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Nike TPU Face Shields and PAPR Lenses for Medical Staff. Sportswear giant Nike recently announced its plans to contribute towards COVID-19 relief by working closely with the Oregon Health & Science University and producing face shields for medical personnel, and now the company has unveiled the product of its efforts: full face shields and air-purifying respirator lenses crafted with components originally destined for its footwear and apparel lines.

The extreme times we are living it is making a lot of industries to mantain open in order to help and provide most of the market so nothing goes on shortage. In this case Nike helping with repurposed materials to prevent the expand of the cover-19 – ramonbermudez7

Parts such as collar padding for sneakers or cords for clothing have been repurposed.

Nike TPU Face Shields and PAPR Lenses for Medical Staff

Vincent van Gogh Painting Stolen Singer Laren. On Monday morning, a painting by Vincent van Gogh was stolen from the Singer Laren museum in the Netherlands.

Vincent van Gogh Painting Stolen Singer Laren

Thieves broke into the museum at 3:15 a.m. GMT+2 and made off with the Dutch artist’s 1884 painting The Parsonage Garden at Nuenen in Spring, which is estimated to be worth up to £5 million (approx. $6.2 million USD). How Independent Designers Are Responding to COVID-19. Today’s climate is unprecedented.

How Independent Designers Are Responding to COVID-19

The global COVID-19 outbreak has forced the fashion industry to close stores and warehouse facilities; more recently, some stockists have even stopped online activity, which was keeping many small brands afloat. British designers such as Bianca Saunders, Daniel W. Absence – PYLOT Magazine. Hello Moto: The Return of the Fashion Flip Phone. The first era of designer phones coincided with a period of great optimism around personal technology.

The nostalgia found on flip phones and the connection generated by calling on the phone instead of texting is inspiring the market to offer some retro lines and take consumers back to early's 2000's with the comeback of these small phones that are practical but limited in functions with very specific usages. – ramonbermudez7

Texting was nascent, and phones hadn’t yet become heavy with the burdens of email, work chat, Instagram.

Hello Moto: The Return of the Fashion Flip Phone

Velour track suits were in and pocketable cell phones were still something of a novelty. Nike House of Innovation 000: Inside the Swoosh's Insane 68,000-Square-Foot NYC Flagship. A 3D printed pavilion made of sand - MaterialDistrict. A collaboration between Mamou-Mani & Studio Precht, the Sandwaves is the largest sand-printed installation to date, made of 58 3D printed elements of sand and furan resin.

3D printed materials are expanding to bring us newer possibilities to express ideas in many ways, in this specific case, sand and resin is being 3D printed to give new access and textures that can be applied to many fashion aspects like retailers, showcases, runways and maybe accessories. – ramonbermudez7

Made for the Diryah Season event curated by Design Lab Experience, the 58 3D printed elements form a continuous ribbon for people to pass through.

A 3D printed pavilion made of sand - MaterialDistrict

Turning food waste into biodegradable plastics - MaterialDistrict. Combining architecture and fashion - MaterialDistrict. With Resilient Skin Code, a collaboration between the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London and the Design School of Politecnico di Milano, participants explored new links between architecture and fashion design, working out wearable structures that also form a shelter.

It is interesting to explore links between design, architecture and fashion. This time architecture inspired fashion to have very structured designs, sharp angles and explore different kind of shapes that are often seen in buildings, bridges and that ended up being very interesting wearables. – ramonbermudez7

Architecture and fashion have been drawing influence from each other in terms of form-finding processes, digital techniques, digital fabrication processes, material organisation, etc.

Combining architecture and fashion - MaterialDistrict

The school studied new relationships between architecture, fashion design and resilience. The aim was to create a piece of fashion-architecture, focusing on ergonomic scale, small scale structures, such as a pavilion, sustainability and environmental issues. The participants explored advanced computational skills and combined digital fabrication techniques with craftsmanship. Animal Crossing Fashion Archive Founder Interview.

With social distancing in full effect for many around the globe, the outside world remains on hold for the foreseeable future.

Animal Crossing Fashion Archive Founder Interview

Thankfully, the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch this month offered a new escape for players isolated at home to not only create their own world, but also remain connected with friends and family. The game has no goal, no time constraints, no simulated violence, and no real stressors at all. Players can hunt, fish, pick fruit, build furniture, visit other islands and even design their own outfits using Animal Crossing’s Pro Designs feature. It’s that last capability that inspired the Animal Crossing Fashion Archive.

The Rise of Video Game Vanity: Or, Why Skins Sell.

It is very interesting to see the rise of virtual skins our looks that essentially let gamers express themselves and differentiate from each other based on a visual modification, from arms to outfits these skins are a new level where fashion and design are making a big impact. – ramonbermudez7

Tyvek® by DuPont™ [One of the most accessible tech materials]

Seeing new materials adapted to the fashion industry is key to give unique looks, find alternatives and create through sensations or textures. A material like this give unique properties to a garment and can easily give a new feeling to regular garments as well. – ramonbermudez7

Paris Brings High Fashion to Sneaker Culture.

I believe that this article reflects the way society has been incorporating activewear more in their day to day lifestyle and not for performance purposes only. Article "Activewear is the new year hot search category as sculpted leggings demand rockets, says Lyst" Taken from the news section of WGSN – ramonbermudez7

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