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personal finance blogger, loves sports and a good home brewed beer.

Ways to Make Money Online and Offline? « Gadget Hacks. Small business news; tips; networking. How Fintechs Are Transforming Personal Finance. November 11, 2020 4 min read This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies.

How Fintechs Are Transforming Personal Finance

Errors may exist due to this process. Student loan borrowers got help in the pandemic. Will it continue? Student loan borrowers may see more relief still in the pandemic.

Student loan borrowers got help in the pandemic. Will it continue?

ViT Postman | iStock | Getty Images Student loan borrowers benefiting from a pause in repaying their debt are hoping it will continue. If the moratorium isn’t extended, they’ll have to reach for their checkbooks come January. In March, the U.S. Department of Education announced that borrowers could pause their monthly bills without interest accruing until September. Still, that means borrowers may have to resume their payments in two months, while unemployment rates remain high and cases of the virus continue to surge across the U.S. More from Personal Finance:Coronavirus slows pace of college tuition increasesEarly vaccines for Covid likely to be free for Medicare beneficiariesMillions poised to lose unemployment benefits at year’s end Currently, just 11% of people with federal student loans are repaying them, according to data analyzed by higher education expert Mark Kantrowitz.

‘Everything Is Closed Down.’ The Lack of Youth Sports Is a Crisis. Teklu, a teenager whose family immigrated from Ethiopia when he was a toddler, said he struggled with not having his father in his life.

‘Everything Is Closed Down.’ The Lack of Youth Sports Is a Crisis.

Basketball is his therapy, but he can get it only in slim drips right now. Three days a week, he meets a few teammates at a gym, and they run through individual drills. “It’s not enough,” he told me, his voice cracking with emotion. Home Brewing Picks Up Popularity During Pandemic. MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – As the weather cools off, the demand has stayed hot for home brewing supplies at Northern Brewer on Grand Avenue in St.

Home Brewing Picks Up Popularity During Pandemic

Paul, even during the pandemic. “Almost immediately when the shutdown started happening and people started staying at home more, the sales started rising and we had to figure out how to fill the orders while keeping everybody safe here,” said Todd Jackson from Northern Brewer. Once they were able to reopen their store, customers returned, and some newcomers started to pick up the hobby. “Beer in general is socializing so that’s kind of complicated for the industry as a whole on the beer side, but on the home brewing side it does let you into the experimental, figuring things out on your own, learning more about beer and you have time,” said Jackson.

Lili App Review: A Digital Banking Tool for Self-Employed Workers. I'm ditching mutual funds and switching my retirement savings to ETFs for 4 key reasons. Improve your balance: A 5-minute home workout for stability and focus. In fact, balance training actually improves memory and spatial cognition, research has shown.

Improve your balance: A 5-minute home workout for stability and focus

Balance exercises also require the attention and focus of your brain to steady yourself and maintain your equilibrium. Fancy balance exercises aren't required; something as simple as balancing on one foot with your hands out in front of you can work. But if you're looking for a way to step it up and improve your balance while building core stability and overall muscle strength, check out our five-minute balance routine below. This routine can be done barefoot on a yoga mat. Performing exercises barefoot helps enhance your proprioception, or your awareness of your body in space. Sandusky Register Saturday is the first official day of practice for a long list of fall sports in Ohio. A sense of normalcy.

Sandusky Register Saturday is the first official day of practice for a long list of fall sports in Ohio.

That’s something everyone covets these days, and for now, high school sports fans will get it. The Ohio High School Athletic Association sent an email to administrators at its member schools Friday afternoon reiterating its stance that fall sports practices will begin Saturday as scheduled. The 6 Personal Finance Podcasts You Should Be Listening To.

In this new age of media, podcasts are king.

The 6 Personal Finance Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

They’re entertaining, free, and a great source of information from people who actually (usually) know what they’re talking about. I compiled a list of my favorite podcasts that are perfect for anyone interested in personal finance and looking to become more financially literate. Bigger Pockets Money Hosted by Scott Trench and Mindy Jensen, “Bigger Pockets Money” is an invaluable guide to investing with a focus on real estate. This show offers practical advice from expert guests and personal insights from Scott and Mindy’s own investing experience, making it a great resource for those interested in growing their wealth through real estate investing. Allbirds Mizzles Review: Do Mizzles Make For a Go-To Travel Shoe? As a semi-frequent traveler who looks to pack pretty light, I’m used to taking only one pair of shoes with me on any given trip.

Allbirds Mizzles Review: Do Mizzles Make For a Go-To Travel Shoe?

Thus, whatever shoes I’m taking with me need to not only be comfortable but also adapt to different situations — including the possibility of damp weather. That’s what attracted me to the Allbirds Wool Runner Mizzles (as I mentioned a few weeks ago in my travel product roundup). Originally my plan for reviewing these shoes was to wait until I could take them on a trip and try them “in the field,” as it were. But, with no definitive travels on the horizon, I figured that a particularly rainy week here in Springfield was the next best chance to put them to the test. So, without further ado, let’s dive into my thoughts on the Allbirds Mizzles and their potential as a traveler’s companion. The 50 greatest home runs in New York sports history. New York City has been a baseball town since the 19th century.

The 50 greatest home runs in New York sports history

That span has seen countless memorable moments, the majority of which revolve around the longball. Legendary home runs have defined the sport in the city since even before Babe Ruth exploded the dead ball era with his power, and the great roar that accompanied blasts hit by the home teams has provided the Gotham soundtrack. For the moment, that particular music has gone quiet. So let’s take a moment to remember the greatest home runs ever hit by New York players, from the Yanks and Mets to the bygone teams still held dear in the city that never stops loving baseball. 50. Mutuals vs. Using the 1876 creation of the National League as our starting point, Hallinan’s dinger, a two-run shot off White Stockings hurler Al Spalding, was the first ever hit by a player wearing a New York uniform. 49.

