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Sprylab sur Twitter : "8 Projects Exploring The #Storytelling Potential Of Virtual Reality #VR. Benjamin Hoguet sur Twitter : "[Nouvel article] Les outils pour concevoir des expériences interactives et #transmedia. Les outils de création interactive #1 — Interactivité & Transmedia. Organiser ses idées L’inspiration frappe rarement sous la forme d’un flash ou d’un songe dans lequel l’oeuvre nous apparait dans son immense complexité.

Les outils de création interactive #1 — Interactivité & Transmedia

Dès qu’ils sont saisis d’une intuition, d’une idée digne d’être approfondie, les auteurs interactifs doivent donc faire preuve de patience à mesure que les idées abondent et qu’une intention précise se formule. C’est également le temps de la recherche d’informations, de sources d’inspirations. Des pistes se créent, se transforment ou s’abandonnent. Pour structurer progressivement ce processus complexe, quelques outils simples s’avèrent particulièrement utiles. Evernote Support : Logiciel de bureau, application mobile, application webPrix : Gratuit (possibilité de souscrire un compte Premium à 40€ par an) Cela semble être une évidence tant Evernote est devenu un outil “banal”. Enfin, si vous devez travailler de manière collaborative, utilisez les fonctions de partage de carnets de notes et le Work Chat pour échanger en temps réel.

Film-Gate Workshop.


The Anatomy Of A #Transmedia Story Being Told. The word Transmedia is often used in conversation amongst content creators and you may ask yourself, "what does that really mean"?

The Anatomy Of A #Transmedia Story Being Told

Ask 20 people and you'll get 20 different answers. In many ways, the genre is still being defined. Transmedia storytelling has exploded on the scene and there are many experts in the field. If you want to delve into the world of transmedia, check out Andrea Phillips book, "A Creator's Guide To Transmedia Storytelling: How To Captivate And Engage Audiences Across Multiples Platforms" I'm sure there are many books out now that cover the subject but I found her book informative, examples of the different types of transmedia is use and what to expect in the near future.

Several weeks ago, I came across this transmedia project titled, "Lowlifes" and was instantly captivated by the transparency in the storytelling process. I've learned that sometimes it better for the reader to discover content and make their own judgment. Creating projects for two-screens. 2015 WRIF Tell-It-In #Transmedia Contest – White River Indie Films.

The simple rules and processes and rewards of the contest are described in the following pages.

2015 WRIF Tell-It-In #Transmedia Contest – White River Indie Films

Beginning, Nov. 7, 2014, and until Jan. 31, 2015 we look forward to receiving an outpouring of remarkable digital stories created through the combination and mixing of stories told separately in a at least two distinct digital media. Let the wild transmedia rumpus begin! The WRIF digital media contest committee: La rentrée (interactive) du pôle web d’ARTE. Année après année, la stratégie web d’ARTE France s’affine – comme en atteste le suivi effectué sur ce sujet par Le Blog documentaire .

La rentrée (interactive) du pôle web d’ARTE

En cette rentrée 2014, les webproductions « natives » (et événement !) Auxquelles nous a habitué le pôle aujourd’hui dirigé par Gilles Freissinier sont encore en gestation. MIT OpenDocLab's StoryTools. How is technology changing the way stories are ... France 24, MCD, RFI Nouvelles écritures. Screencity Lab - AEQUILIBRIUM. Location based e. Interrogating audiences: What do we mean by engagement and evaluation? Kate Nash is a Lecturer in Media and Communications at the Institute of Communications Studies, University of Leeds.

Interrogating audiences: What do we mean by engagement and evaluation?

Her research is focused on emerging forms of documentary, combining production and audience study. She has kindly provided her paper: Interrogating audiences: What do we mean by engagement and evaluation? , which she presented during i-Docs 2014, in its entirety including the accompanying presentation (see article end). We also recorded the session, so consume as you wish, this is a must see/read/hear presentation for those on both the industry and academic sides of the interactive documentary field. Abstract A process of re(imagining) the audience is at the heart of interactive documentary production and scholarship. Re(imagining) the audience begins by calling into question the logic of mass media and interrogating the interconnected practices of production and reception. Jason Brush and Michel Reilhac Discuss the Second Screen and New Interactive Cinema at SXSW. Transmedia in Italy (1): Transiti. Blog - The Evolution of Storytelling.

