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My brother is a chef on a boat, and he illustrates the menu every day. The Wise Sloth Unfiltered advice on life May 29, 2017 My brother is a chef on a boat, and he illustrates the menu every day By wise sloth My identical twin brother works as a chef on a boat that stays out at sea for months.

My brother is a chef on a boat, and he illustrates the menu every day

Mouse-over the image to see what dish the image represents. If you want to see my drawing style, check out the links below: Share this: Like this: Related Why do I write The Wise Sloth blog? Tales From The Wise Sloth: The Cow-poline StoryIn "Tales from The Wise Sloth" Vulgarocracy: A Post Apocalyptic Tale: Chapter 1: The Sight of The Rat QueenIn "Fiction" This entry was posted on Monday, May 29th, 2017 at 12:18 pm and tagged with funny lunch menu, funny pics, funny pictures, illustrated food and posted in Art. . « My middle of the road theory on sexual morality and gender labels Feel free to leave a comment. Design sketches for Route 66 neon signs rescued, preserved by UNM professors.

This Thursday, May 11, 2017, photo shows one of the neon signs that has been refurbished along Route 66 in Albuquerque, N.M.

Design sketches for Route 66 neon signs rescued, preserved by UNM professors

University of New Mexico associate dean and architecture professor Mark Childs pointed to the detail of this motel sign as a classic example of the midcentury designs used by the sign makers and business owners to attract customers. ‘Pay Bribes Here’ Projected on Trump Hotel. Last night, Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC played host to a temporary art installation.

‘Pay Bribes Here’ Projected on Trump Hotel

The words “pay Trump bribes here” and “emoluments welcome” were projected on the front entrance of the building. The project instantly captured the attention of Twitter and went viral even as it was happening. Robin Bell Takes Credit This morning, we learned that the projection was another project of DC-based artist Robin Bell. Bell, who works as a video journalist and multimedia artist for his own Bell Visuals, has put together projects like this before. Dean Ruck : Havel Ruck Projects. Havel Ruck Projects (Dan Havel and Dean Ruck) is an artist collaborative that works in public and quasi-public environments to repurpose architectural structures and remnants of no perceived market value into works of art.

Dean Ruck : Havel Ruck Projects

By reorganizing the physical construction of unremarkable spaces and places, their interventions bring attention and recognition to under appreciated and ordinary buildings and their histories. Beginning informally in 1994 with Project O House, in collaboration with Kate Petley, the duo came together again in 2004 to create Inversion and Apt. 8 Of The Most Inventive Parents And Their Amazing Creations. The father who creates unbelievable cardboard armor for his son Warren King is a full-time father and artist with a pretty unique product: cardboard sculptures.

8 Of The Most Inventive Parents And Their Amazing Creations

Now, King is going viral for this unbelievable medieval-style cardboard armor he built for his son. 12 Curious Traffic Signs. Danger!

12 Curious Traffic Signs

UFO Abduction! Seriously, did the city sign installer really not see the extraterrestrial connection? NERD 3CSup paddling boards for surfers worlwide. Apr 13, 2017 NERD's 3CSup is an ultra light + translucent paddling board for surfers italy-based NERD studio brings forward a game-changing generation of super light and ultra-clear boards for stand up paddling, called 3CSup. both a high-tech anf eco-friendly design products, they offer a more sustainable approach, as opposed to the mass production of inflatable and foam core boards that currently beset the global market, without loss of performance. tomo 3Csup – location: lago di fiastra, MC, italy.

NERD 3CSup paddling boards for surfers worlwide

Anne Ryan’s ‘Collages’ at Davis & Langdale Company Inc., New York by BLOUIN ARTINFO (image 2) - BLOUIN ARTINFO , The Premier Global Online Destination for Art and Culture. Five of the best-designed products of all time. —A well-designed product equally elevates form and function.

Five of the best-designed products of all time

It is pleasing to look at, easy to use and solves a common problem. We reached out to five design professors and posed the following question: What’s the best-designed product of all time, and why? Their responses vary from cheap, everyday products to newer, more expensive ones. But all share a story of trial, error and ingenuity. Cutting the glare Catherine Anderson, George Washington University. Mindset headphones read your brainwaves to know when you're distracted. Mar 03, 2017 smart headphones read your brainwaves to know when you're distracted technology has a lot to answer for in terms of distractions, san fransisco-based startup mindset has teamed with onkyo to do some damage control. founded by biomedics and neuroscientists, mindset have created a pair of smart headphones that read your brain waves and give feedback to help you concentrate. the latest in wearable technology, mindset headphones are embedded with five EGG sensors—that stands for electroencephalogram, a device that tracks the electrical impulses in your brain. the phones then detect when you are in a state of concentration, and notice when you become distracted, sending you an audio cue to bring you back to focus or suggesting the exact length of break your brain needs to return to its most productive state. over time, each alert trains your mind to better recognize when it becomes distracted, leading to lasting improvements in concentration.

mindset headphones read your brainwaves to know when you're distracted

10+ Times Amateur Chefs Showed Gordon Ramsay Their Food, And Instantly Regretted Their Decision. Guy Makes Incredible Nametags Revealing Shelter Cats' Secret Opinions. Fed-Up Artist Creates Very, Very, Very, Very NSFW Trump Troll Doll. Photo Of Donald Trump In A Bathrobe Sends Redditors Into Creative Overdrive. Haunting Driftwood Sculptures By Japanese Artist Nagato Iwasaki. Realistic Baby Dolls By Russian Artist Elena Kirilenko. Atlasobscura. There are many model ships on display at the U.S.


