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18 Free Screencasting tools to Create Video Tutorials

18 Free Screencasting tools to Create Video Tutorials
Screencasting is a better and great way to showcase a procedure, to teach,demonstrate a service or to create video tutorials without having to write a content or an article. Screencasting tools are available both as desktop applications (Free and commercial) and web-based services. The good news is that there are a growing number of screencasting tools that are completely free to use; some do not even require a registration to let you get started. Videos are simply great to deliver a message in a very short time and for most people bandwidth is not a problem any more.The following screencasting tools are all free to record screen but of course their features are not as much as paid ones.You can easily record your screen and add audio or edit your recorded screen videos with these tools.If you know more free tools then please denote in comments section. Free tools 1.Aviscreen 2.Camstudio 3.Copernicus 4.Goview 6.Jing 7.Krut 8.Freescreencast 9.Screentoaster 10.Microsoft expression encoder 14.Screenr Related:  Project Building

5 Best Free Screen Recording Software User Ratings: [Total: 0 Average: 0/5] Here are 5 free screen recording software that can create compact, high quality movies of your desktop for tutorials, demos and presentations. 1. uTipu uTipu is a thin free screen recording software that grabs your onscreen action. uTipu comes along with a default youtube uploader. You will have to register with uTipu to use this free screen recorder. Screen Recording options allow you to pause and stop your recordings and it also has annotation controls allowing you to do drawings. uTipu lets you to add audio narration as well to your screen recordings. Sponsored Links uTipu provides a server space up to 250MB for free hosting of your screen recordings. 2. Blueberry FlashBack Express is free screen capture software that helps you to create high quality screen video in real time. You have options either to capture the full window or a specific framed region in your screen. BB FlashBack Express allows you to review your recording frame by frame. 3. 4.

How to Teach Students to Think Like Scientists Halloween is a magical time of year. Ghosts and goblins wander the streets in search of candy and mischief. Halloween revelers celebrate the supernatural. School children color pictures of witches, gross each other out with mystery boxes containing brains made from noodles and boiled-egg-eyes, and play mad scientists creating bubbling beakers of goo. It is great fun...and my goal with this post is not to kill that fun! Credit: *L*U*Z*A*'s Flickr photostream A few days ago, I received an e-mail from a commercial science supply company with a list of neat Halloween "experiments." Teaching Students to Think Like Scientists If we want our students to think like scientists, we need to explicitly teach the nature of science. The Nature of Science (NOS) is not something teachers should teach, it is something teachers DO teach. Science Seeks to Explain the Natural World Credit: Source: Zi-Dan's Flickr Photostream The Simplified, Linear Scientific Method vs. Science is a Social Endeavor

jcaster - Simple screencasting software written in Java (cross platform) Powerful, easy-to-use screencasting software which records video and audio synchronously or asynchronously. Development on hiatus. Features High quality full screen audio&video capture/screencasting Uses very powerful FFmpeg audio/video codec library User-friendly GUI cross-platfrom (Linux, Windows, Mac OS X) Supported video codecs: mp4, mov Supported audio codecs: mp3, ogg vorbis, aac, wav Audio/video stream information Transcode from one format to another Known limitations Application must be restarted after every recording (bug). TODO list Watch recorded video from app Ability to pause recording Fix audio Audio synchronization Add more audio/video formats/codecs Web application Support audio sources other than microphone. Libraries used Xuggler Packet Multibroadcaster FFmpeg

How to Create Great Screencasts At least a few times each week, I'm emailed about how I create the video tutorials that show up on the site each week. I think many of you are under the impression that it's much more difficult than it really is. If I can do it, anyone can. Step 1: Use Good Software If you've watched my screencasts, you know that I switch between using a Mac and a PC. PC Users Hands down, the best screencast software that I've been able to find is Camtasia Studio, from TechSmith. Camtasia Studio is wonderful because it was built for the sole purpose of producing screencasts. Alternatives Mac Users When recording on my Mac, I've found iShowU to be the best option. Step 2: Use a Decent Mic The biggest "mistake" that most beginning screencasters make is when it comes to their choice of microphone, or lack thereof (as it was in my case, initially)! The keywords in that previous sentence are condenser and decent. What you want is a good $75-$100 USB condenser mic. What I Use Why Condenser? Don't skimp on this. 1.

Digital Storytelling JOL>Collections>Digital storytelling Collection The process of digital storytelling enables students to tell their stories with a compelling and competitive voice. On this page, find links to articles and resources about the process of digital storytelling, and how to get the most out of this terrific learning experience for students. TECHFORUM Digital Storytelling Resources This page contains links to visual literacy resources, authentic learning information, storyboards, and 21st Century Skills. Digital Storytelling Blog: A Competitve Voice. ARTICLES @ Foundation for a Digital Storytelling Program | this brief article discusses the importance of a pilot group in establishing a digital storytelling program, or any other technology initative for that matter. All the search tools you will ever need, in one handy place. Capturing Stories, Capturing Lives: An Introduction to Digital Storytelling | David Jakes Telling Tales with Technology| Judy Salpeter Matt Laughing Babies

10 Free Screen Recording Softwares For Creating Attractive Screencasts Whether it is a "how-to on using a web application" or "describing the steps of creating a Photoshop effect", words are sometimes not enough. With the help of screencasts (screen recording), it can be possible to better describe/demonstrate a computer-related product or service. And, it spreads faster as anyone can easily embed the video (if supported) to any website. Here is a collection of 10 free screen recording softwares for creating attractive screencasts: CamStudio CamStudio is an open source screen recorder software which can record every screen and audio activity on a computer & create industry-standard AVI video files or bandwidth-friendly Streaming Flash videos (SWF). O.S.: Windows Jing Jing can both take screenshots & capture a screen as videos. It can send the generated outputs to, Flickr, a FTP account, Twitter & more. With a microphone, you can record audio with the video as well. O.S.: Windows, Mac OS X Webineria Wink O.S.: Windows, Linux UltraVNC Screen Recorder Krut

Back to School with Web 2.0: Part 3 - Interactyx eLearning For all of you who have been following the “Back-to-School” blog – Thank you! And finally, Part 3 of the “Back to School with Web 2.0” series is here. During the last few weeks Brian Benzinger ( has researched possible scenarios and real case studies of Web 2.0 in education in hopes to show others where we are with today’s education and where it could be. The article covers: educational blogging, photo sharing, educational podcasting, wikis, video sharing, Web 2.0 courses, School 2.0, and more. Educational Blogging Blogging has quickly become one of the most effective learning tools in education today. In blogging, there are no set standards, no boundaries, no restrictions confining you to conform your thoughts to any given set of rules and regulations. Things I’ve noticed with student blogs Student Testimonials and Reflections “I love my blog so much! General Testimonials “The response has been tremendous.

Screen Capture Software Review 2012 | Best Screenshot Software | Screen Recording Software - TopTenREVIEWS Comics Take Your First Capture So you've installed Jing, but now what? Learn how to take your first capture, and we bet you'll get the hang of Jing very quickly. Do you see the sun? It looks like the image below--the faint one without the mouse cursor. It's discreetly tucked away somewhere on the edge of your screen, always ready when you need to make a capture. Taking your first capture: The general workflow is to select something on your screen, then choose whether you wish to create an image or video. Mouse-over the sun and three little rays appear. That's the basic idea! Please check out our Frequently Asked Questions and other things you might like to know. For all technical support issues, please contact TechSmith's free Technical Support.

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