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Universal Healing Tao Center Complete Guide Urine Therapy

Universal Healing Tao Center Complete Guide Urine Therapy
Complete Guide Urine Therapy (Coen Van Der Kroon) Urine consists of 95% of water, 2.5% of urea and the remaining 2.5% is a mixture of minerals, salts, hormones and enzymes. Only urea , the substance after which urine is named, can be poisonous when present in the blood. However, this is irrelevant in the practice of drinking urine, as urine is not immediately put back in the bloodstream. In small amounts urea gets back into the body, it is purifying, and clears up excess mucus. Urine is entirely sterile after secretion and has an antiseptis effect. One of the liver's most important functions is detoxification of the blood. The kidney's most important function consists of balancing out all elements in the blood. Human urine has strengthening and curative characteristics concerning many deficiencies. Drinking urine is a good alternative wherever water is scarce. Urine therapy consists of two parts: internal appication (drinking urine) and external application (massaging with urine). Related:  Other Natural MethodsPlotfringe19

Pandemic Preparedness: The world's most powerful antiviral herbs and natural medicines revealed in free audio recording (NaturalNews) The much-anticipated Episode Six of the free online audio course Pandemic Preparedness has just been released. This episode features a detailed discussion of the world's most powerful antiviral herbs and natural medicines, many of which have been used for thousands of years to save lives during plagues and disease outbreaks. The full online course is available now for free at None of this information is being acknowledged or promoted by the CDC, the FDA, the U.S. government or the mainstream media. But the simple scientific truth is that plants have been synthesizing antiviral medicines for millions of years BEFORE western medicine came along, and many of today's most popular pharmaceuticals were actually ripped off from plant-based molecules in acts of pharmaceutical biopiracy. Episode Six at teaches lifesaving information about natural antiviral medicines that are available right now. Listen now at

Make Ice Cream Without an Ice Cream Maker! Did you know that July is National Ice Cream Month? Celebrate with this simple recipe, which calls for only three ingredients. The best part: no ice cream maker required! Just grab a ripe banana, and pop it in the freezer to create a cool, creamy, and delicious base for your vegan ice cream. I like to top mine with soy whipped cream, chocolate chips, and toasted almonds. Delish! Three-Ingredient Vegan Ice Cream 1 banana, peeled and frozen 1 Tbsp. peanut butter 1 tsp. cocoa powder Additional flavorings (optional) Combine all ingredients in a food processor or blender and mix until well combined and creamy.If desired, add additional flavors or toppings, such as cookies, fresh fruit, shredded coconut, cinnamon, or pieces of candy.Serve immediately. Makes 1 serving

Look what has been cured by Urine Therapy. It cures multiple sclerosis too, they claim. at Multiple Sclerosis Forum, topic 798228 URINE THERAPY --- A significant research and advance in medicine Personal experience of how to perform Urine Therapy and Urine Therapists phone numbers. Urine Therapy in my experience is done as follows. My Urine Therapists phone numbers are Ramniklal Gada (9820600741) and Dinesh Doshi (Mumbai, India, 26369633). 1. To the eyes – Blink your eyes in an eyecup of Urine. Personal observations while doing Urine Therapy. My heart also beat rapidly for 5-15 minutes. Telepathy and Teleportation, are they possible by the unassisted human mind? Dr S. There is an Anil Dixit, who is the direct descendant of Kakasaheb Dixit and lives in Vile Parle. Urine Therapy in hospitals in India A doctor from Saifee Hospital, near Charni Road station in Mumbai, has shown interest in Urine Therapy. Urine Therapy and Evolution. Urine Therapy should be thought of this way. This is the story of Urine Therapy. So Urine Therapy perfectly satisfies allopathy’s requirement of understandability. J. References: J.

