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100 Thieves' Animal Crossing Apparel Collection. If you’ve ever tried to get your hands on apparel drops from 100 Thieves, you’ll know that they’re difficult to cop, often selling out in minutes.

100 Thieves has been a quick selling brand in which for many, they cannot get their hands on. with the new game, Animal Crossing is has recently turned into a form of expression through these social distancing times. this brand has released their new collection throughout this game in which is creating a fashion community through this gaming platform – kasandrafonseca

Luckily, you now have the chance to own every single piece from their collection over the past three years if you’re on Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

100 Thieves' Animal Crossing Apparel Collection

Working with Twitter users ActualIyCasey and dearanipii, the esports and streetwear label has now made their entire inventory downloadable completely for free by fans who are currently playing one of the Nintendo Switch’s biggest games right now, thanks to the title’s highly customizable items and outfits. In order to dress your character up with 100 Thieves merch, you’ll have to progress in the game until you unlock Able Sisters tailor shop, as well as have a Nintendo Switch Online membership. Having both, you can then head to the Custom Designs Portal inside the shop and simply enter in the corresponding 14-digit design code to download and equip the items. Your guide to everything happening in fashion right now. As COVID-19 turns the industry on its head, we round up all the latest developments in this ongoing list Given the industry is built on globalisation, the movement of people, things, and ideas is fundamental to maintaining today’s fashion landscape.

Your guide to everything happening in fashion right now

The past two months, however, have seen this structure ripped from underneath the industry’s feet, as the world has gradually entered a near-total lockdown as a result of coronavirus. The global pandemic is having unprecedented effects on everyone, and the fashion industry is no different. From student designers who are seeing their graduate shows cancelled, to retailers forced to close their shops; luxury brands calling off their blockbuster presentations to garment makers seeing their income taken away and factory workers having to carry out their jobs in unsafe conditions, the current situation has impacted everyone in the industry on a multitude of levels.

Burberry is funding the vaccine research currently happening at Oxford University. Adidas x Carbon 3D-Printed Face Shields for COVID-19. Adidas is the latest to announce that it has begun making protective equipment in order to help provide relief amid the COVID-19 crisis.

adidas x Carbon 3D-Printed Face Shields for COVID-19

The athletic giant has partnered with Carbon, the same company behind its 3D-printed footwear, in order to produce 3D-printed face shields at its California-based manufacturing facilities. There are currently more than 18,000 face shields being produced per week, which will be allocated to first responders and healthcare professionals around the world. Animal Crossing Fashion Archive Founder Interview.

With social distancing in full effect for many around the globe, the outside world remains on hold for the foreseeable future.

Animal Crossing Fashion Archive Founder Interview

Thankfully, the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch this month offered a new escape for players isolated at home to not only create their own world, but also remain connected with friends and family. The game has no goal, no time constraints, no simulated violence, and no real stressors at all. Players can hunt, fish, pick fruit, build furniture, visit other islands and even design their own outfits using Animal Crossing’s Pro Designs feature. It’s that last capability that inspired the Animal Crossing Fashion Archive. Created by musician and visual artist Kara Chung, the Instagram page lets players submit their designs in the hopes of being showcased on the feed. Fighting for plus-size representation in fashion schools. When Lucinda Graham enrolled on her Fashion, Textile, Art & Design course, she already had a fraught relationship with her body.

Fighting for plus-size representation in fashion schools

“I had a complicated past with eating disorders and compulsive exercising,” the 23-year-old recalls. “Earlier in the course, I often felt out of place as a 5”9, size 16 woman – especially as all the female mannequins resembled prepubescent teens.” Graham has worked to overcome her issues, and helps others to do the same – she creates clothes for her own body, and has become a mental health and body image advocate in the process. Her initial feelings, though, remain commonplace. Much has been written about the pressures of fashion education, particularly in recent years. Google Arts & Culture 500+ Virtual Tours.

With policies in place to reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), a large part of major public institutions across the globe have closed their doors.

As all art galleries, and public exhibitions have been closed due to the current outbreak, Google Arts & Culture has given us the opportunity to view and indulge into over 500 virtual tours from your phone, this is praising the power of technology and bringing recognition to what can be offered to you in this current generation – kasandrafonseca

Art museums and galleries have specifically been hit by the pandemic, with New York City’s art hubs such as the Guggenheim, The Met, MoMA, and more pausing operations despite having new exhibitions.

