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Universal-basic-income-finland.html?smprod=nytcore-ipad&smid=nytcore-ipad-share&referer= The government is eager to see what happens next.


Will more people pursue jobs or start businesses? How many will stop working and squander their money on vodka? Will those liberated from the time-sucking entanglements of the unemployment system use their freedom to gain education, setting themselves up for promising new careers? These areas of inquiry extend beyond economic policy, into the realm of human nature. The answers — to be determined over a two-year trial — could shape social welfare policy far beyond Nordic terrain. The search has gained an extraordinary sense of urgency as a wave of reactionary populism sweeps the globe, casting the elite establishment as the main beneficiary of economic forces that have hurt the working masses. Universal basic income is a catchall phrase that describes a range of proposals, but they generally share one feature: All people in society get a regular check from the government — regardless of their income or whether they work. Photo. 5 Finnish Education Myths DEBUNKED.

This video shows you the true size of countries compared to how they look on maps. Watch first lady Michelle Obama’s full speech at the 2016 Democratic National Convention. 5 interview tips to help you land that first post-university job. Be on time Obvious?

5 interview tips to help you land that first post-university job

Yes. The 10 professions with the most psychopaths. 17 words that make you sound like a snob. ✔ What Career is Right For You? (Personality Test) Tim Minchin UWA Address (2013) Facebook pays 10-year-old Finnish genius $10,000 for exposing flaw in Instagram. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg (Josh Edelson/AFP via Getty Images) A hacker in Finland has become the youngest person to receive a reward from Facebook’s Bug Bounty program — but he’ll have to wait three years before he’s old enough to humblebrag about it on the social media platform.

Facebook pays 10-year-old Finnish genius $10,000 for exposing flaw in Instagram

Ten-year-old Jani, whose last name isn’t being shared at the request of his parents, uncovered a way to delete any given comment on Instagram, the photo-sharing company that Facebook bought for $1 billion in 2012 — and which Jani, so to speak, pwned. The flaw Jani exposed gave him the power to erase anyone’s comments, even those posted by “Justin Bieber,” he told Iltalehti, the news outlet in Finland that first reported Jani’s exploits. He left Bieber alone, however, tipping off Facebook instead.

Facebook says it fixed the flaw in February. London Play - Clip from "Where to Invade Next" Career Test High School College Students Free Job Quiz Best Tests. The driverless truck is coming, and it’s going to automate millions of jobs. A convoy of self-driving trucks recently drove across Europe and arrived at the Port of Rotterdam.

The driverless truck is coming, and it’s going to automate millions of jobs

No technology will automate away more jobs — or drive more economic efficiency — than the driverless truck. Shipping a full truckload from L.A. to New York costs around $4,500 today, with labor representing 75 percent of that cost. But those labor savings aren’t the only gains to be had from the adoption of driverless trucks. Where drivers are restricted by law from driving more than 11 hours per day without taking an 8-hour break, a driverless truck can drive nearly 24 hours per day. That means the technology would effectively double the output of the U.S. transportation network at 25 percent of the cost. And the savings become even more significant when you account for fuel efficiency gains.

Trucking represents a considerable portion of the cost of all the goods we buy, so consumers everywhere will experience this change as lower prices and higher standards of living. Top 10 Amazing Facts About Australia. 18 English words that mean very different things in Britain and America. As the old adage famously goes: you say tom-MAY-toes, and I say tom-MAH-toes.

18 English words that mean very different things in Britain and America

We should probably call the whole thing off, right? Ever since the might of the British Empire was expelled from the United States, ordinary folk from both sides of the pond have chuckled at each other's use of the English language and pronunciation. The Yrjö Show. Real English® - Real English® a ajouté une photo — avec... Why Finland has the best schools. The Harvard education professor Howard Gardner once advised Americans, “Learn from Finland, which has the most effective schools and which does just about the opposite of what we are doing in the United States.”

Why Finland has the best schools

Following his recommendation, I enrolled my 7-year-old son in a primary school in Joensuu, Finland, which is about as far east as you can go in the European Union before you hit the guard towers of the Russian border. OK, I wasn't just blindly following Gardner — I had a position as a lecturer at the University of Eastern Finland for a semester. But the point is that, for five months, my wife, my son and I experienced a stunningly stress-free, and stunningly good, school system. Finland has a history of producing the highest global test scores in the Western world, as well as a trophy case full of other recent No. 1 global rankings, including most literate nation. In Finland, children don't receive formal academic training until the age of 7.

Ninjas wanted as Japan region promotes 'warlord tourism' Image copyright Aichi Prefecture Sharpen your shuriken, Japan's Aichi prefecture is looking to hire six ninjas in a bid to boost tourism.

Ninjas wanted as Japan region promotes 'warlord tourism'

How Body Language Can Help You Get a Job Offer - Motto. Got a job interview coming up?

How Body Language Can Help You Get a Job Offer - Motto

You can run through practice questions until your tongue goes numb, select the perfect Olivia Pope-meets-Alicia Florrick outfit and send out a Pulitzer Prize-worthy thank you note. But if your body language doesn’t convey the right message, you’re undermining all of your efforts. “There are two conversations going on in any interview,” says Dr. Carol Goman, keynote speaker and author of The Silent Language of Leaders. JFK's Very Revealing Harvard Application Essay. John F.

JFK's Very Revealing Harvard Application Essay

Kennedy is one of the most mythologized figures in contemporary American history. Kristiāns Rizzotto. How anxiety scrambles your brain and makes it hard to learn. Olivia admits she’s always been a worrier – but when she started university, her anxiety steadily began to build.

How anxiety scrambles your brain and makes it hard to learn

One day she was simply too frightened to leave the house. For two weeks she was stuck indoors, before she was diagnosed with generalised anxiety disorder and began to get the help she needed. 25 Of The Most Beautiful College Campuses In The World. Business Skills: How To Answer Job Interview Questions in English – Part 1. For the past two weeks, I’ve had the delight and honour of hosting/teaching a French lady. Fabienne took voluntary redundancy from her job last year and has spent this past year working on her English.

She’s now considering her professional options and wanted to focus on her job interview skills with me so as to be ready for the next stage in her career. Tion Words. Using active, positive words (these are normally verbs) in a CV or in an application form can give it additional impact and make a stronger impression on potential employers. Use action words (also called buzz words) to put over what you have achieved in vacation jobs or posts of responsibility - not just the tasks you have carried out. For example, rather than writing: Employability Skills Map. This “skills map” sets out all the main employability skills in a way that shows their relationships to each other.

You may wish to highlight any you feel you are good at and put a question mark against any you feel you need to develop. A first hand perspective on Finnish schools vs North American schools. Stories of Afghan girls whose lives have been turned around by education revealed. Andrew McAfee: What will future jobs look like? The death of the exam: Canada is at the leading edge of killing the dreaded annual ‘final’ for good. Three miles. Working to Live or Living to Work? Finland: A Society of Trust.

Imagine a world where you simply expect everyone to follow the rules and do the right thing. This researcher asked kids what's wrong with U.S. schools. Here are their ideas. Interview Simulation.