteout A great comic ruined by a shitty adaptation. 100% by Paul Pope Paul Pope is both author and artist in almost everything he’s involved with, and takes his sweet, sweet time doing it. Bone Bone starts with what should be a cutesy kid’s story, about three funny looking cousins who find themselves in a farming village, and quickly morphs into a fantasy epic. Blankets Fables

Next Town Over - Weekly Western Webcomic Full of Steam, Sorcery & Secrets Multiplex - a comic strip about life at the movies Yellow Peril, by Jamie Noguchi - An Office Romance Comic for Your Face! Updated M, W, F. Hark, a vagrant Templar, Arizona

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