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5 Fun Geography Games for Geography Awareness Week. On each of the previous three days I've shared some resources and ideas for Geography Awareness Week.

5 Fun Geography Games for Geography Awareness Week

Continuing that pattern, here are five fun games that your students can play to test and develop their knowledge of geography. GameOn World is a multiplayer geography game developed by a high school teacher and his student in Portland, Maine. The game is similar in structure to that of Kahoot. In GameOn World the teacher selects a game category (cities, places, and timeline are three of the nine categories) and starts the game. The students join the game by going to GameOn.World and entering a game pin.

Spacehopper is a game based on Google Maps Street View imagery. Smarty Pins is a Google Maps game develop by Google. Capital Toss is a free geography game from ABCya. GameOn.World - Online Trivia Game. Mineralogy 4 Kids : Welcome. The Rock Cycle . Introduction. Britain from the Air - Free Outdoor Street Gallery. Geography Homework Help for Kids - Woodlands Geography. Geocaching - The Official Global GPS Cache Hunt Site. The Secret - Planet Earth HD. Discovery Student Adventures.

The Geography Zone. GeoGreeting! - A resource of British Life and Culture in the UK by Woodlands Junior. This Dynamic Earth. View of the planet Earth from the Apollo spacecraft.

This Dynamic Earth

The Red Sea, which separates Saudi Arabia from the continent of Africa, is clearly visible at the top. (Photograph courtesy of NASA.) Ordering Instructions This book was originally published in paper form in February 1996 (design and coordination by Martha Kiger; illustrations and production by Jane Russell). It is for sale from: U.S. Or it can be ordered directly from the U.S. Call toll-free 1-888-ASK-USGS Or write to USGS Information Services Box 25286, Building 810 Denver Federal Center Denver, CO 80225 303-202-4700; Fax 303-202-4693 Version History Version 1.20 The online edition contains all text from the original book in its entirety.

Linked Websites Please visit the Smithsonian Institution This Dynamic Planet website. See also This Dynamic Planet, the map showing the Earth's physiographic features, current plate movements, and locations of volcanoes, earthquakes, and impact craters. World Wonders Project.

Loading Explore stories from around the world Circular forms.

World Wonders Project

Sun and Moon by Robert Delaunay Kunsthaus Zürich Your daily digestWednesday 28 December Stories of the day Virtual tours ExploreTaj Mahal ExploreTheatro Municipal do Rio de Janeiro ExploreVilla Arson. GeoGuessr - Let's explore the world! Geography - Glossary. Geography & Geology For Kids. Crayon Rocks. We've had a very, very warm winter here in Michigan.

Crayon Rocks

With such little snow, the ground has been exposed and my little rock hounds have been collecting rocks again. I thought we'd revisit the types of rocks again (sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous) - but this time give them a more active and visual way to think about how each are formed. There are many examples of creating rocks from crayons, but this pdf from the the Exploratorium is very helpful. Materials Needed: crayons, several of each in four different colorscrayon or pencil sharpener4 containers for holding the crayon shavings3-6"x6" pieces of aluminum foilpopsicle stick or other disposable stirrer mugboiling waterProcess: Unwrap the crayons and use the sharpener to create shavings.

Sedimentary rocks Sedimentary rocks are formed from sediments (tiny rock particles that were created by weathering or erosion) that were layered and then compressed. Klikaklu: Picture Treasure Hunts and Scavenger Hunts on Your iPhone. Geocaching - The Official Global GPS Cache Hunt Site. Geo-Primary. Assessing Primary Geography Teacher assessment is a complex matter, but here are a few tools to help you with part of the process.


Principles and purposes of assessment These are some special assessment tasks devised by teachers in Staffordshire and Derby. They are designed to be completed by pupils, generally towards the end of a unit, to help teachers judge what pupils know, understand and can do, in order to help teachers assess pupils' progress. These are all Word files, so can be adapted to suit your needs Recording pupils' progress These examples of recording grids are useful to help you devise your own. Working on your own moderating pupils' attainment can be very difficult. Geography - Primary Resources. Geography Champions - Primary Geography Champions Network.

Streetmap - Maps and directions for the whole of Great Britain. Schools Ages 4-11 - Geography Sites. Rocks For Kids. Gallery of World Virtual Tours - 360° panoramas - #Geography #Education #GeoEd #Geo #GIS #Teaching #Learning #OutdoorEd #Fieldwork #GuerrillaGeography #GAWeek.

Know Britain Site for British Culture, Customs, History and Directory of Hotels and Guest Houses. Fun Sites for Primary Pupils - Geography. Real-time Earthquake Map. Geograph British Isles - photograph every grid square! UK. Official name: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Location: located off the north-western coast of continental Europe.


It spans an archipelago including Great Britain, the northeastern part of the island of Ireland, and many smaller islands.Northern Ireland is the only part of the UK with a land border with another sovereign state, sharing it with the Republic of Ireland Apart from this land border, the UK is surrounded by the Atlantic Sea, the North Sea, the English Channell, and the Irish Sea. The United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy and unitary state. It is a country consisting of four countries: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. It is governed by a parliamentary system with its seat of government in the capital city of London. Capital: LONDON Dependencies: The United Kingdom has sovereignty over seventeen territories which do not form part of the United Kingdom itself, 14 British Overseas Territories and three Crown Dependencies.