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What Xi Jinping Wants - The Atlantic. What does China’s President Xi Jinping want?

What Xi Jinping Wants - The Atlantic

Four years before Donald Trump became president, Xi became the leader of China and announced an epic vision to, in effect, “make China great again”—calling for “the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.” Xi is so convinced he will succeed in this quest that he has blatantly flouted a cardinal rule for political survival: Never state a target objective and a specific date in the same sentence. Within a month of becoming China’s leader in 2012, Xi specified deadlines for meeting each of his “Two Centennial Goals.” First, China will build a “moderately prosperous society” by doubling its 2010 per capita GDP to $10,000 by 2021, when it celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party.

Second, it will become a “fully developed, rich, and powerful” nation by the 100th anniversary of the People's Republic in 2049. What does China’s dramatic transformation mean for the United States and the global balance of power? Hard times for Whole Foods: 'People say it's for pretentious people. I can see why' Lunchtime customers at Whole Foods in Manhattan’s Union Square had little trouble expressing the shortcomings that have led the once high-flying, organic-focused retailer to become linked with a takeover.

Hard times for Whole Foods: 'People say it's for pretentious people. I can see why'

“I love the sushi, but I wouldn’t shop here except maybe for a special ingredient,” said Argentinian software designer Benjamin Vinas. “People say Whole Foods is for pretentious people, and I can see why. It’s too expensive. I don’t have the budget.” Cookies are Not Accepted - New York Times. Log In Don't have an account?

Cookies are Not Accepted - New York Times

Sign up here » Facebook. Ann Taylor Loft to close Uptown store. How the Government Uses Taxes. For the past three years, former Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer has been busy creating an online database of government tax spending.

How the Government Uses Taxes

You can do that when you're bored and have $10 million to spend. The database, called went live today, and there's a lot to dig through—though in its infancy, it's a slow-moving website. For example, you can follow 2014 tax revenue to destinations such as veteran support, civil rights, space, and loads of other categories. You can look up how many employees there were on the government payroll—24 million—and the government's total revenue—over $5.2 trillion that year.

There are balance sheets on government spending and data tracking immigrant populations, defense spending, and arrests made per prime. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below As Ballmer told The New York Times, "You've got to look at federal, state and local together. The retail apocalypse is creating a 'rolling crisis' that is rippling through the US economy. Paid Labor Is the Moral, Competitive Thing to Do. How Alaska fixed Obamacare. The World’s 50 Best Restaurants Get by With a Lot of Unpaid Labor.

Stunning drops in solar and wind costs turn global power market upside down. Why Locol’s $1 Coffee Brand Matters. California sun produces so much power that electricity prices turn negative. "Yeah, they're out there havin' fun, In the warm California sun," sang The Rivieras in their 1964 hit.

California sun produces so much power that electricity prices turn negative

And it could not be more apt today as the sun in the state was so strong – and the number of solar farms so large – that electricity prices in the state have begun turning negative on the main power exchange, the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) has revealed. Solar made up a record figure of nearly 40 per cent of the electricity sent to the grid in the California Independent System Operator’s (CAISO’s) territory for a few hours on 11 March, after utility-scale solar farms grew by almost 50 per cent in 2016, the EIA said on its website. Graphs showing solar energy production and electricity prices, which drop below zero for several hours, in California on 11 March (US EIS) However, as the Quartz website pointed out, negative wholesale prices do not translate into an unexpected windfall for consumers.

If California Adopts Universal Health Care, It Will Be a Model for the Whole Country. After spending years voting and pledging to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), when the time finally came for the Republicans to replace President Obama’s landmark health-care legislation, they hopelessly failed.

If California Adopts Universal Health Care, It Will Be a Model for the Whole Country

Their plan would have led to skyrocketing premiums for the elderly and taken away the insurance of more than 20 million people. Only 17 percent of the public supported the GOP plan, and it never even made it to a vote. Still, it’s clear that our current health-care model isn’t working. At 16.9 percent, the United States is an outlier in health-care expenditure as a percentage of the GDP — the second highest being Switzerland, at 11.5 percent—and the only country not to have a highly regulated universal system. There’s reason to believe that universal health care could significantly reduce total spending on health care. The Great Retail Apocalypse of 2017 - The Atlantic. Video Of Overbooked Passenger Dragged Off Flight Goes Viral.