Google Arts & Culture 500+ Virtual Tours

This situation has echoed across the world, with Paris’ The Louvre, Musée d’Orsay, and a variety of other museums closing until further notice. As millions are stuck in self-isolation, the rise of virtual museum exploration has undoubtedly become a safe alternative to attending exhibitions physically. To help fend off the cabin fever, Google Arts & Culture has partnered with more than 500 global art museums and galleries to give the public access to some of the world’s most preeminent art collections. You can check out all of the Google Arts & Culture virtual offerings here. Hello Moto: The Return of the Fashion Flip Phone. The first era of designer phones coincided with a period of great optimism around personal technology.

Bring recognition to this time of nostalgia, the idea of having a flip phone for its simplistic original usage purposes is bring people back to the early 21st century. The simplistic practicality of these phones are perhaps striving people to go back in time – kasandrafonseca

Texting was nascent, and phones hadn’t yet become heavy with the burdens of email, work chat, Instagram.

Hello Moto: The Return of the Fashion Flip Phone

Velour track suits were in and pocketable cell phones were still something of a novelty. The Razr, with its wafer-thin profile and electroluminescent keypad, was the most novel of all. Yoon Hyup & Aches Dub Exhibits StolenSpace Gallery. As the coronavirus outbreak continues to affect art institutions around the world, London’s StolenSpace Gallery is launching two exhibitions that can be viewed remotely in virtual reality.

Yoon Hyup & Aches Dub Exhibits StolenSpace Gallery

The solo exhibitions, entitled “Kaleidoscope” and “Silence,” will spotlight the works of Korean artist Yoon Hyup and graffiti artist Aches Dub, respectively. Capturing the vivid lights of the bright city landscape, Hyup uses an abstract painting technique to create free-flowing compositions with structured lines and dots. His preference for using these forms come from his background in skateboarding, which he describes as feeling like he is flowing water. Staying true to both his geographical and artistic roots, Hyup paints this rhythmic flow in its purest form of expression, using Korea’s five basic colors — black, brown, white, blue and red — and cloud patterns.

Jure Tovrljan Social Distancing Logos. Slovenian graphic designer Jure Tovrljan has taken his talents for a light-hearted depiction of the current global coronavirus situation.

Jure Tovrljan Social Distancing Logos

In his latest body of work, the designer has referenced some of the world’s most identifiable brand logos, and has reworked them to reflect the implications the virus has had on each of the companies, highlighting last week’s trending discussion — social distancing. Companies, brands and organization that have been hit hard, like Nike, the NBA, the Olympics, and Corona Extra, have all been shown under more of a dark-comedic light. The Starbucks siren is now seen wearing a mask, the Olympic rings have now been separated, and the NBA’s Jerry West logo has been altered to show the 2019-2020 season’s suspension.

Take a look at his Coronavirus logo reinterpretations above, and see more of the designer’s work over at his Bēhance page. For more art news, you can now download free coloring pages from over 100 museums & libraries. Hamilton puts a new spin on the first digital watch. One of the truly revolutionary watches of the 20th century is making a comeback as Hamilton Watch issues an updated version of its iconic Pulsar – the world's first electronic digital wristwatch.

Hamilton puts a new spin on the first digital watch

Called the Hamilton PSR, the 50th-anniversary edition combines the then Space Age style of the original with an updated OLED/LCD hybrid display. On May 6, 1970, in a press conference at the Four Seasons restaurant in New York City, Hamilton Watch revealed its Pulsar watch to the world. It was a quartz watch, which wasn't new – Seiko had presented its Astron quartz wristwatch five months earlier. But where the Aston had an analog mechanical display, the Pulsar had no moving parts and an LED digital display set behind a red crystal made of artificial ruby. In 2020, when digital watches can be bought for a dollar, that may not seem like anything to write home about, but in 1970, it was like being beamed aboard the starship Enterprise. Face-recognition masks allow wearers to open their phones. Artist Danielle Baskin has set up Resting Risk Face, a company that will print user's faces on masks so they can use facial recognition technology while wearing them.

