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blogs and shares news and information about personal finance, marketing, blogging and how to make money online.

Thanks, Granny: Money Quirks (Good or Bad) Can Be Inherited. Dad was a spender, and Mom was a saver.

Thanks, Granny: Money Quirks (Good or Bad) Can Be Inherited

My parents, Depression-era babies, kept a jar of dollar bills behind the fridge for when the banks crashed. My grandparents were immigrants, and in our family homeownership is priority No. 1, no matter what the interest rates or other debt you have. We all have these stories — the epic narrative of our family’s financial background. Like short tempers and a sweet tooth, money habits are at least in some part inherited and influence our behavior, whether we like it or not.

Top 17 App Development Companies 2020. Technology continues to evolve at breakneck speeds, largely due to the massive leaps taken in how we create and utilize software.

Top 17 App Development Companies 2020

Coding languages, cloud capabilities, and the ways we analyze data have all evolved as developers look for new ways to maximize productivity and access to data while reducing technical debt. As a result, web applications offer more capabilities than ever, and with the rise of smartphone technology in recent decades, more people have access to immensely powerful software than ever before. With the growth of software and application capabilities, an increasing number of companies have found ways to apply digital methods to their businesses.

My father-in-law retired at 63 thanks to 3 simple money rules. How to change your WordPress password or reset it. WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system (CMS), with over 63% of the CMS market share.

How to change your WordPress password or reset it

The WordPress platform is used by huge companies, such as Sony, Disney, Microsoft, Facebook, and the New York Times, and millions of other business websites. If a malicious hacker gets a hold of your WordPress administrator password, your entire website is compromised. This could lead to significant financial damage, and your brand’s reputation will take a serious hit. As such, we advise to change your WordPress password regularly. You should use a strong, long, unique password for your WordPress site and never share it with anyone, even if they write content for your site.

Council Post: When Marketing Is Losing Power, Business Success Relies On User Experience. Alex Kreger, financial UX Strategist, CEO Founder of UX Design Agency, maximizing business success with the Financial UX Design methodology.

Council Post: When Marketing Is Losing Power, Business Success Relies On User Experience

According to CB Insights research, of 101 startup failure postmortems, 42% failed because they lacked market need. It's not only about “inexperienced” startups; this happens even to the “best of us.” Google failed with Google+ and Google Wave, despite enormous marketing budgets and award-winning ads. Top 10 Domestic Airlines Baggage Fees and How to Minimize Them. Even before the current crisis sent the airline industry into upheaval, things were already evolving — for better or worse.

Top 10 Domestic Airlines Baggage Fees and How to Minimize Them

There may be no better example of this than the way baggage fees have not only risen but also expanded and varied depending on the type of carrier you choose. Given this reality, the average flyer might not be aware of what expenses they’re in for when they go to book a flight. Sadly, this can lead to some very unwelcome surprises.

To help you plan ahead for when we can all fly again, I thought it worth taking a look at what the baggage fee policies are for some of the top domestic airlines. No Skills, No Problem: Here’s 7 Simple Ways to Earn Money Online - Business 2 Community. The COVID-19 pandemic is not only a public health crisis, but it is also an economic one.

No Skills, No Problem: Here’s 7 Simple Ways to Earn Money Online - Business 2 Community

In the three months since lockdown measures have been put in place, over 14 million Americans have lost their jobs and even more have had their hours reduced. If you’re one of those people affected by the Pandemic and have either lost your job or seen hours reduced to the point where you are finding it hard to make ends meet, continue reading and find out how you can earn money from the safety of your home. Earning online is not new but has been limited to skilled professionals such as coders, UI/UX designers, accountants, and similar jobs that require extensive training to perform. It is difficult, and as I’m saying this, I understand what an understatement this is, to earn online without any prior skills or training to build a steady stream of income through online sources. No Skills, No Problem: Here’s 7 Simple Ways to Earn Money Online - Business 2 Community.

How to Build a Strong Connection With Your Blogging Audience - Business 2 Community. When you run a blog, its success relies on its readers.

How to Build a Strong Connection With Your Blogging Audience - Business 2 Community

Without dedicated blog visitors, your content won’t be able to generate leads, build customer loyalty, or bring in revenue. That’s why you need to develop a strong connection with your audience. Did you know that 53 percent of marketers say blogging is their top content marketing priority? Its impact on businesses is so great that it requires its own strategy separate from other types of content marketing. Blogging Platform Market 2020 – New Business Experts Ideas by Blogger, BlogIn, HubSpot, Squarespace, StoryChief, Weebly (Square, Inc.),,, – 3w Market News Reports. 10 Ways to Make Money Online from Home - Boston on Budget. Personal Finance News, Investing Advice, Business Forecasts-Kiplinger. Top 6 Marketing Money Wasters. Avoid these common but costly mistakes to save yourself headaches and cash.

