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Maths et jeux - Scratch Comment ça marche ? Ces fiches ont été créées pour que les élèves puissent travailler de façon la plus autonome possible en salle informatique. Le professeur indique les objectifs de la séance (chaque fiche possède un ou plusieurs objectifs) et montre les points délicats. Les élèves ouvrent leur fiche dans un onglet du navigateur et dans un autre onglet la version 2 de scratch. Chaque fiche possède une "aide logiciel" assez détaillée pour les guider sur les nouvelles notions, sans pour autant donner la solution du programme. J'ai essayé de les ranger dans un ordre cohérent, mais à chacun de choisir sa propre progression ! Personnages/documents :

Scratch for Budding Computer Scientists: by David J. Malan <> Table of Contents IntroductionStatementsBoolean ExpressionsConditionsLoopsVariablesThreadsEventsOscartimeOscartime's Instructions SpriteOscartime's Trash SpriteOscartime's Oscar SpriteConclusion Introduction Most programming languages, on first glance, "look like Greek" to the untrained eye, an amalgam of English and unusual syntax. class Hello { public static void main(String [] args) { System.out.println("hello, world!") All the program above does, when executed, is display "hello, world!" Suffice it to say that, when it comes to learning to program, there's quite a learning curve with languages like Java. Learning to program is ultimately about learning to think logically and to approach problems methodically. For many students, the seemingly cryptic syntax of languages like Java tends to get in the way of mastery of such relatively simple constructs as these. We turn our attention first to statements. Statements Boolean Expressions Conditions Loops

The 7 best ways to learn how to code It’s never been a better time to pick up programming. No matter your age or experience, a plethora of tools are available to get you started or to help you refine your programming chops. Best of all, many of those resources are free. You no longer have to spend countless hours trying to deconstruct new programming languages with no help beyond sparsely updated message boards and the good graces of patient IRC chat buddies. (In my day…) Now there are expertly written tutorials, helpful videos, and a wealth of other resources online. Maybe you’re just curious about what all this programming stuff is about. And, if you’ll forgive us for tooting our own horn, you should also check out an eighth resource: our upcoming DevBeat conference, Nov. 12-13 in San Francisco. Codecademy Perhaps the most renowned online training resource — and for good reason, Codecademy offers easy-to-understand interactive tutorials for popular languages like Python and Ruby. You won’t be going it alone either. Coursera

Programmation au Collège Voici les ressources utilisées en partie lors de l'atelier réalisé pour le séminaire IREM du 14 et 15 janvier 2016 ainsi que lors de la présentation à la CII Collège à Paris du 18 mars 2016.Cette page continue d'être alimentée régulièrement par la recherche effectuée par ce groupe sur ce sujet. Vous trouverez en suivant ce lien quelques réflexions sur le sujet. Elles ont donné lieu à un atelier sur la variable informatique lors du séminaire IREM du 19 et 20 janvier 2017.Dans le cadre des aménagements du programme de seconde en 2017, une communication sur la transition entre Scratch et Python a été réalisée lors du séminaire IREM du 18 et 19 janvier 2018 (cliquez ici pour accéder aux ressources). Un stage est ouvert au PAF depuis l'année 2016-2017 (cliquez ici pour accéder aux ressources complémentaires de ce stage).Nous y proposons un jeu théâtral permettant d'éclairer la notion de variable informatique et d'introduire un outil de gestion nommé table des variables. En Sixième :

Chirp: Scratch2Exe Scratch2Exe lets you deploy a Scratch Project as a stand-alone exe-file for Windows, optionally specifying your own custom icon. The resulting exe-file doesn't need Scratch or Chirp to be installed. The embedded code of your Scratch Project in the exe-file will not be visible or editable. Usage After installing Scratch2Exe Double click on the Scratch2Exe Icon on you DesktopChoose a Source Scratch ProjectChoose an Icon File (optional, cancel to use the default icon)Wait for a folder to open showing an exe-file by the name of your Scratch Project How it works Scratch2Exe is not a real compiler. Known and expected problems The exe-file may take a very long time to load. Even though you will normally not be able to see or edit the Scratch code embedded in the exe-file, the embedded Scratch project is not really protected against unwanted retrieval. So, what is it good for? ...back to top

Begin programming: build your first mobile game — University of Reading Learn the basics of Java programming by developing a simple mobile game that you can run on your computer, Android phone, or tablet. Programming is everywhere: in dishwashers, cars and even space shuttles. This course will help you to understand how programs work and guide you through creating your own computer program – a mobile game. Whether you’re a complete newcomer to programming, or have some basic skills, this course provides a challenging but fun way to start programming in Java. The course will combine video introductions, on-screen examples, downloadable guides, articles and discussions to help you understand the principles behind computer programs and the building blocks that are used to create them. At the end of the course you’ll have a complete game that can be played on an Android phone or tablet, or even your computer. This course teaches the basics of programming and you don’t need any knowledge of coding to take part.