With the current epidemic, face masks are in high demand. this artist has designed a company willing to print your face onto masks in order to allow you to unlock your phone with face recognition without having to remove their mask. As some are concerned about unlocking your phone, simply putting in a passcode has never been removed. this comes to show how the society is so highly reliant on technology. – kasandrafonseca

Baskin, who is based in San Francisco, got the idea for the facial-recognition masks after seeing people using masks to try and protect against coronavirus. "I was discussing whether or not N95 masks were effective as a protective measure against the coronavirus and someone brought up the fact that you couldn't unlock your phone while wearing one," Baskin told Dezeen. Dezeen. Textile artist Daisy May Collingridge has designed a family of fleshy, fabric bodysuits as "a joyful representation of the human form".

This Artist has created "a joyful representation of the human form" through a form of a suit. this comes to show and bring awareness to body shaming and give us the thought of, having no such thing of a perfect or ideal body type. As influencers try to promote and make everyone want what they have, this artist is showing the bigger and realistic picture of the social norms presented to humans. – kasandrafonseca

Dubbed The Squishies, the bodysuits feature overlapping layers of skin-like rolls that have been hand-stitched from jersey and cotton. Fillings made of wadding, beanbag beans and sand are used to provide different weights and textures. Each piece looks like a playful take on the bodies seen in muscular anatomy diagrams. Some boast shades of muted pink, purple and blue, while others feature more vibrant tones of orange and yellow paired with beige hues. Małgorzata Szumowska takes on gender identity in Poland for Miu Miu’s latest short. For the 19th instalment of Miu Miu’s female-directed Women’s Tales series, the Italian luxury house tapped Polish Filmmaker Małgorzata Szumowska to tell a story.

For Miu Miu's 19th video clip for the Women’s Tales series, the short film, "Nightwalk" is an emotional and important narrative in which tells the story of two individuals living through opposite lenses of gender dysphoria and having to compromise their true selves, and as for the expectations from their parents. It hits a very strong topic in the way many individuals around the world may feel. Expressing current situations and fears amongst todays society and exploiting them through art has opened a bigger spectrum for acceptance and creates changes. – kasandrafonseca

It’s the End of the World as We Know It. PARIS — The empty auditorium of the drowned world was black with foreboding.

The recent Paris Fashion Week show has given us a glimpse of what's to come. Balenciaga demonstrated their show as a Black hole and the show included a flooded stage, in which is making a dramatic call out to the environmental crisis we are living to see. – kasandrafonseca

A gaseous, lemony scent filled the air. Every once a while a drip would ripple out through the pool of water that had swallowed the seats three rows deep. Then furious gray storm clouds rolled across an LED screen on the ceiling. An Hermès Scarf, Crystal Brooches, and Loafers: Men Are Now Dressing Like Rich Old Ladies.

There is a shift being noticed in the way men are dressing lately, with tweeds, tracksuits, "grandma" designer scarfs (they're cute though) and the shoes your grandma offers you to wear indoors. Is it a cause for nostalgia? or is this something bigger? – kasandrafonseca

How Coronavirus Is Affecting the Fashion Industry.

With the coronavirus spreading, the fashion industry alongside all corporations are being affected, and as the resort season is now off, these luxury brands will have a big economic issue. There is currently too much of a low online shopping rate for luxury brands and this will have a big effect on who will still be wanting their new season LV bag. – kasandrafonseca

Vollebak Releases an Indestructible Puffer Built from the World's Strongest Fibres. VolleBak Solar Charged Jacket.

VolleBak is taking the resources offered to them and exploiting them in multiple ways to create new and revolutionary clothing that is self charging and promotes light in dark circumstances. Adapting and creating useful garments can change the norms of fashion. – kasandrafonseca

TechCrunch fait désormais partie dâVerizon Media. A day after NASA debuted the space suits set to be worn by the first woman on the Moon, Virgin Galactic showed of its own gear at an event in New York.

This article shows the way the space sector has evolved into private investments and relating it to fashion prior to the new demand of specialized uniforms. – kasandrafonseca

Created in collaboration with fitness wear company, Under Armour, the gear is designed for wear by Virgin’s private astronauts. The getup includes a limited-edition jacket, base layer, training suit, footwear and space suit.

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