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12 Insta Easy Instagram Library & Literacy Promotion Ideas. WARNING: This post may take a while to load because of several embedded Instagram posts. What’s the point of Instagram and why should you spend your precious time and money on it? Well, don’t worry about the cost, because it’s FREE! So, all you really need is creativity and a few minutes a day to make meaningful, fun, and lasting connections with your community. All about Instagram - School Library Journal. Detailed tips on engaging young users with the image-based social media tool, plus 20 Instagram accounts to follow.

All about Instagram - School Library Journal

Posts from the Lawrence Public Library Teen Zone account ( A recent survey affirmed that Instagram is the most popular social media network for teenagers. 50 School Libraries to Follow on Instagram. How to Create a Social Media Strategy That Actually Works – Super Library Marketing: All kinds of marketing ideas for all kinds of libraries. The most effective, free marketing tactic in the library marketing professional’s toolbox is social media.

How to Create a Social Media Strategy That Actually Works – Super Library Marketing: All kinds of marketing ideas for all kinds of libraries.

Personally, I love it. I think it’s fun. And interesting. And despite the trolls, I’ve made some actual friends and professional connections in the social space. For my library, it’s the easiest way to get our message to the masses. A few months ago, Marcy Timblin, Public Relations Specialist at East Bonner County Library, sent me this email: “You always have such timely, comprehensive advice for getting the most out of social media marketing for libraries. I appreciate the vote of confidence. Instagram for libraries – PINEAPPLE GLAM. Instagram is a great promotional tool that you can use to communicate with new and potential library members.

Instagram for libraries – PINEAPPLE GLAM

You can showcase what your library does, highlight special resources or programs, promote future events and even introduce your staff to the community. The only limitation is your imagination! My top tips for using social media for professional networking and more. Yesterday, I participated in a bit of a panel discussion at a planning day for the USQ Library leadership team about using social media to build personal learning networks, develop a professional identity and reputation, and amplify the good things we and our colleagues are doing.

My top tips for using social media for professional networking and more

I mostly spoke about Twitter, seeing that’s my most used professional networking tool. Giving Our Library A Voice Through Social Media! One of the most impactful ways we can connect to our communities from the library is through social media.

Giving Our Library A Voice Through Social Media!

Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook are the places members of our community are found. It is important for us to have a voice within multiple platforms so we can meet everyone in the diverse places they are and to be able to share the stories, celebrations and wonderful opportunities libraries provide. Why social media are more like chocolate than cigarettes.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey took to the social platform last week to announce a call-out for ideas about how to measure the health of online conversations.

Why social media are more like chocolate than cigarettes

The initiative follows recent demands for government to regulate the negative consequences of social media. Discussing the possibility of such regulations in January, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff compared social media with the tobacco industry, saying: I think that you do it exactly the same way that you regulated the cigarette industry. Here’s a product: cigarettes. Getting social, media. As I was preparing for a presentation on Social Media in school libraries, I wanted to see if the results would be the same for the school libraries specifically.

Getting social, media

I first had to read the white paper carefully and read into the results and figure out the questions required to procure similar information - reverse engineering of sorts. The survey I conducted was only over about 24 hours with 78 responses from a number of different schools internationally. This achieved the goal of giving me a snapshot of was happening and why. Some of the results are reproduced below with a brief commentary, the full analytics of the responses can be found at the following link Social media in schools snapshot. 97% of the respondents used social media for personal use. How to Create a Physical Instagram Display. I love the power of social media in libraries.

How to Create a Physical Instagram Display

It’s an amazing way to share what you’re doing, promote your programs, and reach out to students and community members. Being a visual learner, Instagram is definitely one of my favorite platforms. It makes it easy to share striking visual images with as much or as little text as you prefer. Telstra - Social Networking & Online Security - Telstra Everyone Connected. The Use of Social Media in School. Share this infographic on your site!

The Use of Social Media in School

Embed this infographic on your site! The editors at Best Masters in Education decided to research the topic of: Instagram: Effective Use for Libraries – a webinar. TechKnowledge. Social media is an important communications channel for libraries.


Experts discuss how to do it right Social media has become a ubiquitous means of communication. In the second quarter of 2017, Facebook grew to more than two billion monthly active users, including 236 million in the United States and Canada—two-thirds of the combined population of those countries. According to a recent report in Forbes, Twitter’s growth has been slowing somewhat, but the number of average monthly active users on the platform grew five percent year-over-year to 328 million worldwide in Q217. According to a recent report in TechCrunch, Instagram has doubled its user base during the past two years, reaching 700 million monthly active users this spring. Compared with most brands and corporations, libraries do have “a leg up” in this regard, “as they aren’t trying to sell anything,” says Ellyssa Kroski, director of IT for the New York Law Institute, author, and independent consultant.

Dictionary definition. Pablo by Buffer - Design engaging images for your social media posts in under 30 seconds. Your Free Guide to Every Ideal Image Size on Social Media. This post was originally published in 2016 and has been updated with the latest ideal image sizes for the various social media platforms, as of August 2017.

You’ve got all the great tools to create engaging images for social media. You know what the brain loves about visuals and how to build something beautiful to drive engagement. You’re all set to make something great! One last thing: How exactly should your image look so it fits in the News Feed, timeline, or stream? Social media FOR Schools.

Log In. Social Media FOR Schools: Developing Shareable Content for Schools. Interested in working with me? Using social media to support school library services. Helen Stower & Margaret Donaghue Mt Alvernia iCentre was an early adopter of social media for school library services, and is now five years into the journey which began experimentally and involved a steep learning curve. Currently, we are in the process of drafting social media guidelines and strategies. If we were to embark on using social media today, these guidelines would be our first step. This article shares our story about learning to use social media platforms as one avenue of moving our library services into the digital age.

This is what it's like to grow up in the age of likes, lols and longing. “It kind of, almost, promotes you as a good person. If someone says, ‘tbh you’re nice and pretty,’ that kind of like, validates you in the comments. Then people can look at it and say ‘Oh, she’s nice and pretty.’” “It kind of, almost, promotes you as a good person. If someone says, ‘tbh you’re nice and pretty,’ that kind of, like, validates you in the comments.

The Twitteraholic’s Ultimate Guide to tweets, hashtags, and all things Twitter. Most educators who learn to use Twitter effectively say they learn more from their personal learning network (PLN) on Twitter than they’ve achieved from any other forms of professional development or personal learning. Unfortunately educators often dismiss Twitter, or fail to see the value of Twitter, when they’re first introduced to Twitter.