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Video Of Overbooked Passenger Dragged Off Flight Goes Viral

</a> Two things: First, you'd think companies would realize by now that everyone has a damn news camera in their hand at all times. And: Second, apparently corporate America needs regulations in order to not physically hurt people to maintain profits. This One-Year Alternative to College Promises to Land Students a Well-Paying Job, Debt-Free. This fall, a couple dozen students will be the guinea pigs to test a new form of higher education.

This One-Year Alternative to College Promises to Land Students a Well-Paying Job, Debt-Free

Without coughing up any tuition, they will enter MissionU, and a year later, with any luck, they will land jobs at Spotify, Warby Parker and other rising companies. Here’s the deal: Once they land those well paying jobs, for the first three years, 15 percent of their salaries will go back to MissionU. The school is the brainchild of Adam Braun, a 33-year-old entrepreneur and Brown University graduate who recognizes that a four-year college isn’t for everybody. His first venture in education, an organization called Pencils of Promise, has helped to build 400 schools in the developing world since 2008.

MissionU, founded this year, started accepting applications last month. Theconversation. Management at Pobeda Airlines, the Russian low fare subsidiary of Aeroflot, has responded to a spate of violent attacks on staff by training staff in the martial art of Sambo.


The latest attack took place in February at Vnukovo International Airport in Moscow was caught on CCTV and shows a passenger who – having missed his flight and having been refused a refund – throws a series of punches at a customer service manager. An airline spokesperson said the airline would train staff in the Russian martial art so that they are better able to deal with disgruntled passengers. Pobeda is not the first airline to adopt this policy – it appears to be a wider industry approach to dealing with rising levels of violent customer behaviour towards their staff.

Hong Kong Airlines and its low fares’ subsidiary, Hong Kong Express, have trained their staff in kung fu. There are very different ways of seeing this policy. The low cost model. Sweating, Shaking Pharmaceutical CEO Says He Can Stop Profiting Off Opioid Epidemic Anytime He Wants. Can Revelator Coffee Be the Next Blue Bottle? Restaurants Cook Up A New Way To Pay Kitchen Staff More: A Cut Of Sales.

The takeout counter at Mamaleh's Delicatessen in Cambridge, Mass.

Restaurants Cook Up A New Way To Pay Kitchen Staff More: A Cut Of Sales

The restaurant recently implemented revenue sharing, where a percentage of sales is funneled to kitchen workers. Dallas' Poverty Problem Explained in a Single Map - D Magazine. This morning, Shima Hamidi, the Director of the Institute of Urban Studies at the University of Texas at Arlington’s College of Architecture, Planning and Public Affairs, briefed the Dallas City Council’s Quality of Life committee on transportation equality. Big-pharma-company-lobbies-against-legal-weed-market-own-synthetic-version?akid=15363.2617. Streaming Music Services, From Most Screwed to Least Screwed. I Went to Whole Foods' New Cheaper Store and Here's What I Learned. You know that joke about how Whole Foods should be called Whole Paycheck?

It seems the corporate poobahs have heard it, too. This year, the company plans to roll out more of their new lower-price-point supermarkets called 365 by Whole Foods Market. Sound familiar? The Strange Fate of Taco Bell's Taco-Making Machine. As the fast-service food industry continues to look toward automation to streamline order processing and minimize the role human employees play behind the counter, it’s interesting to note that the seasoned beef peddlers at Taco Bell were well ahead of the curve.

In the 1990s, the company developed and installed the Taco-Matic, a giant machine that could assemble their classic taco in mere seconds. According to a Thrillist investigation, the taco chain was experiencing such rapid growth in the ‘90s that executives began looking toward increasing kitchen efficiency. Thinx Promised a Feminist Utopia to Everyone But Its Employees. The Smokestacks Come Tumbling Down – The Nearly Now. Donald Trump is the best thing to happen for climate action in years. Log In - New York Times. The Conversations About Basic Income is a Mess. Here's How to Make Sense of It.

5 Charts That Explain The CBO Report On Republican Plan To Replace Obamacare. House Speaker Paul Ryan holds a copy of the American Health Care Act, the House Republican leadership's plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, which is already facing opposition from conservatives in the House and Senate. How the House GOP Health Plan Compares to the ACA - American Airlines To Phase Out Complimentary Cabin Pressurization. Should Almond Milk Be Allowed To Call Itself "Milk" - BuzzFeed News. Log In - New York Times. Capital - Some cafes are banning wi-fi to encourage conversation. How to Tip - Why You Need to Tip a Little Extra.

