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personal finance blogger, loves sports and a good home brewed beer.

- The Washington Post. Homebrewing away the pandemic days with kombucha. A year ago, when the pandemic forced us all to work from home, each Tampa Bay Times reporter became chief of their own little bureau.

Homebrewing away the pandemic days with kombucha

As late-stage pandemic days trickle by, some of us have also become head brewers of our own kombucha taprooms. We line up our little bottles of booch, tinted purple and red and orange depending on the ingredients floating inside, and snap photos for one another. We swap Amazon links to glass jars and pH strips, and rank our favorite fruit and herb combinations. We’ve given names to our SCOBYs, the “symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast,” which make this whole process possible. The SCOBYs are welcome new companions, after all. 10 exciting ways to brew the best coffee at home. Coffee is one of the world's most popular drinks, so it makes sense that there are a multitude of ways to make it.

10 exciting ways to brew the best coffee at home

And each method results in a unique cup of coffee with different flavors, bolder brews and, in some cases, different levels of caffeine. Switch up your morning coffee routine with these different ways to brew coffee at home. Drip coffee. How many calories should you burn in a workout to lose weight? No matter what your health goals are, exercise can help get you there.

How many calories should you burn in a workout to lose weight?

It can help you feel stronger, more energized, happier and so much more -- there are countless reasons to get moving. If losing weight is one of your goals, you know that exercise can help. But first, you have to figure out how many calories you should be burning during your workouts to actually lose weight. The simple way to look at this is that you need a calorie deficit in order to lose weight -- you need to burn more calories than you take in. The not-so-simple part is that everyone burns a different amount of calories at rest, which you need to consider before figuring out how many calories you burn during a workout and then how many calories to eat.

This is why consulting with a dietician or nutritionist can come in handy, since they are trained to help address your body's specific calorie needs. Our Health & Wellness newsletter puts the best products, updates and advice in your inbox. Impact of Covid-19 on Home Beer Brewing Machine Market 2020-2028 – AlBrew, Brewie, PicoBrew, Speidel Tank-UndBehälterbau, The Grainfather. The Home Beer Brewing Machine market research report provides in-depth analysis of market scenario including present as well as future state of Home Beer Brewing Machine market.

Impact of Covid-19 on Home Beer Brewing Machine Market 2020-2028 – AlBrew, Brewie, PicoBrew, Speidel Tank-UndBehälterbau, The Grainfather

It delivers content on emerging trends, and market dynamics with respect to drivers, opportunities and challenges that plays crucial role in the growth of market. Further, Home Beer Brewing Machine Market report involves market overview, key players profiling, key developments, suppliers of raw materials and dealers, among other information. It also consists of market size, sales, share, industry growth rate, and revenue. The report also contains the research and development activities of these companies and provided complete data about their existing products and services.

Top players of Home Beer Brewing Machine market are studies. Money at 30: Credit Karma Money Spend Account Review. Over the past few years, the free credit score site Credit Karma has expanded into other aspects of finance.

Money at 30: Credit Karma Money Spend Account Review

This includes offering an unclaimed funds finder as well as a free tax filing platform— which it recently announced would be sold off to Square when Intuit’s purchase of Credit Karma is completed. Now, Credit Karma is rolling out a free checking account in the form of Credit Karma Money Spend (briefly known as Credit Karma Checking before a recent rename). As a Credit Karma customer who also has one of their Credit Karma Money Save accounts, I was invited to open a Spend account a couple of months ago. With that in mind, how does the checking account stack up against other options? Brewing industry gets sustainable. All industries create some forms of wasted byproducts.

Brewing industry gets sustainable

For the brewing industry, one of the largest waste items is what is called spent grain. This is the grain (primarily barley) that is left over following its steeping in the hot liquor bath. These malted grains are steeped to remove their starches and sugars into the liquid so that flavors, color and later those starches and sugars can be metabolized by yeast into alcohol and carbon dioxide. What I Hope for in 2021 Travelwise. This past week, with each Zoom call we had with friends and family, it seemed everyone had one question for my wife and me: what’s your next big trip?

What I Hope for in 2021 Travelwise

Well, as of this moment, I still don’t have that answer. Sure, the recent vaccine news makes it seem as though we could soon see a return to (some) normalcy, but I’ve long been over the idea of trying to make plans, thus cutting down on disappointment. Despite this, I am still slightly hopeful for what 2021 could bring in terms of travel. Learn the Personal Finance Habits of Wealthy Entrepreneurs.

Taking care of your own money is just as important as taking care of your business's money.

Learn the Personal Finance Habits of Wealthy Entrepreneurs

This book gives you the essential guide for easy-to-follow tips and strategies to create more financial success. January 11, 2021 2 min read Disclosure: Our goal is to feature products and services that we think you'll find interesting and useful. Avoid these costly mistakes when rolling over a 401(k) to an IRA. Drazen Zigic | iStock | Getty Images So you’ve left your job and want to move assets from your workplace savings plan to an individual retirement account.

Avoid these costly mistakes when rolling over a 401(k) to an IRA

You may want to pause before doing the rollover. If you’re not careful, you could make costly errors or lock yourself into a move that can’t be easily undone. Both 401(k) plans and IRAs have the common purpose of letting you put away tax-advantaged savings for retirement. However, there are some rules that differ between the two. 10 Money Moves Before Dec. 31. The end of 2020 is in sight, but there is still plenty of time left to make a number of financial moves that will help improve your retirement savings, reduce your tax bill and benefit your community.

10 Money Moves Before Dec. 31

Here are 10 ways that you can improve your financial condition between now and Dec. 31. Some of these ideas involve transactions with third parties, so it's best to move ahead as quickly as you can to reap the most benefits. Contribute the Maximum Amount into a 401(k) Retirement Plan. Ways to Make Money Online and Offline? « Gadget Hacks. You need extra money, but you're not sure where to start (or what's legit).

