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PORTRAIT MACHINE — Theodore Watson - Interactive Installations. Photogrowth: Ant Painting « CDV Lab. Body Remixer connects real people through virtual bodies. Body Remixer is an immersive installation that connects people.

Body Remixer connects real people through virtual bodies

In 2020, the virtual Recto VRso Art&VR Gallery exhibited virtual and mixed reality artworks exploring the theme: “Real body / Virtual body”. John Desnoyers-Stewart, an engineer, designer, artist, and PhD student at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada, took part in the project with an artwork. He created Body Remixer along with a team from the iSpace Lab (Katerina Stepanova, Bernhard Riecke, and Patrick Pennefather). Body Remixer is an immersive installation that extends bodies and stimulates social connection. We interviewed him, and asked him about his artwork, its link to Recto VRso, and his upcoming projects and how he adapted to 2020.

Holgerlippmann. Holger lippmann » spinners. Unfolding silently based on differently layered perlin noise structures, unfolding silently is an abstract work series that is reminiscent of a northern type of landscape. it also refers to traditional asian landscape painting different automated and/or keyboard input values are used for a layered image build up.

holger lippmann » spinners

Details » Hash2ash. BLOOM - Installation de Tristan Ménez. Earslap · Procedural music, art, computation and some other things. Connected colors / real-time face tracking and 3d projection mapping. 3D Facial Projection Technology Creates Digital Skin. Using computer graphics and facial projection and tracking technology, Nobumichi Asai creates a new art form of facial tattoos, where digital makeup transforms a human face into a masterpiece of computer graphics.

3D Facial Projection Technology Creates Digital Skin

Makeup has the transformative ability to make a face beautiful, alluring, sexy, clownish or creepy. As the art of makeup moves into the digital age, it won’t be long before people can use 3D facial projection technology to paint faces with anything from tiger stripes and leathery snakeskin, to exploding waterfalls and erupting bouquets of flowers. The experimental art of facial projection by Japanese artist and scientist Nobumichi Asai turns the human face into a canvas of the imagination.

The curves and features of the face become an irresistible landscape for animated, kaleidoscopic images. “The most interesting thing about technology is that it makes the impossible, possible,” said Asai. Asai uses the human face much like a filmmaker uses the big screen. Unnamed soundsculpture. Holger lippmann. Japan: Technology Gives Life To Children's Drawings.

Onformative – ANIMA iki. Fluid shimmering patterns flow around a luminescent orb suspended in space as tones oscillate in the room. »ANIMA« is an entity that modifies sound and visuals as it reacts to and forages in its environment.

onformative – ANIMA iki

This continuous exchange between viewer and sculpture unites them in a perpetual discourse through an interactive soundscape and visuals. »ANIMA« is a sculptural installation developed to explore the relationship between itself and its surroundings through the use of movement, texture, light and sound. The installation consists of a giant glowing sphere measuring two meters in diameter. This larger-than-life entity is suspended from the ceiling, as if in mid-air, in a darkened room. The luminescent sculpture acts as the sole light source for the space, drawing viewers in as it reacts to their presence. Loop over water in een projection-mapped rijstveld. HARMONY door teamLab.

Loop over water in een projection-mapped rijstveld

Tristan Perich Drawing Machine (Selections) Nicolas Bernier on Vimeo. Watch Projection-Mapped Kung Fu Between a Man and His Shadow. Projection-mapped choreography meets Enter the Dragon in Pixel n' Pepper's new performance at the Hamdan International Photography Award in Dubai, Black & White.

Watch Projection-Mapped Kung Fu Between a Man and His Shadow

A dancer enters the stage seemingly alone, but is soon challenged to a kung fu battle royale by his own digital shadow, and things only escalate from there. A second dancer gets involved, turning the show into something like a live episode of Dragonball Z, animated by MC Escher and directed by Bruce Lee. The latter half of the show fuses choreography with projected pictures taken from the 20 photographers honored in this year's competition.

Pixel - extraits. Mrmondialisation. Pixel - extraits. Experiencing Psychosis with Digital LSD. Scientists Are Making Music with Slime Mold and Whale Songs. Down on the southwest coast of England, the Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival recently celebrated its tenth birthday.

Scientists Are Making Music with Slime Mold and Whale Songs

Run in collaboration with Plymouth University and the Interdisciplinary Center for Computer Music Research (ICCMR) which is housed there, the festival is an epicenter for musical experimentation and research into far-out sonification and musification techniques. This year's theme is biomusic, a niche field of centered around biological processes that inform and create musical compositions, be they artificially intelligent virtual whales jamming with a saxophonist, a biocomputer run on slime mold doing a duet on the piano, or data collated from British woodland ecosystems turning into music.

Over the weekend, a series of gala performances explored some of the concepts and ideas that the students and professors at Plymouth University had been working on over the past year. The festival's directors, Simon Ible and Eduardo R. Biocomputer music. Fast Travel Related: Perdez-vous dans un immense labyrinthe cosmique. Images de l'artiste.

