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Cultural Studies: English-speaking countries. Kielet ja kulttuurit. Tourists touching down at Heathrow given guide to British etiquette. TikTok 'tried to filter out videos from ugly, poor or disabled users' TikTok moderators were told to suppress videos from users who appeared too ugly, poor or disabled, as part of the company’s efforts to curate an aspirational air in the videos it promotes, according to new documents published by the Intercept.

TikTok 'tried to filter out videos from ugly, poor or disabled users'

The documents detail how moderators for the social video app were instructed to select content for the influential “For You” feed, an algorithmic timeline that is most users’ first port of call when they open the app. As a result, being selected for For You can drive huge numbers of views to a given video, but the selection criteria have always remained a secret, with little understanding as to the amount of automation involved. TikTok’s moderators were instructed to exclude videos from the For You feed if they failed on any one of a number of categories, the documents show. Other documents published by the Intercept show the extent of TikTok’s former rules requiring moderators to enforce Chinese foreign policy overseas. Can You Name A Country For Every Letter Of The Alphabet? Can You Name A Country For Every Letter Of The Alphabet?

The 63 differences between British and American English. America and Britain have a lot more in common than their special relationship.

The 63 differences between British and American English

Remember when our leaders held hands that one time? One thing that’s vastly different though, is how we implement the English language. It was perhaps best summed up by the comedy god Eddie Izzard: In fact, the differences are so plentiful that the good folks over at Grammar check were able to make a huge infographic listing them. The 63 differences (we're sure there are more) have been collated to act as a handy guide for next time you cross the ocean – if only to avoid any awkward moments in a stationery shop.

Here’s the infographic, put together by Grammar Check. Picture: Grammar Check Some are obvious, like autumn and fall, but others are a lesser known – such as cooker and stove, lorry and truck and queue and line. Memorise (or memorize) these before any holidays to one country or the other in order to avoid any confusion - because there's a lot of potential for that to happen. These Are The Most Powerful Passports In The World. Countries of the World Quiz. Amazing things from Finland – what's YOUR country best at? Kristiāns Rizzotto. Top 10 Strangest Hobbies In The World.

We’ve all got ways to spend our leisure time.

Top 10 Strangest Hobbies In The World

Some of us make crafts, some of us watch sports, some of us play games…and some of us get a little more creative. Especially in England, for some reason. 10. Mooing We all know there are people superb at imitating animal calls but, believe it or not, there is such a thing as competitive mooing. Yes, this sounds absolutely ridiculous, but thankfully, we live in an era of the Internet, where there is nothing so ridiculous it cannot be filmed and put on Youtube: Not ridiculous enough for you to see a grown adult in a costume doing this? 9. Chuck Lamb is better known as the Dead Body Guy. To support this, he regularly posts staged photos of his death, and hey, it’s gotten him a small career as a horror icon. 8. We all know about dog competitions. They’re mostly put on by the National Dog Groomers Association of America, but there are a bunch more across the country. 7.

Paul Luke likes milk. But, hey, heck of a conversation piece! 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. It's Me or the Dog. 7 Hobbies Science Says Will Make You Smarter. For a long time, it was believed that people are born with a given level of intelligence and the best we could do in life was to live up to our potential.

7 Hobbies Science Says Will Make You Smarter

Scientists have now proven that we can actually increase our potential and enjoy ourselves in the process. We now know that by learning new skills the brain creates new neural pathways that make it work faster and better. Here is a list of seven hobbies that make you smarter and why. 1. Play a musical instrument. Playing music helps with creativity, analytical skills, language, math, fine motor skills and more. An improved corpus callosum helps with executive skills, memory, problem solving and overall brain function, regardless of how old you are. 2.

The benefits of reading are the same whether you are enjoying Game of Thrones, Harry Potter or the latest issue of the Wall Street Journal. At work, this translates into better understanding how to make things happen and better managerial skills. 3. 4. 5. Board Game - Question Tags worksheet.