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Indigenous technologies

Natural Building. ECO Portal Sweden. Earthern Floors: Why, How, and Where. Earth Cooling Tubes for Ventilation and Climate Control. Please read and agree to the following terms.

Earth Cooling Tubes for Ventilation and Climate Control

If you disagree, you will be re-directed to the home page, and will not be able to attend on-farm events. This is a... - Build Naturally with Sigi Koko. Primitive Technology. Earthen Floors: A Quick Introduction. Earthen floors are floors composed of compacted clay, sand, and straw.

Earthen Floors: A Quick Introduction

They are made flat and troweled smooth just like a concrete slab. However, the finished product is much softer on your feet… and on the earth itself. You can build an earthen floor with readily available materials. The labor input is quite high, but the material cost should be very low. And of course, the embodied energy is low, too — this is a very resilient, low tech method that can be incorporated in a variety of locales.

Where can I install an earthen floor? Earthen floors can be installed in new construction, either over a compacted gravel subfloor or even a concrete slab. What are earthen floors made of? Differences Between Insulation and Thermal Mass. A highly insulated straw bale home under construction If you’re new to natural building, one of the most important fundamental concepts to understand is the difference between thermal mass and insulation.

Differences Between Insulation and Thermal Mass

Materials for constructing walls typically fall into one category or the other. Understanding this difference will be critical if your goal is to build an efficient, comfortable house appropriate for your local climate.

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Build Naturally...Blog: Adobe Floor Basics - How to build a dirt cheap floor. Seems crazy, right?

Build Naturally...Blog: Adobe Floor Basics - How to build a dirt cheap floor

A dirt floor, of all things! Building Orientation. Why We Build with Earthbags - TLS #55 - The Last Straw Journal. This article originally appeared in TLS #55.

Why We Build with Earthbags - TLS #55 - The Last Straw Journal

This article is one of several natural building materials covered in the issue. There are earthbag articles in these other issues: #52 An Earthbag/Papercrete House; #28 Earthbag Construction; #16 Earth Shoes: Earthbags (used as foundation); #57 Earthbag Structures in Disaster and Poverty-stricken Areas. Subscribe to TLS to enjoy more articles like this or purchase back-issues at The Last Straw website. by Kaki Hunter and Doni Kiffmeyer – Utah, USA We live in the heart of the great Southwestern United States, surrounded by examples of one-thousand-year-old ruins left behind by the ancient civilizations of the Anasazi, Hohokam, Pueblo and many others. We started by teaching ourselves how to make adobe bricks, the most common earthbuilding technique native to the U.S. Honey House After our initial foray into homemade adobes, we read about the work of international award-winning architect Nader Khalili. 15 Building Methods And Their Advantages With Great Video Examples.

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What is Natural Building You Say? Only The Best Way To Build! Posted Categories: Homes / Dwellings Natural building is similar to green building.

What is Natural Building You Say? Only The Best Way To Build!

It seeks to reduce the environmental impact of our dwellings without sacrificing health or comfort. Green building often includes materials that many see as unhealthy or not natural. It’s tricky defining natural building systems and we urge people to view the big picture of this subject with open minds. Inhabitat - Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building. Many people dream of building their own home, but the financial cost and environmental toll of starting from scratch can often seem overwhelming.

Inhabitat - Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

It doesn't have to be. By stepping outside the box and using natural methods, almost anyone can afford to build their own green home out of sustainable materials. “Earth homes” utilize surrounding terrain or other natural elements such as dirt, bamboo, wood, and clay to create a space with a negligible environmental impact.

These homes are very well insulated due to thick earth walls, and therefore stay cooler in summer and warmer in winter than traditional stick-built homes. Naturally, this results in less of a need for artificial heating or cooling and therefore a reduced energy bill. La Casa Vergara’s uncommon dome shapes may captivate the eye, but what’s underneath is most impressive. These charming hobbit-like dwellings are prefabricated by Magic Green Homes and can be constructed in just three days. Living With The Land. Strawbale and natural building thoughts from a woman builder's perspective.

Buildingnaturally. Devon Earth Building Association links to cob build specialists and earth construction courses. All links open in new window Build Something Beautiful Build Something Beautiful is owned by Kevin McCabe, who is an East Devon traditional cob building specialist, providing new homes, cob repairs and lime based materials for the West Country, as well as running workshops on new build in cob which includes practical experience on an actual new building J & J Sharpe Devon builders who specialise in the repair, refurbishing and sympathetic conservation of old buildings including those made of cob.

Devon Earth Building Association links to cob build specialists and earth construction courses

Natural Building: How to Decide which Method to use for Walls. The range of different natural building techniques out there are many, and all of them are exciting.

Natural Building: How to Decide which Method to use for Walls

But when to use which technique? Here’s a starting guide for choosing what to build your walls from. Though all very different, and used for different reasons, all the natural building methods below have some common aspects. And the biggest one is: they’re all striving to create comfortable, liveable, non-toxic natural buildings. Natural building also gives you the chance to build with a much lower energy footprint through using available, more local materials – rather than things like cement, clay brick and treated timber that have huge flow-on effects to both the environments they’re sourced from, and the earth’s atmosphere because of how they’re produced. Solar%20House%20Thermal%20 %20S%20Fortuin. Curso de bioconstruc3a7c3a3o. How to Build Dirt Cheap Houses. The following list summarizes some of the potential savings from using natural building materials and alternative construction methods.

How to Build Dirt Cheap Houses

If you’re wondering why they’re not more widely used, it’s because contractors, banks, realtors and others in the housing industry make more profit from the current system. It’s up to you to get informed and switch to a sustainable lifestyle. 1.


How To build. Education. Artikel / Olika tekniker för att bygga med lera och halm. Jord, lera och halm som byggmaterial Än idag byggs det hus med jord, lera, halm och andra naturliga material i golv, väggar och tak. The $150 Hoop Green House Challenge. A while ago we saw a blogpost that was going around about building a green house for $150. We took the challenge! We reclaimed, salvaged, begged & borrowed and managed to create a 1000 sq. ft. poly tunnel for $100. The only things we paid for are the latts and the hinges. Here's some photos: Helpful Resources. These are some helpful resources recommended to you by the POOSH team.

We will soon be launching a new verison of this page, which will allow you to upload and vote on other users´resources as well. That way the resource page is completely community-built. But in the meantime, check out what the POOSH Team finds helpful. Design Build Courses Vermont. Natural Building Techniques Around the World, No.2. Ekobyggportalen. 15 Building Methods And Their Advantages. Green Building Construction. Välkommen till Sweden Green Building Council. Green Building (for Educators) | Shared Resources. 15 Building Methods And Their Advantages With Great Video Examples. Posted Categories: Building Methods Adobe Home Adobe is a natural building type which uses materials such as sand, clay, water and some type of fibrous or organic material like sticks, straw and/or manure. Builders shape the mixture into bricks using frames and it dries in the sun. 15 Building Methods And Their Advantages With Great Video Examples.