Perdez-vous dans un immense labyrinthe cosmique

雨音の由来. STM~ AV PERFORMANCE. ENTITATIVITY – Klaus Obermaier. Portée/ — Interactive unfold of a music score in space. Gabriel Barcia-Colombo: Capturing memories in video art. Orbits - Generative Music (Android app) 'Momentum' Transforms the Body into an Interactive Sea of Particles. A version of this article originally appeared on The Creators Project Germany.

'Momentum' Transforms the Body into an Interactive Sea of Particles

Berlin-based interaction design studio Schnellebuntebilder are masters when it comes to transforming physical movements into stunning visuals. With MOMENTUM, they've teamed up with sound designers Kling Klang Klong to create "a synaesthetic experiences of sounds and visuals generated real-time from body movement," according to Schnellebuntebilder's Magdalena Eder. MOMENTUM, which transforms the user into a sea of digital particles, consists of "several blocks with different functions called nodes," explained Schnellebuntebilder's John Timpernagel. "There is a node that controls the Kinect2, created from the RGB data and infrared image of the dancer.

VANISH. Mirrored Light Sculpture Probes The Cosmic Mysteries Of Geometry. Images courtesy of the artist When it comes to sculpture, Gaspar Battha thinks big.

Mirrored Light Sculpture Probes The Cosmic Mysteries Of Geometry

His artworks address concepts including the limitations of the mind (envisioned as a physics-defying robotic bird), and humankind's relationship with tools (realized through custom-made screws and screwdrivers). Patterns of Harmony, his Master-project at UdK Berlin, takes this line of inquiry one step further, using a projection-mapped light box to explore the geometric nature of the universe. A series of angled two-way mirrors forms the bulk of the lightbox, which Battha calls a "fractal of cubes. " He maps and projects graphics into the back of the hexagonal sculpture, where "the light gets 'trapped inside' the object," bouncing off the reflective surfaces to form the 3D geometric shapes that viewers experience. Below, examine moments from Patterns of Harmony: Visit Battha's website to see more of his gorgeous, high concept art.

Related: RoomAlive de Microsoft Research. Meet the Sonic Artist Making Music with Plants: Sound Builders. Designers interactifs  ›  Actualités  ›  Actu  ›  Les 28 agences françaises de design d’interaction. Depuis quelques années, *designers interactifs* recense les acteurs français qui développent l’offre de design dans le champ du numérique. En 2010 et 2011, l’association a successivement publié deux guides, l’un dédié aux agences interactives et l’autre dédié plus spécifiquement aux agences de design d’interaction et aux studios de création. En attendant la publication d’un panorama plus complet du design d’interaction français en 2015, l’association a dressé une cartographie de ce champ nouveau, qui se structure peu à peu, dans le sillage des usages proposés par les objets connectés.

Digital Artist Giuseppe Randazzo Creates Elaborate Arrays of 3D-Printed Stones. Stone Field 00 / exp00 – simple attractor exponential field. Digital rendering. Stone Field 05 / three attractors field. Digital rendering. Welcome to this inst-int. Sharing Faces - Seeing yourself reflected in the image of others / by @kcimc. Created by Kyle McDonald, “Sharing Faces” uses a megapixel surveillance camera and custom software to match the face locations of the persons looking at the screen. As the person moves, new images are pulled from the database matching the new location and create a mirror-like image of yourself using the images of others. EPILOG est une valse avec les ténèbres. Il y a quelque chose de profondément flippant dans le fait de voir son ombre danser autour de soi alors que l'on se tient parfaitement immobile.

C'est comme si volait en éclat cette valse trop bien orchestrée entre notre projection et le reste, plus tangible, de notre corps. Scott Sona Snibbe: Interactive Art. Building An iPad App For Bjork. "SKIN" Transforms Your Emotions Into Sound And Color Through Sweat Data. This week, Harvest Works gallery in New York exhibited an installation by audiovisual artist, Claudia Robles, that gets under your skin... literally.

Immersive Music Painter. Enra " Torque starter " [Video] Jim Campbell's Sculptural LED Light Installations. Even the Lumiére Brothers would glow over the work of artist and light engineer, Jim Campbell. The prolific pioneer of patchwork bulb-wiring's career spans three decades, and his work keeps on getting better—the artist's newest works have been called "consummate" and "transformative" by Art Daily after their debut this month at Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery. It goes without saying that the mastery of his specific genre of low resolution re-imagings, communicated through programmed bulbs and LEDs, is a practice thirty years in the making. Good thing he's got a retrospective show coming up.

Rhythms of Perception, the artist's first major exhibition in a New York museum, brings a survey spanning his career in contemporary art to the Museum of the Moving Image on March 20, from his earliest pieces to his project in Madison Square Park and his new work, showcased in our documentary on the luminary (above!). Naziha MESTAOUI. One Beat One Tree. INSIDE THE BLACK BOX. New media art, live media performance, sound design.

