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Games: Roleplaying: World Building

Games: Roleplaying: World Building

Sean Mead's Role-Playing Games Links Featured Links The Call of Computer Paranoia meets Call of Cthulhu. Jamis Buck's RPG Generators Online dungeon generator, treasure generator, NPC generator, town generator, etc. The dungeon generator and the NPC generator in particular are fantastic. Ezines, Archives and News RPG Archive Role playing community site and online adventure database. AtFantasy A major collection of aids for a wide variety of campaign worlds. Role-Play News A variety of RPG news. Wounds Unlimited An active, bimonthly FRPG ezine. The Guild Companion A RPG, wargame and card game ezine. The Apocalyptic Post An unofficial semi-monthly Gamma World ezine. Whispers The company zine for Eden Studios. RPGevolution Webzine devoted to D20 licensed games. Stygian Darkness Opening the first quarter of 2001, this is an ezine devoted to dark fantasy gaming: Cthulhu, Werewolf, In Nomine, Warhammer Fantasy Role-playing, etc. The Unofficial Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition News GameCodex RPG Information A RPG info and link site. The Legolas RPG Index

Inkwell Ideas » RPG Resources of the Day: 101 Fantasy City, Town and Village Maps I’m sure there are thousands of fantasy maps posted on-line. Below are links to over 101 fantasy cities and towns. It can be useful to see such a large and varied set of examples to help you design your map. While looking at these, you may want to borrow part of a city or town’s layout, a map’s color scheme, or some other feature of a map. If you’re only using a map for personal use, you can just doctor the map in an image editor (like the free GIMP or Inkscape or the expensive Adobe products) or even on paper once it is printed for use in your game and campaign world. 1-6: Opal Island, Carthusal, Wolfdell, Fogdown, Gullside, Kenby at Cartographer’s Guild. 7-13: ProFantasy’s City Designer 3 samples (7 city/town maps.) 14. 15. 16-18. 19. 20. 21-28. 29-31. 32-43. 44. 45. 46-64. 65.Glastona 66-71. 72-81. 82-92. 93. 99. 100. 101.

Fantasy City Building: 14 Suggestions | Evil Machinations Every RPG game needs at least one city, whether it’s a futuristic, modern, or fantasy city. It’s hard to imaging running a game without cities for the PCs to explore, recruit hired help, rest from their latest exploits, buy supplies, or get into trouble in. While modern (and even some futuristic settings) and get maps and information about real-world cities, most fantasy games need something more unusual. Cartographer’s Guild Guide to the creation and depiction of Fantasy Cities: A PDF that is exactly what it says. Like this: Like Loading...