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Transmedia Case Studies en Pinterest. Transmedialab - Dailymotion. AT&T unveils transmedia experience Daybreak - The One Centre. Rather than working with an agency to create a vehicle to push its products, AT&T have worked with a storyteller, Kring, to inspire a series where its products naturally exist. “As science fiction legend Arthur C. Clarke once wrote, any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Brought to you through various media and technologies, Daybreak is an interactive story about the magic of technology and its power to transform our lives and aid us in reaching our highest potential.”

So begins AT&T’s transmedia storytelling project Daybreak. This immersive entertainment experience runs across multiple layers of media, with online films, websites and a smartphone app. The series began on TV with ‘Touch’ a drama series starring Kiether Sutherland. The link to the transmedia experience was revealed in the final three episodes of the series through the introduction of a “mysterious dodecahedron”, which is the focus of the Daybreak experience. Editor Danielle Long Average rating. Behind The Brand Content: Tim Kring And BBDO Bring AT&T's "Daybreak" To Light. As season one of Tim Kring’s Fox series Touch comes to a close on TV, elements of the show will live on in a new brand entertainment property created by Kring and agency BBDO for AT&T. Daybreak is a layered digital campaign for AT&T’s new phase of the "Rethink Possible" platform that highlights its 4G network and product innovations. An online, five-part mini-drama spreads engagement across two dedicated sites and an iPhone and Android app.

The story centers around the dodecahedron, a mysterious 12-sided object that was introduced in the series, Touch and serves as the link between that show and its interactive extension Daybreak in which Ben Wilkins (played by 90210's Ryan Eggold) becomes its protector and fights a global conspiracy that threatens humanity’s future. The Dawn of Daybreak BBDO approached Kring about creating a long-form project; subsequently he would visit the AT&T Labs where he found inspiration for elements that would end up in Touch and what later became Daybreak. Butcher Cuts Daybreak 2012 Transmedia Campaign for AT&T | AWN. Today marks the final chapter in the riveting transmedia web series Daybreak 2012. Presented by AT&T, the innovative experience was created by BBDO and Tim Kring (Heroes, Touch, Conspiracy for Good), and brought to life by a creative team that includes RSA and Butcher editorial.

The project is a unique expression of brand-integrated entertainment, involving a seamless marriage of episodic content, technology, advertising and powerful online and app-based engagement. The action packed series, directed by Jon Cassar (24), involves a global conspiracy where technology and the dodecahedron symbol are keys to unlocking humanity’s future. “As models change, there are compelling opportunities for brands in the entertainment space,” notes BBDO Creative Director David Carter, whose work with Butcher co-founders David Henegar and Rob Van goes back to the groundbreaking BMW “Films” campaign. Source: Butcher editorial. Intel and Toshiba Social Video Ads Earn 55M Views – With Fans Playing A Starring Role. “An online coming-of-age love story” formed the basis for a recent social video campaign by Toshiba and Intel – with the main character being played by 76 different fans of the brand. The six week web series “The Beauty Inside” featured a lead character, Alex, who searches for love while waking up each day in a different body, reports ClickZ.

How did this wacky concept end up earning 55 million views and holding strong as the top viral video ad (according to Visibile Measures) for three weeks in August? To promote Intel software and Toshiba’s Portégé Ultrabook, the companies turned to agency Pereira & O’Dell for a fresh online ad concept. Agency co-founder PJ Pereira noted that among online ads “what you don’t see very much is love” – and so the agency decided to get “romantic” while targeting the 18-34 year-old demographic. More than 4,000 people auditioned to portray Alex, recording themselves reading a script via a Facebook app. How effective was the series for Intel and Toshiba? Toshiba & Intel return to social film experience - The One Centre. The Beauty Inside is an online social film created by Toshiba, Intel and creative agency Pereira & O’Dell, which aims to create an online experience where viewers become part of the story.

This global social film is proof that the right technology can blend two major forms of entertainment and give a global audience the opportunity to be engaged and have a chance to play a role in a blockbuster-style Hollywood movie. It is the second film from the trio of collaborators and follows the success of Inside, which ran online last year starring actress Emmy Rossum and generated a huge buzz (and lots of awards) for the companies involved.