It´s fire, you can touch it. Mine Control - Shadow. Body Movies by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer (2001) Interactive Plant Growing. CONTACT: Augmented Acoustics. Japanese dancers using lights in their performance is hypnotizing. DROMOS - An immersive performance by Maotik and Fraction. THE ARK. Metamorphy 1. Amazing Art Installation Turns You Into A Bird. RYOICHI KUROKAWA. Variable 4. Variable 4 is an outdoor sound installation that translates weather conditions into musical patterns in real time. Using meteorological sensors connected to a custom software environment, the weather itself acts as conductor, navigating through a map of twenty-four specifically-written movements. Every aspect of the piece, from broad harmonic progressions down to individual notes and timbres, is influenced by changes in the environment: wind speed, rainfall, solar radiation, humidity, tropospheric variance, temperature, and more.

Cyclo. id#00 (Carsten Nicolai & Ryoji Ikeda) Guitartron. Morphogenetic Creations by Andy Lomas. Created by a mathematician, digital artist and Emmy award winning supervisor of computer generated effects – Andy Lomas, Morphogenetic Creations is a collection of works that explore the nature of complex forms that can be produced by digital simulation of growth systems. These pieces start with a simple initial form which is incrementally developed over time by adding iterative layers of complexity to the structure. The aim is to create structures emergently: exploring generic similarities between many different forms in nature rather than recreating any particular organism. 7,83 HZ de Véronique Béland. Cette oeuvre cherche à reproduire les résonances de Schumann, un phénomène atmosphérique naturel et permanent fait de pics spectraux dans le domaine des extrêmement basses fréquences (ELF) du champ électromagnétique terrestre.

Ceux-ci se propagent autour de la Terre sous la forme d’ondes, et comprennent une fréquence fondamentale (7.83 Hz) et quatre harmoniques principales situées entre 14 et 34 Hz. En faisant coïncider ce phénomène avec les recherches en neurosciences, on constate que ce sont les mêmes fréquences qui déterminent le rythme cérébral chez l’être humain: la fondamentale est identique aux longueurs d’onde Alpha émises par le cerveau par état de relaxation profonde ou de méditation, alors que les harmoniques correspondent à la gamme des ondes Beta, produites lors d’une activité cognitive intense.

Il y avait d’abord le désir de voir ou d’entendre des choses qui ne sont normalement pas présentes aux sens; l’obsession de ressentir que le vide n’est pas rien. Voice and The Right Hand - ADACHI Tomomi. [Exclusive Video] Behind The Scenes Of Box By Bot & Dolly. Robin - The Musical Room Experience. Ryoji Ikeda: Test Pattern 100m Version at Ruhrtriennale 2013. "It's you", ou la sociologie de groupe vue par Karolina Sobecka. These Psychedelic Paintings Were Made Entirely From Code.

Box. 'Full Turn' draws third dimension using a flat screen rotating at high speed. Cache-cache, installation interactive développée par Manuel Deneu au Artlab. Electronic Performers. Converge to Inspire. Ars Electronica Price 2013 : and the winners are... Un week end avec Joanie Lemercier. Immersion. Electronic Shadow - Hybrid Design. Le Dyskograf, Qwartz Max Mathews 2013. En partenariat avec Plus le dessin sera juste, plus la musique sera belle et intéressante.

C’est au tour des trois inventeurs, Jesse Lucas, Erwan Raguenes et Yro, du lecteur de disques graphiques Dyskograf, de recevoir le Qwartz Max Mathews 2013. Un nouveau geste, une interprétation numérique, la transmission et l’interprétation. Le Dyskograf a le potentiel de permettre l’existence d’une autre écriture musicale. Même si le principe n’est pas le même que The Metaphysics of Notation, Mark Applebaum pourrait y trouver une extraordinaire application.

Alors nous rêvons d’un orchestre uniquement composé des inventions récipiendaires du Qwartz Max Mathews… Vous pourrez rencontrer Jesse Lucas, Erwan Raguenes et Yro le 4 avril à la Machine du Moulin Rouge à partir de 18h. Entrée libre. Historique de ce prix: Alexandre burton. When Plants Jam with Synths: Leslie Garcia’s Open Project Lets Plants Talk with Sound. Paleodictyon. Vivisector – Klaus Obermaier, Chris Haring. Klaus Obermaier. Knot(e) ECAL/Matthieu Minguet. PALEODICTYON. Adrien M / Claire B. Fragile Territories in Nantes November 2012. Monoskop. 'A million times' by Humans since 1982. 'A million times' by Humans since 1982. Seventh Sense (Excerpt) / 第七感官 (五分鐘版) [Appel à projets] Prix Vidéoformes.

CRAFTING HUMAN PERCEPTION / EXHIBITION « Francesca Perona. Interactive installation that explores new ways of extending the natural bandwidth of human perception through computational textiles and sensors. The piece creates an immersive enviroment in which visitors rediscover tactile experiences and body awareness. Apparition – Klaus Obermaier & Ars Electronica Futurelab. Blair Neal.