Don't worry, we've got you covered. NerdWallet rounded up 25 legitimate ways to earn some extra income — at home or out and about — and listed each option based on how fast you can get started and get paid. While most people prefer fast cash, don't discount the "slow" gigs, as they may pay more in the long run. Small business news; tips; networking. How Fintechs Are Transforming Personal Finance. November 11, 2020 4 min read This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Student loan borrowers got help in the pandemic. Will it continue? Student loan borrowers may see more relief still in the pandemic.

ViT Postman | iStock | Getty Images Student loan borrowers benefiting from a pause in repaying their debt are hoping it will continue. ‘Everything Is Closed Down.’ The Lack of Youth Sports Is a Crisis. Teklu, a teenager whose family immigrated from Ethiopia when he was a toddler, said he struggled with not having his father in his life. Basketball is his therapy, but he can get it only in slim drips right now. Three days a week, he meets a few teammates at a gym, and they run through individual drills.

Home Brewing Picks Up Popularity During Pandemic. MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – As the weather cools off, the demand has stayed hot for home brewing supplies at Northern Brewer on Grand Avenue in St. Paul, even during the pandemic. “Almost immediately when the shutdown started happening and people started staying at home more, the sales started rising and we had to figure out how to fill the orders while keeping everybody safe here,” said Todd Jackson from Northern Brewer. Once they were able to reopen their store, customers returned, and some newcomers started to pick up the hobby.

Lili App Review: A Digital Banking Tool for Self-Employed Workers. I'm ditching mutual funds and switching my retirement savings to ETFs for 4 key reasons. Improve your balance: A 5-minute home workout for stability and focus. In fact, balance training actually improves memory and spatial cognition, research has shown. Balance exercises also require the attention and focus of your brain to steady yourself and maintain your equilibrium. Sandusky Register Saturday is the first official day of practice for a long list of fall sports in Ohio.

A sense of normalcy. The 6 Personal Finance Podcasts You Should Be Listening To. In this new age of media, podcasts are king. Allbirds Mizzles Review: Do Mizzles Make For a Go-To Travel Shoe? The 50 greatest home runs in New York sports history. New York City has been a baseball town since the 19th century. What you can or can’t do at Broward gyms after COVID-19. Gym rats and body builders, rejoice! 5 tips to build an emergency fund from scratch, no matter your income. How to take control of personal finances amid COVID-19 economic slowing. BRYAN,Tex. (KBTX) - In addition to health concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic, many individuals and families are also having to deal with unexpected financial concerns. Council Post: The Future Of Personal Finance: Banking Without The Banks. For many people today, particularly those in younger generations, the financial future seems bleak.

They work hard, earn a salary, deposit to the bank and struggle as they use that cash on expenses, all the while being dependent on their bank. Having difficulties working out? Add some fast music to it, researchers say. My Top 5 Credit Cards I'll Be Using in 2020. Here's a breakdown of the new income tax changes. How to Start a Money-Making Blog in 2019. Art of Aging: Last Sip Brew Club at Wesley Enhanced Living Main Line brewing up fun in Delaware County. Plank Benefits: How to Make the Plank Exercise Even Better. Personal Finance News, Investing Advice, Business Forecasts-Kiplinger. Startribune. 7 Mini Workouts — When the Last Thing You Want to Do Is Work Out. Money, personal finance, and navigating relationships. Money, personal finance, and navigating relationships. Home Brewing Great Beer Simply While Having Lots Of Fun.

32 Fast and Easy Ways to Make Money Online. Binji Smart Card Review: Beware It's Not What You Think It Is. Homebrewing in Japan: Craft beer's creative foundation. 6 Disturbing Personal Finance Trends Americans Should Be Aware Of. Hurdlr Review — 3 Features You Need to Know About. 3 Personal Finance Habits That Will Help You Retire Rich. WalletHub Review (2019) — Is it Better Than Credit Karma? Deadspin. A Brief History of American Homebrewing, the Foundation of Craft Beer. Personal finance 101 : Radio Times : Money. Adventures in home brewing. 5 Things to Know About Renters Insurance. What does it take to get started as a home brewer? 4 personal finance tips for financially fragile women. A Full-Body Strength Workout for Beginner Weight Lifters. Beer Nut: Refresh your brew knowledge at Beerology. Top Personal Finance Tips You Should Make A Priority On Your Work Anniversary. Ranking the Sports Halls of Fame, By Their Selection Standards. How rugby, ping-pong and other sports have mended political rifts - CNN.

Live below your means without feeling deprived. 50 of the dumbest things in sports. Womenshealthmag. Five Reasons Women Are Taking the Lead In Financial Planning. What's the next step in financial planning's evolution? Look to the Fitbit. Funding Small Businesses: A Look at Your Finance Options. Home brewers club exemplifies growth in craft beers. The most powerful woman in sports. Frank Deford: A Career Spent Bringing 'Something New' To Sports. 7 Homebrewing Kits To Clone Awesome Beers at Home. The simple workout that will stop you snoring and improve your sleep.

How to make money with a news website. LeBron helps design sneaker for disabled athletes. Your Money: Avoid withdrawing provident fund money to buy a house. Fancing brewing your own tipple? Expert Tony Buckle uncorks the facts. Artificial intelligence is quickly rolling into your personal finances. Your Magic Number: The Best-Kept Secret for Managing Your Personal Finances. Built for brewers: Eugene welder finds niche in beer-making systems. Log In - New York Times. Working out together: Montreal gym offers exercise opportunities for the whole family - Montreal.

The Ultimate Personal Finance Guide for 2017. Forbes Welcome.