The Beauty Inside follows the transmedia storytelling formula created for Inside and builds on it, it is an online “blockbuster quality” film, which merges technology, social media and Hollywood to create social entertainment. The film will follow Alex, a man in his twenties who wakes up every day with a new body and face. I give it 3 stars. Click to rate idea. How Intel and Toshiba recreated success with "The Beauty Inside" Make your audience the star One of Intel and Toshiba's goals with "The Beauty Inside" is to reach a younger, hipper audience -- a consumer base that goes on Facebook every day, watches viral videos, and thrives in social media. The campaign captured audience attention by reaching out to them across these social mediums and by making them the star of the campaign.

Relinquishing control over certain aspects of the campaign and messaging is scary for any marketer, so it took a certain amount of courage from Intel and Toshiba and shows a high level of trust in Pereira & O'Dell. The prize for giving up control was incredibly high engagement for the campaign. Just after a month of "The Beauty Inside" going live, and with two episodes remaining in the series, the campaign has already collected more than 11 million views, many of them from a global audience, including high viewership from China. Put the story first This isn't a knock. The Top 10 Chart: Quick look Powered by Visible Measures. Google experiments with art and science - The One Centre. Google has teamed with London's Science Museum and Tate Modern to create two exhibitions, which harness and showcase its Chrome products. Google aims to define the brand as a companion to experimentation and creation.

The two exhibitions, one a collection of science experiments, the other an evolving art exhibition, will have both a physical and online existence. First off the blocks is Web Labs, an exhibition to demonstrate the power of the internet and inspire the next generation of computer scientists and enthusiasts. The exhibition takes place in the basement of the Science Museum and features five installations, Universal Orchestra, Data Tracer, Sketchbots, Teleporter, and Lab Tag Explorer. Each of the experiments / installations aim to showcase a technology found in Chrome, in order to “explore a particular theme in computer science,” says Jayme Goldstein, Product Marketing Manager at Chrome.

People can also create their own seeds and grow their own trees with friends. Average rating. Ford Introduces All-New Fusion with Groundbreaking Transmedia Campaign: 'Random Acts of Fusion' -- DEARBORN, Mich., June 26. DEARBORN, Mich., June 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Ford launches all-new Fusion with breakthrough transmedia marketing program, "Random Acts of Fusion," aimed at introducing the new car to millions before it hits showrooms this fall TV and radio host and producer Ryan Seacrest teams up with Ford, guiding consumers through the interactive journey to launch Random Acts of Fusion, helping them participate through his multimedia platforms Ford announces a new social consumer program for the highly anticipated all-new Ford Fusion that aims to shatter the bounds of immersive entertainment with "Random Acts of Fusion.

" The unique transmedia marketing initiative promises to be as groundbreaking as the all-new Ford Fusion – a vehicle poised to dramatically change the face of the midsize car segment, delivering an entertaining and experiential introduction for the new sedan. "It's a privilege to partner with such a stellar multinational brand as Ford," said Seacrest.

About Ford Motor Company.


The Story Behind Dove's Mega Viral "Real Beauty Sketches" Campaign. Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches” campaign has officially gone viral: The YouTube video has over 8.6 million views at the time of this writing and has inspired commentary in tons of outlets, including the New York Times, ABC News, this very site, and in the Huffington Post, where a positive piece about the campaign has been shared almost 40,000 times on Facebook. It has inspired a parody of the original, and now even the blogger backlash to the ad--which complains that it focuses too much on a narrow definition of beauty--has itself gone viral.

It’s a real mark of Internet success when even your backlash gets press. If you haven’t seen it already here or elsewhere, the ad depicts an FBI forensic artist named Gil Zamora sketching women (that he can’t see) by the way they describe themselves. He says things like, "Tell me about your chin," to which these women depressingly reply, “It kind of protrudes a little bit, especially when I smile,” or "My mom told me I had a big jaw. " The transmedia of fringe. After five seasons, two universes, and multiple timelines, Fringe ended its run January 18, 2013 on Fox. I’m proud to say I stuck with this show to the very end. More than anything – like other fans – I connected with the cast’s phenomenal performances. When the sci-fi was good, the show was great. When there was more “fi” than “sci,” the actors buoyed the show to the next peculiar portal.

