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95 best iPad apps for designers

95 best iPad apps for designers
We've gathered together the very best iPad apps in Apple's App Store – and many are free. You're sure to find a timelessly brilliant app that meets your needs, saving you the hassle of searching through the hundreds of thousands available. Whether you're looking to design on your iPad, carry out research, find inspiration, or improve your task management and productivity there are tons of iPad apps in our list. So here goes, in no particular order... 01. Price: Free Packed with useful features to work alongside apps like Adobe Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC, Adobe Capture CC lets users extract colour themes from photos and convert images into vector graphics. 02. Price: Free Generate native prototypes and preview your ideas as if they've already gone live with the help of Pixate. 03. Skala lets users iterate faster in the seemingly endless struggle to arrive at a better design. 04. Price: $3.30/ £2.29 05. Price: Free 06. 07. 08. Price: $2.99/£2.29 09. 10. Price: $6.99/£4.99 11. 12. 13. 14.

6 conseils pour bien démarrer avec l’iPad en classe Vous êtes équipés d’iPad en classe et vous ne savez pas trop par où commencer ? Voilà 6 petits conseils très simples pour bien démarrer. 1. Bidouiller, chercher, être soi même utilisateur Ça semble aller de soi, mais pour être au top et surtout avoir une idée précise de ce que l’on peut faire avec un iPad, et bien il faut le manipuler. 2. Dans la rubrique éducation de l’app store, il y a une flopée d’app éducatives. 3. Pas mal pour les apps qui ne se synchronisent pas dans iCloud. 4. 5. 6. Parce qu’on ne peut pas complètement se passer de papier, il sera important que vos élèves puissent imprimer des travaux. WordPress: J'aime chargement… How to send large files to clients: 5 free tools | Design tools The age of the web may have connected continents and allowed the world to function around the clock, but we still haven't quite mastered how to send large files by email. But there's no need to spend vast amounts of money on a solution. These free tools will help you send large files to design clients without the hassle of bounced emails and hours of frustration with FTP connections. 01. Google's so ubiquitous these days that it's easy to overlook it, so we'll remind you: Google Drive gives you 15GB of free online storage, and it's easy to share absolutely anything you like, be it individual files or entire folders. You can set your own sharing options too, for anything from a download link that anyone can use, up to sharing with specific people and giving them editing rights. 02. Previously known as YouSendIt, Hightail rebranded and relaunched in 2013 as a platform for sharing and collaboration. 03. 04. For more hardcore users, there's WeTransfer Plus. 05. 06. 07. 08. 10. 11.

Social Media: The Free Beginner's Guide from Moz Chapter 1 Introduction What is social media? "Social media" is a way for people to communicate and interact online. While it has been around since the dawn of the World Wide Web, in the last 10 years or so we've seen a surge in both the number and popularity of social media sites. It's called social media because users engage with (and around) it in a social context, which can include conversations, commentary, and other user-generated annotations and engagement interactions. Publishing content has become exponentially simpler over the last several years, which has helped skyrocket the use of social media. For businesses, the shift in web consumerism and accompanying rise in social media brings both opportunity and responsibility. Is social media just a fad? Over the last several years, there has been an explosion of growth in popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and many others. Looking for sources? Relationships Feedback Integration

Most Popular Free Apps For iPhone, iPad: Apple Reveals Biggest Downloads Of All Time After a very brief countdown, and with the next iPad just days away from its release, Apple recently passed 25 billion apps downloaded on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, and as part of the celebration, it has released a list of the 25 most downloaded iOS apps for both the iPad and the iPhone of all time. You can download all of these super popular apps in iTunes here (if you haven't already!), but if you're just looking to browse, we've got the list right here. Here, for example, are the top 25 free iPhone apps (with download links, for your convenience): 1. A few things to note here: - Facebook, who has often been called an enemy of Apple's, has the most downloaded app on the iPhone of all time. Also out are the top 25 free iPad apps. 1. Of note here: Related on HuffPost:

20 More iPad Apps for Designers In this post, I’m sharing twenty iPad Apps that designers may find helpful. Many of these apps have been developed in the last few months and several are also free. If you liked this post, you may also want to check out this post on 7 Tips to Help Freelancers Get the Most from their iPad at the Freelance Folder blog. You may also want to check out 15 Amazing iPad Apps. Art Authority for iPad Now you don’t have to go to a museum to see great artwork. ArtRage ArtRage lets you “paint” on your IPad using realistic brushs, pens, markers, and other artist tools. Art Studio This is a professional drawing and painting app that allows you to create professional drawings with your iPad. Colored Pencils This drawing tool creates art with the look of a colored pencil drawing. DIY Wallpaper This brand new free app lets your personalize your iPad wallpaper. Elastic Cam This free app lets you alter your videos or photos using preset filters. Forms by PBF Inspire Pro iFont Maker iThoughtsHD Morpholio Note Hub

