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Body Art

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This Makeup Artist Proves That “Every Woman Is A Hollywood Star” With Her Incredible Makeup Transformations (20 Pics) Artist Embodies Famous Faces with Incredible Makeup Transformations. We’ve seen many talented makeup artists around the world who use their skills to creatively transform the human face, but Chinese blogger He Yuhong takes makeup artistry to the next level.

Artist Embodies Famous Faces with Incredible Makeup Transformations

The master artist uses cosmetics to turn herself into any famous face, and we really mean any face. From Johnny Depp to Taylor Swift, each makeup metamorphosis will make you do a double take. It’s no surprise that Yuhong has amassed more than 560,000 Instagram followers and over 17,000 YouTube subscribers—her incredible portfolio of imitation makeup is truly mesmerizing. Yuhong often posts videos detailing the stages of her fantastic transformations, showcasing her expert skill. She reveals the endless possibilities of makeup and how it can completely change the contours, complexion, and even the expressions of the human face. Yuhong often finishes her celebrity looks by wearing wigs and outfits to match the style of the person she’s imitating. What This Artist Does To Her Face Seriously Messes With People's Minds (30 New Pics) The line between illusion and reality can be blurry. makeup artist Dain Yoon plays around with that very line and uses her face as a canvas for impressive optical illusions that can bend your mind.

What This Artist Does To Her Face Seriously Messes With People's Minds (30 New Pics)

“The reason I started to do illusion drawings is that I believe people live in illusions. Ta artystka tworzy specjalne "korony z henny" dla kobiet chorych na raka - Dobre Wiadomości. Sun Dayong designs wearable coronavirus protection shield. Chinese architect Sun Dayong has created a conceptual design for a body shield that would protect a wearer during a coronavirus outbreak by using UV light to sterilise itself.

Sun Dayong designs wearable coronavirus protection shield

Named Be a Bat Man, the mobile safety device would be for "people who are exposed to the dangerous situation during the coronavirus emergency", said Sun Dayong, who co-founded architecture studio Penda. The shield would be made from carbon fibre supports shaped like batwings that would be worn like a backpack. A PVC film would stretch between these supports, like the membrane of a bat's wing. Wires embedded in the plastic would heat up to a temperature high enough to kill any pathogens on them, creating a sterile environment inside for the wearer. Max Siedentopf presents alternative coronavirus masks. Underwear, vegetables and carrier bags could all be used in the fight against coronavirus, suggests artist Max Siedentopf.

Max Siedentopf presents alternative coronavirus masks

Siedentopf, a German-Namibian designer based in London, has created a series of provocative images showing everyday items being used as protective face masks. Global demand for surgical face masks is growing, as people try to protect themselves against the virus. Daisy May Collingridge's fleshy suits quash the idea of an ideal body type. Textile artist Daisy May Collingridge has designed a family of fleshy, fabric bodysuits as "a joyful representation of the human form".

Daisy May Collingridge's fleshy suits quash the idea of an ideal body type

Dubbed The Squishies, the bodysuits feature overlapping layers of skin-like rolls that have been hand-stitched from jersey and cotton. Fillings made of wadding, beanbag beans and sand are used to provide different weights and textures. Each piece looks like a playful take on the bodies seen in muscular anatomy diagrams. Some boast shades of muted pink, purple and blue, while others feature more vibrant tones of orange and yellow paired with beige hues. This Makeup Artist Does Amazing 3D Illusions. (3) Arteè - Photos. Huu Hieu Le - Huu Hieu Le added 46 new photos to the... Artist Expresses Her Vibrant Creativity with Colorful Neon Makeup. The Ethiopian Fashion Tribe that turns Nature into Haute Couture.