For those unfamiliar with Fringe, it follows a team of FBI investigators in the “Fringe Division.” Not unlike The X-Files, Fringe had a case-of-the-week structure with a dense, over-arching mythology spawned from most of the cases. At the heart of the mythology was the story of Walter (John Noble) and Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson), an estranged father and son who – with the help of FBI agent Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) – grew to love each other. Now that the show is over, I decided to compile as many of its transmedia extensions as I could in one place. Let me start at the end. Game of Thrones Case Study. Le storytelling transmedia de Game of Thrones : enquêtes sensorielles et engagement. En attendant le retour de la série« Game of Thrones », actuellement en tournage et diffusée dès le 1er Avril, nous vous proposons un décryptage du storytelling transmedia imaginé autour de la première saison.

L’agence Campfire sollicitée pour l’occasion, a ainsi scénarisé une étonnante expérience sensorielle autour du Royaume des Sept Couronnes. Nous vous présenterons également l’extension de l’univers sur la plateforme de Social TV, Miso. En 2011, le nouveau divertissement de la chaîne HBO, Game of Thrones, invitait les téléspectateurs dans le monde de Westeros, rongé de manipulations politiques et de magie.

Basée sur la nouvelle «A song of ice and fire » de George RR Martins, la franchise disposait d’une communauté de fans, impatiente de découvrir l’adaptation télévisuelle. (Exclusivité : Retrouvez la saison 3 dès le 1er avril puis chaque lundi sur OCS, le lendemain de la diffusion américaine sur HBO !) “Defiance”: A Big Transmedia Gamble. “Defiance” is a new science fiction television series/ massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that will be released on the SyFy cable network channel April 15th.

Another television series and video game set in a dystopian future that has earth invaded by aliens and destroyed by an environmental disaster isn’t an original approach. You only have to look to a host of television shows like “Falling Sky”, films like “Independence Day” or video games like “Gears of War”. The originality, and the risk, comes from the creation of a story world that spans both the television series and the online video game in real time. The means the “Defiance” story created in the television series affects the story created in the video game, they don’t operate as separate entities. Characters from the game can suddenly appear on television, becoming part of a storyline for a few weeks, and then move back into the game world.

It sounds like a fascinating concept. Share This. Dexter in transmedia. In December 2010, Showtime announced that a new season of the series Dexter will start shooting in spring 2011 (the sixth one). Since we have some early day fans in our team, we couldn’t resist telling you a little more about this series, which is presently beating audience records in the US. Here’s an analysis of this phenomenon that obviously found an echo in transmedia. 1Origin of Dexter’s universe Before the TV series, we can find the origin of Dexter’s universe in Jeff Lindsay’s books.

In 2004, the author published “Darkly dreaming Dexter”, the book where Dexter Morgan was created. But this likeable character has a dark side! The first book sets up the context (locations, characters, origins) of the first season, we’re therefore not surprised to see that Jeff Lindsay participated in writing several episodes. Today, it’s one of the most watched series on Showtime. 2Dexter goes viral in the UK The FX channel set up a viral campaign to promote the launch of Dexter’s second season.


Behind The Innovative Social/Content-Driven Campaign For "Prometheus" The plot of Ridley Scott’s sci-fi film Prometheus--a sprawling exploration of the origins of man--may have raised some questions but the movie’s marketing campaign was, unquestionably, one of the most original and absorbing in recent memory. Ignition Interactive, the creative agency behind much of the Hunger Games’ online campaign (previously profiled on Co.Create), designed and executed a similarly complex and bar-raising effort that aimed to engage potential moviegoers in the mysterious world of Prometheus by utilizing bespoke content and some previously unexploited avenues for marketing.

While The Hunger Games had a rabid and active fanbase from the books long before that movie came along, Prometheus’ pre-existing fanbase was much smaller and less obvious. Film geeks and fans of Scott’s 1979 film, Alien (for which Prometheus is a prequel of sorts) form a dedicated core that Ignition was charged with expanding. The L.A. Surprise! Peter Debuts at TED An Online Hub Gives Fans a Role.

Prometheus Case Study de Billy Raybould en Prezi. The Hunger Games Case Study.