Log In - New York Times. How electric utilities could revive their sagging fortunes and decarbonize the country. An AI Hedge Fund Created a New Currency to Make Wall Street Work Like Open Source. Wall Street is a competition, a Darwinian battle for the almighty dollar. Gordon Gekko said that greed is good, that it captures “the essence of the evolutionary spirit.” How White Castle Became an Unlikely Valentine’s Day Destination.

TGI Fridays's Origin Story: A Pioneering Singles Bar. 75Share10. Max Levchin has become an empathetic bright spot among tech’s super rich (Thank God someone has) Autodesk CEO Carl Bass: “I’ve been batshit about Trump for a year... he’s acting somewhere between a dictator and a small business owner” Extreme Vetting, But Not for Banks - Rolling Stone. Sears: A great American tragedy nears its end. Bloomberg. In New Orleans, Making Defendants Choose Bail Or Jail Is Really Expensive. China's new Silk Road is all part of its grand strategy for global influence. Animal Shelter’s Hilarious Cat Commercial Is A Low-Budget Masterpiece. How Much Money Do You Need to Save Each Day to Become a Millionaire?

The Tragic History of RC Cola. Log In. 2016: The Year Uber’s Playbook Started to Fail. Log In. The Vampire Squid Occupies Trump's White House - Rolling Stone. Log In. Nicolas Sarkozy Proposes Carbon Tax on U.S. Goods—If Trump Pulls Out of Paris Climate Deal. Theconversation. Trumponomics: It’s Not All Crazy. What Major Music Streaming Services Pay Artists, Visualized. Uk.businessinsider. ‘Thanks to Trump’: CNN’s irresponsible Trump coverage earns it $100 million over election forecasts. Shop till you flop: Why can’t anyone make money in online grocery delivery? The Rise and Fall of the Army Surplus Store. Guy Requests Framed Clinton Photo At Trump Hotel And Doesn’t Specify Which One, Staff Delivers. A History Of Consumerism. Untitled. So I Bought an Electric Car… That sinking feeling: Why the bankruptcy of shipping giant Hanjin has so many companies worried.

Why Are So Many Great NYC Restaurants Closing? It’s Not Just The Rent. – Food Republic. Sad news: Facebook is making Andrew Anker step down as Pando's chairman. Uk.businessinsider. Game over: Havana through the eyes of two food vendors - News from Al Jazeera. The Pass That Allows People to Fly Free Forever and the Airline's Attempt to Kill It. A Startup Is Automating the Lawsuit Strategy Peter Thiel Used to Kill Gawker. Uber and Lyft Slapped with Taxi Tax in Massachusetts. Why Japan has more music stores than the rest of the world — Quartz. Most Of Us Are Blissfully Ignorant About How Much Rancid Olive Oil We Use. Chip Cards Are Going To Ruin Your Night Out At The Bar. The Economist explains: Why golf is in decline in America.

Breeze: The scamming startup that just won't quit. The Campaign to Make You Eat Kimchi. Orthodox Economics Is Broken. How Evolution, Ecology, and Collective Behavior Can Help Us Avoid Catastrophe. As sewbots threaten Asia's sweatshops, we need to decide who will benefit from automation. Future - The mind tricks to get better tips. Perfume Shrine: The Cult of the Celebrity Scent: perfume history.

Perfume Shrine: Why Are Celebrity Perfumes Still Popular? Perfume Shrine: Has the Cash Cow Run Out? Autos - How bicycle advertising will save the world. Snapchat: Goodbye, next Facebook. Hello, new Twitter. Explicit cookie consent. Explicit cookie consent. “I’ve told people what they need to hear to get their money in...” A Renegade Muscles In on Mister Softee’s Turf. Former Trump University Workers Call the School a ‘Lie’ and a ‘Scheme’ in Testimony. Fortune offers a rare "inside look" at how 100%, totally wonderful Bechtel is.

There will be mayhem: Petro-states are going down and taking the world economy with them. Bookings at Trump Hotels Plummet. The driverless truck is coming, and it’s going to automate millions of jobs. How Epic Fortunes Were Created During the California Gold Rush.