Giants vs. The first postseason dinger ever hit by a New York player, in Game 7 of the World Series. 48. Mets vs. 47. Dodgers vs. 46. 45. What you can or can’t do at Broward gyms after COVID-19. 5 tips to build an emergency fund from scratch, no matter your income. How to take control of personal finances amid COVID-19 economic slowing. BRYAN,Tex.

How to take control of personal finances amid COVID-19 economic slowing

(KBTX) - In addition to health concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic, many individuals and families are also having to deal with unexpected financial concerns. So First News at Four is talking with Joyce Cavanagh, she's a family economics specialist with the Texas A&M Agrilife Extension, about what local families can do to take control of their finances. Council Post: The Future Of Personal Finance: Banking Without The Banks. For many people today, particularly those in younger generations, the financial future seems bleak. They work hard, earn a salary, deposit to the bank and struggle as they use that cash on expenses, all the while being dependent on their bank. Furthermore, in an attempt to protect low- and middle-income consumers, regulators inadvertently created an askew system where wealthy accredited investors have tools at their disposal that are inaccessible to the rest. Capitalism can do better. Having difficulties working out? Add some fast music to it, researchers say.

Sticking to a workout routine is never easy. Music, a new study concludes, can be an important ally. Everyone has their own workout routine. Some just do it in isolation, others prefer being in a crowded room where everyone is doing their thing. My Top 5 Credit Cards I'll Be Using in 2020. Here's a breakdown of the new income tax changes. Most people vow to start the new year off with a commitment to save more or spend less.

This year, recent changes in the tax laws could help. The IRS has made inflation adjustments to a range of key figures, from the amount you can put in a 401(k) retirement plan to the individual income tax brackets that help you determine your tax rate. How to Start a Money-Making Blog in 2019. Art of Aging: Last Sip Brew Club at Wesley Enhanced Living Main Line brewing up fun in Delaware County. Plank Benefits: How to Make the Plank Exercise Even Better. Personal Finance News, Investing Advice, Business Forecasts-Kiplinger. Startribune. In the late-night hours of July 16, 1984, the brewers at August Schell Brewing Co. began the process of making what is believed to be the first wheat beer brewed in the United States post-Prohibition.

Schell’s hefeweizen was a departure for the southern Minnesota brewery known for their light, American-style lagers. 7 Mini Workouts — When the Last Thing You Want to Do Is Work Out. Money, personal finance, and navigating relationships. Money, personal finance, and navigating relationships. Home Brewing Great Beer Simply While Having Lots Of Fun. 32 Fast and Easy Ways to Make Money Online. Binji Smart Card Review: Beware It's Not What You Think It Is. Homebrewing in Japan: Craft beer's creative foundation. When Japan’s beer laws changed in 1994, many companies took advantage of the new opportunities that opened up for them and, in the space of three years, more than 300 new breweries opened in Japan. However, the initial boom quickly faded, and more than 100 breweries closed between 1998 and 2000.

Only in the past couple years has the Japanese craft beer industry rebounded, with 312 breweries registered as of Jan. 1, 2018. Still, craft beer barely captures 2 percent of the total market in Japan compared to the 24 percent market share of the 7,000 craft breweries in the United States. 6 Disturbing Personal Finance Trends Americans Should Be Aware Of. It's no secret that Americans have some pretty sloppy financial tendencies. Hurdlr Review — 3 Features You Need to Know About. 3 Personal Finance Habits That Will Help You Retire Rich. WalletHub Review (2019) — Is it Better Than Credit Karma? Deadspin. A Brief History of American Homebrewing, the Foundation of Craft Beer. Personal finance 101 : Radio Times : Money. Adventures in home brewing. 5 Things to Know About Renters Insurance. What does it take to get started as a home brewer? 4 personal finance tips for financially fragile women. A Full-Body Strength Workout for Beginner Weight Lifters.

Beer Nut: Refresh your brew knowledge at Beerology. Top Personal Finance Tips You Should Make A Priority On Your Work Anniversary. Ranking the Sports Halls of Fame, By Their Selection Standards. How rugby, ping-pong and other sports have mended political rifts - CNN. Live below your means without feeling deprived. 50 of the dumbest things in sports. Womenshealthmag. Five Reasons Women Are Taking the Lead In Financial Planning. What's the next step in financial planning's evolution? Look to the Fitbit. Funding Small Businesses: A Look at Your Finance Options. Home brewers club exemplifies growth in craft beers. The most powerful woman in sports. Frank Deford: A Career Spent Bringing 'Something New' To Sports.

7 Homebrewing Kits To Clone Awesome Beers at Home. The simple workout that will stop you snoring and improve your sleep. How to make money with a news website. LeBron helps design sneaker for disabled athletes. Your Money: Avoid withdrawing provident fund money to buy a house. Fancing brewing your own tipple? Expert Tony Buckle uncorks the facts.

Artificial intelligence is quickly rolling into your personal finances. Your Magic Number: The Best-Kept Secret for Managing Your Personal Finances. Built for brewers: Eugene welder finds niche in beer-making systems. Log In - New York Times. Working out together: Montreal gym offers exercise opportunities for the whole family - Montreal. The Ultimate Personal Finance Guide for 2017. Forbes Welcome.