How To Prepare For Obamacare: Create Your Own Natural Medicine Chest by Bill Sardi This article provides a list of proven home remedies and self-help strategies that readers can begin utilizing today to maintain health while avoiding costly medical care. While I have written articles in the past at LR that have addressed heart disease, cancer and other maladies, I hadn't yet addressed every-day and emergent health problems that cause Americans to run to the doctor. Americans can begin to stock their home medicine chest with items that will avert or forestall a visit to the doctor. Many of the most common reasons to visit a doctor, stomach pains, chest pains, fever, cough, headaches, sore throats, infections, toothaches, back aches, can be handled with low-cost remedies at home. Here are some proven home remedies: Pepto Bismol for diarrhea: hundreds of thousands of Americans visit the hospital emergency room every year due to food poisoning. Chicken commonly harbors a bug called campylobacter. Spices added to these foods kill any bacteria that may survive heat.

Scientific Information on UT from Dr.... - Urine Therapy - Aloha, Here is some amazing info on UT in a working-copy (unedited) of Dr. David Jubb's new book - Jubb's Cell Rejuvenation, Colloidal Biology: a Symbiosis He uses a different type of speaking in a positive only approach. Enjoy the most up-to-date info available in my opionion! Fasting and recycling one's own urine as in urine therapy creates an environment so cells are able to transmutate one element into another and tap into zero-point energetics (is the energy that runs the body) and have greater oxygen and carbon content that allow for an absorption of glucose and amino acid more readily. Components within the blood and urine change during dis-ease. Hydrogen peroxide is a rich constituent of blood and urine. Urine therapy helps the body clear cancer by containing 15 known ingredients that work synergistically at every stage of that condition to help the body clear it up. Thyroid, adrenal and sex hormone is reabsorbed as they are other than protein complexes.

Vegedia - Blog View - Santé et Guérison par le Jeûne Arnold Ehret Santé et Guérison par le Jeûne 29 Juillet 1866 - 9 Octobre 1922 L'ouvrage d'EHRET " Santé et Guérison par le Jeûne, peut vous restituer la santé ; en alternant courts jeûnes et régimes de transition, votre corps sera enfin plus libre et vous vous apercevrez que « la vie mérite d'être vécue ». Dès que vous aurez retiré des bienfaits de ce traitement tous pourrez alors conseiller cette lecture autour de vous. Faites lire « Santé et Guérison par le jeûne » et vous rendrez à votre prochain le plus grand des services. Arnold EHRET L'animal malade s'abstient de manger. Dans un corps régénéré, le cerveau fonctionne d'une manière surprenante. Note de l'éditeur Nous pensons être utile à ces personnes qui ont tout essayé auprès de plusieurs médecins, y compris des homéopathes, des guérisseurs, et qui ont tenté des cures naturistes et spirituelles, des régimes, des villes d'eaux. Le jeun tel que le décrit Ehret et, surtout pour les personnes ne pouvant ou croyant ne pas pouvoir jeûner M.

Online Etymology Dictionary La Fille de Ryan Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. La Fille de Ryan (Ryan's Daughter) est un film britannique réalisé par David Lean, sorti en 1970. Synopsis[modifier | modifier le code] La plage entre Dunmore Head et Slea Head dans la péninsule de Dingle, où furent tournées diverses scènes du film Fiche technique[modifier | modifier le code] Distribution[modifier | modifier le code] Récompenses[modifier | modifier le code] La Fille de Ryan fut couronné par deux Oscars : meilleure photographie pour Freddie Young et meilleur second rôle pour John Mills. En 1971, il remporte le David di Donatello de la meilleure production étrangère. Autour du film[modifier | modifier le code] La Fille de Ryan est librement inspiré de Madame Bovary de Gustave Flaubert. Le film a directement inspiré la chanson L'amour naissant de Mylène Farmer, artiste dont les premiers vidéoclips ont souvent repris l'esthétique des films de David Lean. Voir aussi[modifier | modifier le code] Bibliographie[modifier | modifier le code]

