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HockeyApp - The Platform for Your Apps

Exceptional: an exception tracker for web apps Services 7 A/B Testing Resources for Startups and Solo Developers This post originally appeared on, a world leader in managed DNS, powering the best brands on the web including Gowalla, Mashable, Twitter, Wikia and more. Follow @DynInc on Twitter. If you need a simple, inexpensive way to figure out what's going to make your website's users click on that big, red button, you've come to the right place. A/B testing is one of the easiest ways to figure out whether one specific variable of your website is working. It could be a button color, a bit of web copy, an image — something extremely finite that may (or may not) have a measurable impact on desired actions, be they conversions or a simple click-through. In an A/B test, the variable changes as users visit the page; user actions are recorded and analyzed; and the developer (or startup) is able to take action based on the results. What is A/B Testing, Exactly? What's the Best Way to A/B Test? Also, make sure you've got enough traffic to make an A/B test worthwhile. 1. 2. 3. 1. 2. 1. 2.

How To Free Web Analytics Software - Analytics - Piwik How to approach usability testing In order to deliver a clean, fresh, and — more importantly — effective user interface, usability tests are required. It is very unlikely any designer, regardless of his reputation and skills, will be able to design a good product without doing some kind of research and testing. Usability testing is a technique used for evaluating a product by testing it on users who are part of the respective target audience. Testing is used in many fields, but today we will focus on user-centered interaction design and how to test when designing and developing such a product. Every product has an intended purpose, and the scope and aim of usability testing is measuring if a product meets this purpose with regards to a user. The four principles Behind every usability test there are different goals, which pertain specifically to the observation aims of the tester. The four principles behind usability testing are: Wrong interpretation Some people interpret the term “usability testing” incorrectly. Methods

Localytics Adds Features To Complete The Picture For Mobile App Developers And Marketers Boston-based Localytics is fleshing out its mobile app analytics and marketing platform in a major way today with a variety of new features to help not just with customer acquisition, but also with monitoring and maintaining customer relationships over the lifetime of an app. The three big new areas Localytics now addresses with its platform are Lifetime Value Tracking, Customer Acquisition Management and Real-Time Funnel Management, all of which serve to help determine long-term engagement value. Localytics is introducing these new features based on the theory that most marketers spend all their time and money on the front end of the sales cycle, getting people to download the app, and then aren’t really concerned about whether that person will become a quality user over the long term. This isn’t just good for companies, Localytics argues, but ultimately benefits the consumer, too, since it enables developers to create a better app experience that’s more likely to meet a user’s needs.

App Infrastructure Startup Gets Into The Analytics Business today announced a mobile analytics service that’s supposed to give publishers and brands a better sense of who’s actually using their apps and how they’re using them. There’s plenty of competition on this front — Andreessen Horowitz-backed Mixpanel, for example, has increasingly become a mobile analytics company, and it makes a big deal out of not focusing on “bullshit metrics” like downloads. Buddy CEO and co-founder David McLauchlan was similarly dismissive of using downloads as a meaningful way to measure app engagement. “That’s analogous to figuring out TV ratings by looking at how many TVs they sell in Best Buy,” he said. McLauchlan argued that Buddy is in a unique position because it sits in the intersection between companies that offer backend tools for building apps and those that offer mobile analytics. So what can Buddy actually measure?

Application Monitoring in Realtime - Instrumental Fathom Mobile Command Center | CrittercismCrittercism Set alert thresholds for proactive notifications Integrated and comprehensive app performance alerting Why it matters: Be proactively identified about issues. Identify issues before they affect end-user experience. Set alerts based on any metric—latencies, errors, crashes, exceptions, data bandwidth used to correlate issues Shipping nginx access logs to LogStash — DevOps & Programming Note: this blog post is a bit outdated. Kibana is now part of Elasticsearch, and a pure JavaScript project, no longer dependent on Ruby. Additionally we now run Elasticsearch version 0.9.11 and LogStash 1.3.3. At, we’ve always wanted a web interface to allow us to grep and filter through our nginx access logs in a friendly manner. LogsStash is a free and open source tool for managing events and logs. First, let’s setup our centralized log server. The following guide assumes that you are running CentOS 6.4 x64. Centralized Log Server cd $HOME # Add the required prerequisite remi yum repositorysudo rpm —import rpm -Uvh -i ‘0,/enabled=0/s//enabled=1/’ /etc/yum.repos.d/remi.repo # Install Redis and autostartsudo yum -y install redissudo service redis startsudo chkconfig redis on # Create LogStash configuration filecd /etcsudo touch logstash.conf Nginx Servers

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