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Electric Car Fiberglass Body Build part 1. Moldless Composite Construction 1 of 6. Home-Built-Cord Welcome page. 2017 Bolt EV: All-Electric Vehicle. 2 Based on GM testing.

2017 Bolt EV: All-Electric Vehicle

Official EPA estimate not yet available. Actual range varies with conditions. 3 Priced as low as $30,000 after federal tax credit. Net price shown includes the full $7500 tax credit. $37,500 MSRP including DFC with tax credit from $0 up to $7500. * Tax, title, license, dealer fees extra. Actual savings from the federal government depend on your tax situation. 7 When using the available 240-volt charger and a 32-amp charge level. 11 Visit for coverage map, details and system limitations. 12 Requires a compatible mobile device, active OnStar service and data plan. 4G LTE service available in select markets.

Amerimax Fabricated Products. The world's first Carbon Fiber 3D Printer. Local Motors Rally Fighter. Announcing the 2013 Rally Fighter Head Turning Rally Fighter design by Sangho Kim, limited to 2,000 carsTubular steel space frame hand built by Local Motors6.2 Liter, V8 Engine, 430 Horsepower, 424 lbft TorqueAutomatic TransmissionFront Suspension: 18” travel, independent double A-armRear Suspension: 20” travel, 4-Link solid axleSolid vinyl wrap And the Local Motors Build Experience 6 days in the Factory constructing your car with a friend and an expert Builder Trainer(Two three day Sessions) (Start on a Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday Return the following Thursday, Friday, Saturday)Local Motors Trainers are with you for every step of the build process, no prior experience requiredBuild space and all toolsCatered Lunch, snacks, drinksTraining on how to drive your Rally Fighter.

Local Motors Rally Fighter

No Time for Car Shopping? Click ‘Print’ to Make Your Own - The sign’s message was clear enough: Please Do Not Touch.

No Time for Car Shopping? Click ‘Print’ to Make Your Own -

For some visitors, however, the temptation was too great. Here at the recent Maker Faire, a traveling festival for technology enthusiasts, people ran their fingers over the car’s ribbed exterior. The bolder ones took a more brazen approach, knocking their fists against the surfaces to see how the material would respond. Local Motors. SHIELDS Premier Windshields - Specialty Vehicle Windshields, Windows, Skylights, and Covers. Specialty vehicles & equipment We have been producing specialty custom windshields and windows for nearly 40 years!

SHIELDS Premier Windshields - Specialty Vehicle Windshields, Windows, Skylights, and Covers

One-Off Construction Using Fiberglass Over Foam. The automotive application of FRP/foam composite was pioneered in the 1970's by the author's former design firm, Quincy-Lynn Enterprises, Inc.

One-Off Construction Using Fiberglass Over Foam

We used polyester resin and glass cloth laminations over a core of rigid urethane foam boardstock (fiberglass over foam). Modern variations sometimes use an epoxy resin or vinyl-ester resin and carbon-fiber-cloth over urethane foam, like the composite used to build GM's Ultralite experimental passenger car. Carbon fiber materials are far more costly, and it's questionable as to whether the value matches the extra expense. Despite the strength-to-weight advantage of newer materials, nothing matches the original polyester-resin/glass-cloth/urethane-foam composite for quickly producing a tough, lightweight product at rock-bottom costs. And it's a surprisingly simple system to use. Building an Ultra Light-Weight Car, Part 1. Lots of people would love to make their own vehicle – especially a light-weight design that requires less power and fuel for the same performance.

Building an Ultra Light-Weight Car, Part 1

But it’s a lot harder to do than it sounds! The greatest problem isn’t the mechanicals but instead the bodywork and frame. Designs For the home constructor, there are basically two approaches that can be taken: a frame made from small diameter tubing that’s then (optionally) covered in non-structural body panels, or a monocoque. Despite being an old technique, multi-tubular frames remain very popular for one-offs and even small production runs. Bicycles and other human-powered vehicles (like the air suspension recumbent trike shown here) are also made from steel tubes.

However, nearly all production cars are made in a monocoque manner, where the pressed steel (or aluminium) panels are welded together to become both the framework and the body. But whatever approach is taken, there are problems. So is there an answer? Planning and Design Costs. Why Your Next Car Should Be 3D Printed — Backchannel. Why Your Next Car Should Be 3D Printed It might be a whole lot greener, and as easy to update as software.

Why Your Next Car Should Be 3D Printed — Backchannel

Meet the Blade. It goes from zero to 60 in 2.5 seconds, boasts 700 horsepower, and has a top speed that is totally illegal. Typical sports car stuff. That’s where the similarities end. The Blade was dreamed up by Kevin Czinger, CEO of Divergent Technologies, a Los Angeles-based automotive startup. It’s easy to see the exhaust belching from a pick-up truck and assume that’s the biggest problem to fix.

Electric vehicles can be particularly harmful to manufacture, according to the report, requiring about 20% more energy and emissions than their gasoline-powered counterparts. GougeonBook%20061205. Build Your Own Boat.