Compte rendu du Sommet iPad sur l'éducation 2013 Le 1er mai 2013 avait lieu le 1er Sommet de l’iPad en éducation ici à Montréal. Il a été organisé par le Centre de Recherche Interuniversitaire sur la Formation et la Profession Enseignante (CRIFPE) et la Chaire de recherche du Canada sur les technologies de l’information et de la communication (TIC) en éducation. Ce sommet, le premier dans ce domaine, a réuni différents intervenants issus du monde de l’éducation qui réfléchissent sur l’utilisation de l’iPad comme moyen d’enseignement et d’apprentissage. Il y a aussi eu une présentation des résultats d’une recherche menée à travers le Québec sur les usages et les impacts de l’iPad en salle de classe. Cette étude a été réalisée par Thierry Karsenti et Aurélien Fievez. Voici le lien de la recherche: Voici les présentations du sommet iPad. **Vous allez voir, il y a eu quelques problèmes techniques puisque le réseau sans fil de l’hôtel n’était pas assez puissant pour supporter l’ensemble des appareils dans la salle 1er partie

Designing For The Multifaceted User Advertisement Designing with users in mind is a tricky thing. Not only does it require of us a sound understanding of who our users are, but the actual act of translating what we know about them into a well-designed product is not always an obvious or easy path. Currently, our user experience tools tend to focus on “who” users are. I believe this is a hangover from how we traditionally approached marketing and market research. So, first, let me explain where I think our current toolset falls short, and then I’ll walk you through an example that uses this newer technique. We Are Multifaceted Put yourself in the shoes of a user for a moment. Imagine also, then, that you’ve stumbled upon a blog post on a topic that you care strongly about. 1Acting differently according to circumstance and context is natural. What does this mean for us as designers? Personas, User Journeys, Mental Models? Personas, when created properly based on research, distill what we know about a few key user profiles.

Comment faire de la publicité sur Facebook, LinkedIn ou Twitter Même si ces réseaux sociaux adressent des marchés différents, faire de la publicité sur ceux-ci peut être source de bonnes opportunités publicitaires. En fonction de vos objectifs business, il sera plus judicieux d’en privilégier un plutôt qu’un autre. Article rédigé par Yvan Grunitsky, éditeur de Successful GoGetter, un blog sur le blogging, les stratégies d’e-marketing et l’entrepreneuriat online Même si ces réseaux sociaux adressent des marchés différents, faire de la publicité sur ceux-ci peut être source de bonnes opportunités publicitaires. Facebook Ads Service publicitaire de Facebook, Facebook Ads est de loin le plus développé et largement utilisé de tous les services publicitaires des trois principaux réseaux sociaux. Parce que le service est toujours en développement, les prix au clic et à l’impression restent faibles si nous les comparons à des canaux publicitaires plus matures comme Google Adwords . LinkedIn Ads Publicité sur Twitter Mon avis ? Source: Social Media Examiner

Get It Done App | Getting Things Done GTD software, task manager, to-do list, and project management. 30+ Cool iPad Apps for Designers When the iPad was out in the market, it was immediately patronized by the people due to its easy handling and its great features. iPad is designed by Apple and could function like a laptop computer. It has its own operating system with its own applications that you can use for various functions and tasks. Like iPhone and iPod Touch, it is controlled by a multi-touch display with a virtual onscreen keyboard. Its release in 2010 attracted millions of people and up to this day, people are still using iPads especially with the release of iPad2 in 2011. Since the iPad is already part of your daily lives, you have to make sure that you could also work on it and make it part of your career, too. Harmonious (Free) A free drawing app that allows you to sketch and make amazing artworks. Download Source What the Font (Free) A free app that can easily tell you What the Font is through the image you have taken. Download Source Wallpaper Creator Granimator (Free) Download Source Sketchbook Pro ($4.99) Ads

Vivre la rentrée avec des tablettes mobiles sans stress Voici 5 conseils pour les enseignants vivant leurs premiers jours avec des tablettes mobiles dans leurs classes. Ils visent à établir les balises pour l’année tout en permettant aux jeunes de s’en servir le plus possible. Ces conseils proviennent de l’article Back to School with iPads: 5 Steps for the First 5 Days, paru sur le site Edutopia. Ne manquez d’ailleurs pas de le lire pour des explications plus détaillées. 1. Les élèves seront excités à l’idée d’utiliser ces nouveaux outils de travail, mais il faut prendre le temps de leur faire comprendre comment ils vont s’intégrer à la culture de votre classe. 2. L’arrivée de tablettes dans la classe entrainera toutes sortes de questionnements, particulièrement en ce qui a trait à l’organisation. 3. Par où commencer avec toutes ces applications plus géniales les unes que les autres? 4. Avant d’espérer que les jeunes utilisent adéquatement leur tablette, il faut prendre du temps pour leur montrer certaines fonctionnalités. 5.

Down with Boredom: 5 Pattern Generators for Background Designs Mar 17 2013 If you want the background of your website to consist of more than a color, you’ll be thinking about a background image. If there’s no obvious image you should use or if you don’t want to get determined by your imagery, while at the same time being able to serve different resolutions more or less effortlessly, you’ll soon turn your thoughts on textures or repetitive patterns. Pattern Cooler If “subtle” is not for you, you’ll probably love Pattern Cooler. 225 different patterns are available. If this still doesn’t suffice, Pattern Cooler lets you add a texture to the pattern. Patternify Patternify is an excellent tool for pixel-pushers or 8bit aficionados. Besides offering a download in PNG format, Patternify can provide the pattern as a data URL complete with CSS code. Patternizer Patternizer ist no classical generator. To create a pattern, stripes in various colors and widths are layered over each other, using Patternizer’s visual UI. Stripemania ZenBG Related Links (pot/dpe)

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