Naval Academy, but perhaps none as special as the U.S.S. Agerholm overlooking the main lobby. This 16-foot long model is a cutaway that shows the exterior on one side, and reveals the complicated interior layout on the other. David Wooley and William Clarke write in Warships and Warship Modeling that “The Agerholm is probably the most detailed model ever built.” The World War II-era miniature destroyer was pieced together by the Gibbs and Cox Company model shop in the 1940s. Gibbs and Cox was and still is a leading naval architecture firm behind an estimated 60 percent of the present-day surface combatant fleet. It's alive! Robotic jacket mimics plants to regulate body temperature. Outerwear companies and startups have long experimented with using battery powered heat to create warmer winter garments. Startup Omius Tech believes there's a more efficient way to use that battery power in regulating personal temperature, addressing a problem that often plagues winter jackets: breathability.

The company is creating a jacket that uses artificial intelligence and robotics to automatically adjust your personal temperature during changing weather and activity levels. This might just be the smartest (and eeriest) jacket you've ever seen. Like plenty of other wearables and tech products, Omius Tech's jacket is inspired by Mother Nature.

The Silicon Valley startup looked to plants in devising a better, more natural means of temperature regulation, modeling the jacket's ventilation system after stomata, the microscopic pores that plants open and close to let gases in and out. But you'll never actually need to manually open the vents at all. Christo Protests Trump by Cancelling His Epic 'Over the River' Project - The Atlantic. Christo, the artist famous for wrapping the Reichstag, erecting orange gates in Central Park, and running miles of fabric fence through Sonoma County ranch-land, has thrown in the towel. He told the New York Times this week that he is abandoning Over the River, his plan to drape a canopy over 6 miles of Colorado’s Arkansas River, as a protest against President Donald Trump.

The Outsider Art Fair Is The Right Art World Event For Inauguration Weekend. Kengo Kuma: "I feel embarrassed by some of my buildings" With his stadium for the 2020 Olympics now underway in Tokyo, Kengo Kuma has revealed how his design involves Japan's tsunami-affected regions, how Kenzo Tange inspired his work, and why he now avoids iconic architecture at all costs. Kuma, 62, is among a number of prolific architects working in Japan at the moment, but is particularly well-known for his use of wood, on projects such as his Garden Terrace Nagasaki hotel in southwest Japan and the Yunfeng Spa Resort in China. However, the architect's early career was dominated by projects that were more experimental in style and form – the most radical example being his postmodern M2 Building, which reads as a mishmash of different architectural styles.

Fisher-Price Releases New In Utero Fetal Activity Gym. EAST AURORA, NY—Touting it as the perfect tool for entertaining and stimulating the fetus during gestation, Fisher-Price announced the release Wednesday of a new in utero activity gym. “Whether they’re batting at the friendly toucans in order to harden their cartilage into bone or tapping the multicolored light-up palm tree to test out their sense of vision once their eyes open at 28 weeks, the Fisher-Price Rainforest Friends Prenatal Activity Gym is guaranteed to give your fetus a head start and keep it happy and occupied,” said director of marketing Kevin Goldbaum, adding that the eight different preloaded songs will help fetuses grow the thalamic brain connections needed to process sound.

“It all pops right into the uterus with the included laparoscopic installation kit and can easily be adjusted as the fetus continues to grow more cell tissue. Constructivism Movement, Artists and Major Works. "The artist constructs a new symbol with his brush. This symbol is not a recognizable form of anything which is already finished, already made, already existing in the world - it is a symbol of a new world, which is being built upon and which exists by way of people.

" Synopsis Constructivism was the last and most influential modern art movement to flourish in Russia in the 20th century. It evolved just as the Bolsheviks came to power in the October Revolution of 1917, and initially it acted as a lightning rod for the hopes and ideas of many of the most advanced Russian artists who supported the revolution's goals. Autos - Why car designers stick with clay. Harley Earl, legendary vehicle stylist for General Motors from 1927 through the end of the 1950s, revolutionised the design of mass-produced automobiles by thinking of the car as a work of art — or, at least, fashion — rather than a purely utilitarian product. Peeling Back the History of Soviet Wallpaper. Culture - Why these anatomical models are not disgusting. Hidden beliefs Yet it was to be a long time before the torch had been passed. Log In. Josephine approached her client, and soon struck a deal: The man would pay $10,000 for the sculpture, and she would split the money equally with Mr.

Kostel Svatého Jiří Ghost Church – Manětín, Czech Republic. Meet Harper Goff, the legendary set designer behind Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. Meet Harper Goff, the legendary set designer behind Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. My Kids And I Spent A Year Painting Over 1,000 Rocks And Hid Them For People To Spot And Photograph. Terrifying 'Dinild Trimp' Art Makes Us Long For The Days Of Naked Trump Statues.