Makeup artist goes viral for creating optical illusions on her face. Woman Gives Up Teaching To Create Optical Illusions With Makeup, And It’s Messing With Our Minds. Creators - Laolu Senbanjo uses the body as a canvas for... Amazing medical makeup by Lisa Berczel. Ukrainian Women Bring Back Traditional Floral Crowns To Show National Pride. Polish Artists Recreate Traditional Slavic Wreaths as Gorgeous Floral Headdresses. From the bright beads to the bold makeup to the bouquets balanced as exuberant crowns, these photographs by Ula Kóska are rich with color, pattern, and texture.

Polish Artists Recreate Traditional Slavic Wreaths as Gorgeous Floral Headdresses

Created in collaboration with makeup artist, stylist, and costume designer Beata Bojda, the images comprise a series called Etno, an abbreviation stemming from the word “ethnography.” Kóska and Bojda have paid homage to their shared Polish roots by featuring craftsmanship that’s likely to surprise those unfamiliar with the country’s culture: though appearing remarkably realistic, the featured flowers are handmade entirely from paper. In early Polish folk tradition, floral wreaths were worn for both religious and secular ceremonies, like marriage celebrations and Easter festivals. When the manufacturing of decorative paper and cigarettes arose in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the “handicraft paper” movement re-imagined those earlier headdresses with hand-created paper blooms.

Models’ Faces Turned Into Stunning Optical Illusions By Creative Russian Duo. Moscow-based photographer Alexander Khokhlov and makeup artist Valeriya Kutsan have created a bewitching series of portraits that play with the natural lines of their models’ faces and twist them into strange new forms.

Models’ Faces Turned Into Stunning Optical Illusions By Creative Russian Duo

Their newest series of stunning colored portraits, 2D Or Not 2D, is only the latest collaboration between the two artists. Khokhlov and Kutsan have also created portrait series with powerful black-and-white designs and a series parodying the popular Angry Birds game. The designs are amazing – some of them soften or break down the face’s lines, while others reinforce them or create unnaturally perfect patterns. The idea behind their latest series was to make the faces look like 2d images. Johannes Stötter Art - Johannes Stötter Art. Body painting. LOOK: Using only makeup, Russian artists turn models’ faces into incredible optical illusions.

She shoots the metamorphosis of the body: beautiful and ugly at the same time. Généralement les photos de cette série laissent la même impression : à gauche une fille désirable, bien foutue, à droite, une femme qui se tient mal, laide, pas bien dans sa peau. On pourrait presque croire qu’il s’agit de deux modèles différents parfois, mais non.

Gracie Hagen, photographe et artiste, à Chicago a intitulé cette série de photos dont elle est l’auteure : « Illusions du corps. » Jointe par e-mail, elle parle « du problème des portraits que l’on voit dans les médias » : « Ces images ne sont pas des représentations réalistes de ce à quoi nos corps humains ressemblent. Les modèles ont l’air hyper attirants sur les photos du fait des éclairages, des angles, de Photoshop. » Facile d’avoir l’air magnifique ou laide Le propos n’est certes pas révolutionnaire, mais on a le regard happé par les photos de Gracie Hagen. On en vient même à se dire : je pourrais être cette personne à gauche mais aussi cette personne à droite. . « Je veux y intégrer encore plus de diversité »

Seems Like A Normal Painting. When I Looked Closer, I Was Blown Away. Cuded – SF Times | The following images may seem like beautiful artworks but actually feature the latest masterpieces in body painting.

Seems Like A Normal Painting. When I Looked Closer, I Was Blown Away.

Living on the verge of art, body paint has always been a provocative trait characteristic of either indigenous cultures or the fashion world. As time goes by, body painting is becoming increasingly popular and used in various commercial and mainstream activities. The art of body painting has diversified so much, as to have its own sub-categories, ranging over traditional body painting, fashion body painting, fine body painting and even graffiti on body. The shared trait of all body painting styles is that they use body as canvas, emphasizing the transforming potential of the human skin. Body painting has been around for centuries, typical for various cultures of Pacific islands, Australia, New Zealand and Africa.