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blogs and shares news and information about personal finance, marketing, blogging and how to make money online.

8 Reasons Why WordPress is an SEO Powerhouse. Since 2003, WordPress has gone on a progressive journey.

8 Reasons Why WordPress is an SEO Powerhouse

It started its journey as a simple blogging platform which now has been turned into one of the most effective content management systems (CMS) in the world. WordPress has beaten all other content management systems like Joomla, Drupal, and Squarespace in popularity. Websites of the big brands ranging from NASA, CNN, Forbes to eBay, and GM, are powered by WordPress. You would be surprised to know that WordPress has the highest market share, almost, 60 % among all other content management systems.

The road to code: 4 steps to a career in coding and web development. The projected demand for web developers in the U.S. is expected to remain higher than average into the next decade, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The road to code: 4 steps to a career in coding and web development

WordPress: The smart person's guide. In 1440 Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press.

WordPress: The smart person's guide

The invention changed the world because it made information creation, dissemination, and consumption manageable at large scale. Inspired by technology that democratizes the dissemination of information, more than 500 years later a young programmer released WordPress, open source publishing software that today powers nearly a third of the top 10 million sites on the web. Five Reasons Why Web Development Is A Better Career Path Than Machine Learning. 6 Ways To Discover Great Blogging Topic Ideas. For your content marketing strategy to succeed, your business must consistently produce high-quality content that is original, useful, and informative.

6 Ways To Discover Great Blogging Topic Ideas

As many bloggers quickly discover, continually finding unique blog topics that users are interested in isn’t always easy! If you write about topics that don’t engage your audience, they will tune out and stop reading your blog. The many hours you have spent writing amazing content will mean nothing. Some of the signs indicating that your blog topics aren’t cutting the mustard include: Your well-researched and original posts aren’t drawing much trafficUsers aren’t sharing your posts on social mediaUsers aren’t clicking on the offer that is associated with the blog postTraffic to your blog has started to declineAnalytics software tells you that most readers don’t finish reading the article and bounce off quickly.

Introducing Portfolio WordPress Theme – and the Design Decisions Behind it — SitePoint. As you may have noticed, SitePoint now offers our own range of premium WordPress Themes.

Introducing Portfolio WordPress Theme – and the Design Decisions Behind it — SitePoint

Our newest and – we think – most attractive theme is called ‘Portfolio’. We worked closely with a very talented designer – Shahadat from DroitLab – to try to create the ideal platform for designers, writers, artists, and even front-end coders to showcase their talents. The brief was ‘crisp, open and minimalist’. I thought it might be useful to break down the key design decisions that drove it. 1). Typography choices are always loaded. SitePoint WordPress Portfolio Theme screenshot For the headings in Portfolio, we picked perhaps my favorite sans-serif font available in the Google catalog – Raleway, Matt McInerney’s profoundly elegant creation.

Why do I like it so much? Raleway has the look of flexed and machined steel – the kind of lettering you see on 1930-40’s era post offices, schools, and public buildings. Open Sans Regular was a nice match for the body type. What is blogging? Discover how to start a blog and becoming a blogger. Starting your blog isn’t the technical rigmarole you might think and you don’t need to know anything about how the web works to do create your own blog.

What is blogging? Discover how to start a blog and becoming a blogger

It needn’t cost you anything, either, since there are plenty of free ‘hosting’ services — the internet computers on which blogs are stored to help you make your own. What is a blog ? Classroom Blogging Through Daily Bell Ringers. This fall I decided to have my IEP (individualized education plan) students create in-class personal blogs.

Classroom Blogging Through Daily Bell Ringers

For my students, having accommodations to support their learning is imperative. Having a learning disability means that you struggle in a particular area and need some extra support. When students are able to write about their lives in short daily blog posts, it gives them the freedom to share their interests and become more in-tune with themselves. While their work is not visible to the public, their daily posts can be shared with classmates through Google Slides. I begin each class by publishing a new Bell Ringer Blog assignment on Google Classroom — a starter sentence, a picture, a question the students can answer or a video they can discuss in a new Google Slide (their blog post). TechCrunch. Should I use the WordPress Jetpack plugin on my site? Over One Million WordPress Sites Defaced - Infosecurity Magazine. Researchers are urging WordPress users to patch their software after multiple hackers began exploiting a new vulnerability to deface over a million sites so far.

Over One Million WordPress Sites Defaced - Infosecurity Magazine

The unauthenticated privilege escalation vulnerability – which was discovered in a REST API endpoint – was patched in version 4.7.2 of the hugely popular blogging software. However, not all users have automatic updates switched on, which left a window of opportunity for the black hats last week. Two days after the fix had been announced, WordFence began to notice a major uptick in attacks, according to the security vendor’s CEO, Mark Maunder. “Attacks continued and February 6th we saw attackers had discovered a new variant on the attack which bypassed our rule and the rules that other firewall vendors had put into place,” he explained.

“This vulnerability has resulted in a kind of feeding frenzy where attackers are competing with each other to deface vulnerable WordPress websites. 17 WordPress Plugins to Create Content. The right set of WordPress plugins can help create content that engages readers and drives traffic.

17 WordPress Plugins to Create Content

Here is a list of plugins to help create content for your WordPress website. There are editorial applications, tools for adding images and video, plugins to add polling and quizzes, content aggregators, and more. Many of these tools are free. WordPress Plugins to Create Content Editorial Calendar. Editorial Calendar. Edit Flow. Curation Suite. WP RSS Aggregator. WP RSS Aggregator. Listly. YouTube Embed Plugin. A Refreshed Reader for 2017 — The Blog.

Wordpress helpdesk themes - 5 best one to choose. An adequate knowledge base or helpdesk can bring you more sale!

Wordpress helpdesk themes - 5 best one to choose

So, how to build a useful knowledge base system to clients? It’s simple! Answer all the questions customer might have. Short vs. Long-form Content: How Long Should a Blog Post Be?