Making Soyuz Microphones. How Karen Finley Turned Trump and Hillary Into Brilliant Performance Art. Autos - Why is train-seat fabric so ugly? Sculptures of post-apocalyptic people in disturbing situations. The Birth Of A Weapon Pt. 1. Castle In The Sky Model. This Ridiculously Detailed Boeing 777 Model Is Made From Manila Folders. Watch Spray Paint Cans Get Hit With a Sledgehammer in Slow Motion. Liddiard Omni-directional Wheels. Autos - The rise of junkyard couture. This 19-Year-Old Makeup Artist Has Some Mad Skills (10+ Pics) Dads Compete To See Who Can Stack More Cheerios On Their Babies.

Makeup Masters Transform Young Girl Into An Old Punk. Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s ‘Floating Piers,’ Just 40 Years Late. Experience the eerie serenity of 100,000 asteroids in orbit. A recluse creates a dreamworld in miniature to grapple with his world at large. Coolmaterial. This custom-built retro lawnmower will make you want to do yard work. Mokumono's monocoque design catches the eye – and brings manufacturing home. Perceptions. Culture - Stuart Haygarth's Strand: The strange beauty of lost rubbish. How Gold Leaf Is Made. Keep your voice in a pot, pour it out when you're done.

Exceptionally Cool Dad Helps His Daughter Make Her Own Ring from Scratch. My 6-Year-Old With Autism Creates Masterpieces With Her Therapy Cat, This Is How Her Life Changed. What Classic Literature Looks Like Without the Words. Review: Jellyfish Cylinder Nano home aquarium. 'Like a beautiful painting': image of New Year's mayhem in Manchester goes viral. The creepy beauty of VCR errors. Christina West’s Candy Colored Spray Painted Spin On Classical Sculpture. Unbelievable Skeletons Unearthed From The Catacombs Of Rome. Da Vinci's Hidden Portrait Revealed Beneath the <i>Mona Lisa</i>

Christopher chiappa fills kate werble gallery with 7,000 fried eggs. These Granny Panties Will Revolutionize Your Sex Life. In Photos: Every Single Object a Person Touches in a Day. Alexey kondakov integrates classical art with contemporary city scenes. Morbid Portraits That Will Make You Sleep With One Eye Open. 10 Coolest Weather Simulations. Miniature Movie Sets Crafted With Such Detail You Won’t Believe Your Eyes. Amandine Urruty’s Bizarre Monochromatic Drawings Depict Adorably Frightening Dreamscapes That Will Haunt You In Your Sleep.

10 Trendy (And Some Inappropriate) Halloween Costumes for 2015. Jose Romussi Embroiders His Vision Of Beauty On Top Of Fashion Photographs. Konstantin Kofta. Jellyfish Art. Pulse II Duo - Hot Octopuss. Maurice Mikkers’ Stunning Photographs Of Tears Reveal Their Crystalized Magnificence. Tattoo Artist Transforms Scars Of Domestic Violence And Mastectomies Into Empowering Works Of Art. MB&F Arachnophobia Table Clock Is Giant Time-Telling Spider On Your Desk Or Wall. Superman Toy Taped To Flying Drone Is Better Than Superman Movie. Animated Gifs Illustrate Traditional Japanese Woodblock Prints With Humour And Fantasy - Beautiful/Decay. Jordan Wolfson's Provocative And Sassy Female Life-Like Robot That Will Boss You Around - Beautiful/Decay. Janis Straupe Carves An Exquisite Cabinet In The Shape Of An Enormous Beetle - Beautiful/Decay.

Sandra Osip Sculpts Ruined And Piled-Up Houses Inspired By Detroit’s Decay - Beautiful/Decay. Coolmaterial. Stop Trying To Be Creative. Renato Garza Cervera’s Thought Provoking Work Turns Gang Members Into Gruesome Hyper Realist Skin Rugs - Beautiful/Decay. Another 12 of the Coolest Benches. Baptiste Debombourg Creates A Celestial Installation Made Out Of A Thousand Chairs - Beautiful/Decay. Stephanie Calvert Transforms Decades Of Trash Collected By Her Hoarder Parents Into Sculptures - Beautiful/Decay. The indigestible fleshy sculpture of cao hui.

Sarah Cameron Sunde Stands In The Ocean For 12 Hours Letting The Tide Rise And Fall Over Her Body - Beautiful/Decay. Patricia Piccinini’s Hyperreal, Mutated Creatures Raise Questions Of Genetic Manipulation and Cloning - Beautiful/Decay. Russia Constructivism. DIY: Razor Clam Pendant Light: Gardenista. Girls Don't Poop - - Poo~Pourri. 100-year-old chalkboard drawings found in Oklahoma school. [Video] Postcards from Tomorrow: Julie Watai's Manga-Inspired Photography. The Nature of Things: Daisy Youngblood’s Clay, Sticks and Stones. Evidence for Neandertal Jewelry: Modified White-Tailed Eagle Claws at Krapina.