Top 6 Marketing Money Wasters

February 10, 2020 9 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Recently, I got a call from a small business owner who was wondering when all the money he was spending on marketing would show returns. His company was running Google AdWords and Facebook ads, they were active on social media, they’d paid a website company to run their website and do their SEO. 7-Realistic-Ways-to-Make-Money-Online-12182528.

The internet offers many opportunities to generate passive income and make money online. January 10, 2020 14 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. The Most Important Web Development Trends in 2020. Share.

The Most Important Web Development Trends in 2020

The Simple Way I Just Saved $100 on My Ambetter Insurance Premium. For all of the excitement that often comes with the new year, there are admittedly some pain in the butt things you need to put up with as well.

The Simple Way I Just Saved $100 on My Ambetter Insurance Premium

Case in point: re-upping your health insurance. 2020 Guide to Planning and Budgeting for Your Vacation. Like any new year, 2020 presents a lot of promise and opportunity. For those like myself who love to travel, that includes opportunities to explore new cities and rack up more experiences before the next year arrives. The only downside is that travel is rarely if ever free — and the need to engage in such petty activities like “work” often take precedent.

But don’t let that get you down! You can still make 2020 the year you embark on your dream vacation. It all starts with some planning, some budgeting, and some smart savings. WordPress SEO Beyond the Basics: 8 Things You Must Do Next. Did you know that once you have basic SEO implemented on-site, it may not be enough? Personal Finance - Do's And Don'ts - Baltimore Post-ExaminerBaltimore Post-Examiner. When multinationals get bankrupt, we, the general masses don’t stand a chance. Even in such a stable economy, one can never be sure when the hard times would return again to haunt us. So we shouldn’t forget about our financial situation. Career Options You Can Gain from a Web Development Degree. Guest Contribution from Anton Lacoss A web development degree is one of the most sought-after degrees because of the increasing demands on computer system literacy and digital expertise. The rising demand shows a growing need for people who can develop online platforms for businesses.

How to Turn Your Passion into a Career—and Make Money. Current Big Trends in Web Development. The world of web development continues to evolve and move at a fast pace. There are several web development trends that have been happening over the years and a few newer ones that are growing in popularity. I've listed 10 areas that that are impacting web development. Adage. For most consumers a brand’s website is inseparable from the brand itself. How Everyone Can Find A Way To Make Money Online. 12 Ways to Earn Money and Authority by Blogging. Boost Your Business with Blogging. Self-Employment Tips — What to Consider Before Quitting Your Day Job. Web Development: What’s Big In 2019? It is not too late to start your own blog and blogging site. WASHINGTON: The internet has drastically revolutionized the world we live in today. In many ways the world of two decades ago seems as far removed from our collective consciousness as the middle ages is from the modern era.

There isn’t any fabric of society that the internet has not improved, including publishing. As a matter of fact publishing is one of the principle, top ten uses of the internet. Blogging in particular has increased publication. 3 Smart Packing Tips — Avoid Checked Baggage Fees. Learn Web Development from the Pros with This Interactive Coding Bootcamp. Blogging Platforms Compared: WordPress vs Tumblr vs Blogger. In some circles, a blog sounds like a humble website where one shares their latest holiday snaps. But in the corporate world, blogging has the underlying dimensions of inbound marketing. In a report by HubSpot, 69 percent of businesses attribute their lead generation success to blogging. A blog can humanize a brand, helps to increase search engine traffic, and — over time — helps to establish your brand as a thought leader in whatever topic you’re writing about.

WordPress, Tumblr, and Blogger are three popular blogging platforms (with the former powering 30 percent of the known internet). Why Search Engine Optimization Is the Key to Making Money Online. 3 Ways to Make Money Online From Your Blog or Website. Top Personal Finance Tips You Should Make A Priority On Your Work Anniversary. Personal finance rules: Tackle debt this spring. Spring cleaning for your finances. The 5 Big Disruptions to Marketing in 2018. 2018 Personal Finance Action Plan & 2017 Stock Market Review. A new year brings new investment opportunities but also new perils that can harm your financial health. The 5 Most Reliable Ways to Make Money Online. Estate planning for clients exempt from federal taxes. 5 Easy Ways to Earn Money Online. Master the best web development skills with these 4 great bundles.

Here's How Cause Marketing Can Make A Difference. 8 Reasons Why WordPress is an SEO Powerhouse. The road to code: 4 steps to a career in coding and web development. WordPress: The smart person's guide. Five Reasons Why Web Development Is A Better Career Path Than Machine Learning. 6 Ways To Discover Great Blogging Topic Ideas. Introducing Portfolio WordPress Theme – and the Design Decisions Behind it — SitePoint.

What is blogging? Discover how to start a blog and becoming a blogger. Classroom Blogging Through Daily Bell Ringers. TechCrunch. Should I use the WordPress Jetpack plugin on my site? Over One Million WordPress Sites Defaced - Infosecurity Magazine. 17 WordPress Plugins to Create Content. A Refreshed Reader for 2017 — The Blog. Wordpress helpdesk themes - 5 best one to choose. Short vs. Long-form Content: How Long Should a Blog Post Be?