Top 10 Homemade Remedies for What Ails You If you're prone to cold sores, you likely know that feeling you get where the blister is going to appear. Something I read about years ago almost always "short circuits" the attack: direct heat! When you're pretty sure a sore is about to appear, or you already have the first tiny blisters, try the following: - dampen a face cloth in water - put it in the microwave for about a minute (CAREFUL it'll be very very HOT) - when the cloth is just cool enough to be handled, apply a portion of the cloth to the lip where the sore is appearing. - when that section of the cloth starts to cool, use a warmer section Repeat the nuke, cool slightly and heat up the lip process 3-4 times. The key is to use at much heat as you can stand. That hasn't failed me yet. If you try this please, please remember the two cautions above: the microwaved cloth will be largely untouchable for at least a couple of minutes and be very careful touching it to your lips.

LES HOSPITALIERS DE LA CROIX GLORIEUSE / HOPITAL DU WEB Les soins complémentaires < click / Introduction à la méthode ostéo-neurale (mécanisme de respiration primaire) La neuralthérapie ( OU NEUTRALISATION DES CICATRICES) Auparavant les neutralisations des cicatrices se faisaient à partir d’une injection de procaïne et d’un produit anesthésique. Ces soins étaient longs et douloureux. Il suffit donc, pour neutraliser les cicatrices, de repérer la cicatrice avec le pouls : D’une main, prendre le pouls et de l’ autre passer sur le bord de l’oreille avec un crayon et marquer l’emplacement quand la pulsion du pouls se fait plus forte. Puis neutraliser en cautérisant le point, avec un bâtonnet d’encens allumé. L'auriculothérapie Il existe 2 méthodes : Soit piquer ou cautériser le point qui correspond à l’organe, Mesoderme 1 . 31. Ectoderme C Pontique DlBulbaire E MédulIaire 46 Sinus de la Face 46 BIS Muqueuse Endo-Nasal 47-Sympathique IParasympathique 48- Thalamus 49- Trigone Endoderme shéma 1 Endoderme shéma 2 Et les cicatrices internes ? Les percings ?

Recette du vinaigre des 4 voleurs, comment le faire "maison", ses propriétés et utilisations. L'histoire du vinaigre des 4 voleurs Le vinaigre des 4 voleurs s'obtient par une macération de plantes dans du vinaigre. Il s'agit d'une vieille recette de macérat vinaigré aux intéressantes propriétés pour la santé. La recette de ce vinaigre légendaire est née probablement lorsqu'une importante épidémie de peste ravagea la ville de Toulouse, touchée par la peste de 1628 à 1631, entraînant plus de 50.000 décès parmi la population. Selon les archives du Parlement de Toulouse, quatre brigands avaient trouvés une astuce pour détrousser les victimes et piller les maisons au mépris de toute contagion mortelle, sans contracter la terrible maladie. Ce macérat au vinaigre blanc fut inscrit au Codex de la Pharmacopée française sous le nom de Vinaigre antiseptique dès 1748 et jusqu'en 1884 où il en disparut, et commercialisé en pharmacie pour usage externe pour ses propriétés antiseptiques naturelles. Conservez-le au frais à l'abri de la lumière. Le vinaigre des 4 voleurs commercialisé Plan du site

ETYMOLOGY AND CIPHERING Etymology and Ciphering is a group that has a direct focus on determining the true meaning of words and symbols. Our primary emphasis is to identify ancient and modern programming of the Mind, Body, and Soul. This we feel will allow us to gain a greater innerstanding and bearing in relation to the multiple realities that surround us, seen and unseen. Tools The Anagram Engine This tool will allow you to see all the posible spelling for a group of words. An online site that allows you to track a symbol by description. Sepher Sapphires Book - Audio This work will allow you to gain a great example of just how expansive the meaning and use of languages can be by highlighting the Hebrew Cabalah. The Esoteric Alphabet Book A look in to the English languages and the energy it evokes through shape. The Book of Talismans, Amulets, and Zodiacal Gems Book A masterpiece that highlights ancient work that is being lost and the true origins of many Sigils used today.