People have been telling stories from the beginning of time, we like to tell them and we like to hear them, it’s how we understand and communicate with each other.

Blog - The Evolution of Storytelling

Stories help us learn and help us shape ourselves. But most importantly, we tell stories because we want to connect. In a business oriented world, we use stories to persuade and to inspire. “Persuasion is the centerpiece of business activity,” says Robert McKee in an HBR article on ‘Storytelling That Moves People’. By transporting your audience to another place through an experience, you’re able to connect, which is the first step on your way to influencing your audience. Throughout history storytelling has developed a basic structure. The secret of shaping a story lies within the interaction points of the narrative. The narrative spectrum.

Xmp intervista Simone Arcagni (2) Xmp intervista Simone Arcagni (1) Online Conducttr Training Course at Udemy. 2014.The Trans Museum Experiment. Documentary Evolution. Transmedia and Creative Collaboration. Attracting media and people around the world. Make a movie with Google: New Chrome experiment highlights Web Speech API. Wearable tech can change the way we tell stories.

Wearable technology has the potential to change the way that we can optimise storytelling, according to Adrian Hon, co-founder and CEO of Six to Start.

Wearable tech can change the way we tell stories

He was talking about devices such as Pebble, iWatch and activity tracking armbands, as well as Google Glass and EEG headsets. "These can be great devices for health but can also be very interesting for storytellers to be able to judge the emotional impact of stories on people," Hon told the audience at the Economist's Technology Frontiers conference. "Storytellers can then learn how to optimise their stories. " Narrazione non lineare. Multimedia, Crossmedia, and Transmedia. Some of these terms are new in our culture, particularly transmedia.

Multimedia, Crossmedia, and Transmedia

Each one is similar to the other, but different. So I thought I would write an article to clearly explain the difference between the three terms, particularly because this site is built surrounding each of these types of media. So here it goes. Multimedia:(Note: Multimedia can refer to communications technology, but in this case refers to it's use in entertainment.) Multimedia in this case refers to one story that is adapted and converted into multiple mediums. The Audience Strikes Back - Sean Stewart. Interactivity and Transmedia: new presentations. #TransMad2012 Jornada 1-1: Robert Pratten. Transmedia Hollywood 3, Panel 3: Working on the Margins: Who Pays for Transformative Works of Art? Power to the Pixel 2012: what’s new in i-doc’s transmedia land. Now Launched! TMCResourceKit for #Transmedia, Multiplatform & Convergent Content Creators. TMCResourceKit. How Transmedia Storytelling Could Revolutionize Documentary Filmmaking. Processing our Process: Documentation and Reporting in the Age of Transmedia.

By Andrea Olson In an age of online over-sharing (we know what what most of our “friends” are watching, listening to and “liking”), Land of Opportunity has been grappling with how to achieve a major goal on this innovative project: sharing lessons learned.

Processing our Process: Documentation and Reporting in the Age of Transmedia

How do we effectively convey our successes and failures for those setting out to explore the intersection of film, social justice and emerging media? Partnering with the Center for Social Media, the Land of Opportunity team is laying the groundwork for a comprehensive and engaging warts-and-all report documenting the creation of our interactive web video experience. Aside from the self-discovery factor (the project has a healthier self-awareness than I do), our team hopes to contribute to “best practices” in the rapidly evolving field of transmedia social justice storytelling. BREAKING NEWS: TEDx Transmedia 2012 to be livestreamed online. Essays-and-interview-essays-18-06-12. A Collaborative Animation Platform, From Chris Milk, Aaron Koblin, And Google.

Interactive documentary and education: a field to explore (I)

Making transmedia

Watch transmedia. Trends and styles. Events. Story design. How To. Théorie du flow et webdocumentaires. TechTV – FoE5: The Futures of Nonfiction Storytelling. Drewvigal: dreamlectures: Scott McCloud on. Clara Vega Menéndez @claravega19821h ... Dow Day - ARIS - Mobile Learning Experiences. How To Start A Revolution. ¡Documentary Now! Web architecte, mode d’emploi (avec Annabel Roux)