Google Developers This morning we welcomed 6,000 developers to our 7th annual Google I/O developer conference. The crowd in San Francisco was joined by millions more watching on the livestream and 597 I/O Extended events, in 90+ countries on six continents. We're meeting at an exciting time for Google, and for our developer community. There are now one billion of you around the world who use an Android device. Today, developers got a preview of our most ambitious Android release yet. But, beyond the mobile phone, many of us are increasingly surrounded by a range of screens throughout the day--at home, at work, in the car, or even on our wrist. For more information visit Watch all Google I/O 2014 videos at: Show less

CS110 - Lab 1 CS110 Computing Principles Lab 1 Broadcast, Animations, and Music! Learning Goals Get comfortable with the Snap user interface. Learn to use Broadcast blocks to communicate between sprites and make a movie. Get experience debugging using single-step. Resources Lab Work User Interface Detective Work Welcome to Snap Let's open up Snap! You will see a screen like the one shown below. For the rest of the lab I have changed the sprite costume to be the animal Scratch_Cat.png Make a Sprite sing! For your first project, make a quick song! While you are working on it, try to figure out how to connect and disconnect blocks, and how to remove a piece from inside a long script. and Hint: Try to use many copies of one of the blocks in a row, and hear the result. There are two options to save your projects On your own computer you can just save to the browser, but then you will not have access in the OTS lab In the lab you must save your project "in the cloud" at the Snap! Some Starting Snap Lingo Snap Lingo

27 Ways to Learn to Program Online Whether you are looking to switch careers and become a full-time programmer, want to try to build a website or app on the side, or are just looking to round out your skill set, learning to code has certainly been something a lot of people have started to do lately. And while being a programmer might not be for everyone, there is a lot to be said about gaining a better, more educated view of how all those pixels get moved around all those screens. Before we delve into our list of learning resources sites, we wanted to share some advice from Marissa Louie, a self-taught product designer for Ness Computing. A former startup founder, Louie told TNW that the hardest part of being self-taught – whether it’s design, programming, or any other discipline is, “gathering the courage. The most important barrier is just to overcome your fears” (she also said having the ability to follow instructions helps as well). 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Just in case you were wondering, it kind of does. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

France-IOI Introduzione a Scratch Scratch è un “linguaggio di scripting” (no, oggi non ti possiamo spiegare anche cosa sia un linguaggio di scripting, hai imparato già troppe cose... dovremmo spiegarti cos'è un linguaggio interpretato, in cosa differisce da un linguaggio compilato, e questo sarebbe troppo!). Nella guida da cui abbiamo attinto, i frammenti di programmi Scratch si chiamano quindi script. Ma a volte si chiamano anche blocchi. Scratch è sviluppato dal Lifelong Kindergarten Group al MIT Media Lab. Puoi scaricarte Scratch da qui: I progetti di Scratch si compongono di oggetti chiamati sprite. Variabili Le variabili in Scratch non hanno un tipo definito a priori, a parte la distinzione tra variabili che contengono un solo elemento e variabili che ne possono contenere tanti (liste). Variabili in grado di contenere un solo elemento Ti permette di creare una nuova variabile e di assegnarle un nome. . .

A University for the Web. Built by an open community It's even more Peer Powered We know learning is more fun with friends. We've kept the best part of the School of Webcraft and made it the core of everything we do to #TeachTheWeb. We work alongside our peers, ask each other for help, and offer expertise to those in need. The Webmaker Community supports each other in our community forum. Come join us! Mozilla & P2PU Mozilla's mission is to keep the web open, and to work together to enable anyone to take part in building it's future. We support each other. Webmaker's #TeachTheWeb program is part of Mozilla's commitment to help educators and others teach vital web literacy skills.