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Temas y teoria de transmedia

Jake Barton: Where space and storytelling meet. Jake Barton has always been interested in the "mash-mash of space and storytelling".

Jake Barton: Where space and storytelling meet

The founder of New York-based media design company Local Projects previously designed interior architecture for museums, created sets and directed for the theater. He believes the best way to bring these two elements together is through the use of technology. "Storytelling is an incredible powerful tool because it is literally how humans understand the world. Rafael Lozano-Hemmer - Project "Voz Alta" Relational Architecture 15 "Voz Alta" (Loud Voice) is a memorial commissioned for the 40th anniversary of the student massacre in Tlatelolco, which took place on October 2nd 1968.

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer - Project "Voz Alta"

In the piece, participants speak freely into a megaphone placed on the "Plaza de las Tres Culturas", right where the massacre took place. As the megaphone amplifies the voice, a 10kW searchlight automatically "beams" the voice as a sequence of flashes: if the voice is silent the light is off and as it gets louder so does the light's brightness. Interactive: David Coleman Headley's Web of Betrayal. Storybuilder. Masterclass: "En Búsqueda" » Festival de Cine Creative Commons Bogotá.

UX Axioms by Erik Dahl (@eadahl) Korsakow — Dynamic Storytelling. Hollow - An Interactive Documentary. FIVE MINUTES - Interactive Short. Waterlife. Welcome to Bridge The Gulf Project. The largest mobile/online teen poetry community.

A Documentary. Beyond 9/11 - Portraits of Resilience (HBO Documentary Films) Filmmakers Collaborative. FC offers low cost fiscal sponsorship to independent producers across the country.

Filmmakers Collaborative

Proyecto Walsh » Operación Masacre en 2 minutos. » Out My Window. Still image from recently found footage: An uncle’s self-documentation 20 years ago with a super 8 film camera in a Toronto highrise.

» Out My Window

This remarkable footage is providing clues for Maria-Saroja Ponnambalam, HIGHRISE community media coordinator, in her documentary about the mysteries of her uncle’s immigration to Canada, and his struggle with mental health issues. I asked Maria to guest blog about how she found the footage, her uncle, and how it unexpectedly relates to HIGHRISE. My father was convinced he had no films of his brother Pandi. While I was interviewing him on camera, he insisted on showing a box with a super-8 projector in it that belonged to Pandi. He had barely put his hand inside the box when he came across a smaller box, with a roll of developed film inside! One Millionth Tower. DUMBO, Brooklyn, NYC.

BBC One - Doctor Who. Transmedia Services. Rise of Pervasive Communications.

Transmedia Services

42 Entertainment. Business group chat, file sharing, group decision making: Campfire. Our Team. Creativity is making something out of nothing.

Our Team

It’s what we did with Red Six Media, and it’s what we enjoy doing for our clients.The Red Six appeal is growing in Baton Rouge and across the Gulf South. Get your popcorn ready. Kristen Morrison Co-Owner + Account Manager Happiness is only real when shared with the client. Matt Dardenne Co-Owner + Creative Director Minimalist. Joe Martin Co-Owner + Creative Director People judge books by their covers.

James Spencer Interactive Director. Montecarlo - Barcelona, Spain., Química visual. OFFICIAL PROFILE Montecarlo, born in Barcelona, Spain.

Montecarlo - Barcelona, Spain., Química visual.

BA in Fine Arts and MBA in Film and TV. Started his career as a comic-book author (writer & artist) and video maker. Since then he has written feature films and has script-doctored other film projects (fiction & documentary). He has directed short films and 3D animation series, taking charge of the script, the storyboard and direction.

Nieman Reports. Transmedia Journalism Principles. Jump to: Previous Page: “Where Journalism Has Gone Before”Spreadable | DrillableContinuous and SerialDiverse and Personal in ViewpointImmersive | ExtractableOf Real Worlds | Inspiring to Action Next page: Building Transmedia Journalism “There are no new ideas in the world.

Transmedia Journalism Principles

Only a new arrangement of things.” — Henri Cartier-Bresson Almost Transmedia. Porting Transmedia Storytelling to the News Business. Futures of Entertainment: Archives. For more than a year now, I've written about taking a transmedia approach to journalism and how that approach can be best accomplished.

Futures of Entertainment: Archives

I'm not talking in this sense about giving conglomerates the chance to squeeze more blood from the stone, to get three times as much work from half as many journalists, or else the myth of the uberjournalist, where one person should be sent into the field to take the pictures, do the story, get video, and then come back to write the story, publish the photographs, put the video up on the Web, appear on the TV station, and so on. Instead, what I mean is finding the best platform possible to tell the story in, to use each medium to its strengths. As I wrote back in that July post linked to above, "The problem is simply that convergence, as a buzzword, is too broad.

The latest issue of The Convergence Newsletter features a piece by Randy Covington that originally ran in the Winter 2006 issue of Nieman Reports. World Building (Media Systems #5) Fort McMoney. Transmedia storytelling. ¿Cómo va a ser la televisión del futuro?

transmedia storytelling

Esta es la pregunta del millón. El avance de las tecnologías está provocando nuevos comportamientos en los usuarios, nuevas maneras de interactuar, de comunicar, de compartir, etc. El cambio es inminente, ya lo estamos viviendo. La televisión está dejando de lado el consumo familiar para vivir una experiencia televisiva más individual, más interactiva y más socialmente conectada. Cómo “Pitchear” un proyecto que utiliza múltiples soportes. Presentar un proyecto tiene su truco y más aún, si es una idea que utiliza múltiples soportes. En varios de mis posts he hablado de varias propuestas de cómo presentar un proyecto de estas características. Los 8 elementos de las narrativas transmedia según Jeff Gómez. Jeff Gomez, está considerado como uno de los principales pioneros en este tipo de narrativas y muchos de sus proyectos son ampliamente conocidos.

Piratas del caribe, El Príncipe de Persia, Tron, Halo, Avatar, Transformers, Hot Wheels y Happiness Factory (Coca Cola)… Ya he hablado en otro post sobre el identikit de Henry Jenkins sobre las Narrativas Transmedia.