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World Wonders Project

World Wonders Project
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Virtual Field Trips What it is: Google has a way-cool new project called the World Wonders Project. Thanks to Google, you can now wander the Earth with your students virtually to discover some of the most famous sites on earth. The site makes a great addition to the history and geography classroom and opens your classroom to the wider world. Not only are wonders of the modern world available, students can also explore wonders of the ancient world. Using the street-view technology from Google maps, Google has made wonders of the world available to all of us at any time. Themes include archaeological sites, architecture, cities and towns, historic sites, monuments and memorials, palaces and castles, parks and gardens, places of worship, regions and landscapes, and wonders of nature.

Creator Processing ... Personal $ Svg $20 ✓ 25 Awesome Virtual Learning Experiences Online - Virtual Education Websites Just because you’re online doesn’t mean that you can’t experience the world first-hand — or as close to first-hand as possible. Here are websites that feature virtual learning experiences, exposing online visitors to everything from history to geography, astronomy to anatomy, literature to government. 7 Wonders Panoramas – 360-degree views of the Seven Wonders of the World. 25 Stats That Show How Marketing Is Changing Raise your hand if you’ve heard that B2B brands that blog receive 67 percent more leads, or that only about one-third of marketers have a documented content strategy. Now put your hand down. You work in an open office and look kind of crazy. Point is, we tend to encounter the same content marketing stats over and over.

Pharaohs Quest : Comic maker LEGO, the LEGO logo, DUPLO, LEGENDS OF CHIMA, MINDSTORMS, MIXELS and the Minifigure are trademarks of the LEGO Group. ©2014 The LEGO Group. All rights reserved. Use of this site signifies your agreement to the terms of use. TM & © DC Comics. (s14) DISS 3 Home Page This Database contains data, software, texts and elaborations prepared by researchers of the Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia. The intellectual property rights of the Database are owned by the Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia. Except where otherwise noted, all Database contents are: © INGV 2005-2009 - Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia - All rights reserved. Permission to use, copy or reproduce parts of the Database is granted subject to full acknowledgement of the source in the following form:

Killick Centre for E-Learning Research Killick Centre for E-Learning Research I mentioned the project housed at Memorial University of Newfoundland that is funded by the federal Government through the the Community-University Research Alliance (CURA) Program of the the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC), which “aims to foster innovative research, training and new knowledge in the area of e-learning in the field of education.” One of the main partners in this research is the provincial virtual school, the Centre for Distance Learning and Innovation. Anyway, I was poking around their website a couple of days ago and noticed some new links.

Films from the Home Front 'Films from the Home Front' brings together a collection of unique moving images illustrating what life was like for ordinary people in Britain during the Second World War, as seen through amateur documentaries, newsreels, government films, and home movies. Browse the Theme section to discover films illustrating how the home guard trained, how community and home life continued during the war, how women's roles changed and many other subjects. Or browse by Archive to see examples of films held in regional archive collections around the UK.

10 Websites For Virtual Sightseeing With Travel Videos Advertisement Whether it is the backpacking thrill seeker or the armchair traveler, the internet is definitely the first place on the itinerary for most. The rich variety of travel websites cover every conceivable route to reach a destination and seek out its sights. You can start your foray with 10 Travel Websites That Should Be Bookmarked and then cruise through our travel tips. But one little bit is still missing. 10 Travel Websites that should be Bookmarked 10 Travel Websites that should be Bookmarked Read More

Evolution of Home Video Game Consoles: 1967 – 2011 Video gaming has come a long way since the early days of Pong and Pac-man. We can now play affordable games of high calibre with 3D graphics and awesome interactivity in the comfort of our home, taking for granted the little and subtle improvements made to each and every consoles before becoming what they are today. In a way, the aggressive competition between companies of video game consoles had churned out the superior features of video gaming to bring to us the excellent quality we see today. As you shall see below, the evolution of video game consoles is indeed intriguing. Get to Know a Projection: Gene Keyes' 40-Year Quest for the Perfect Map - Wired Science Gene Keyes and his hand-drawn Cahill-Keyes projection. (Credit: Gene Keyes) All Gene Keyes ever wanted was a perfect map. It would have all the features in proportion, measured and accurate down to the tightest possible measurement. It would be a map he could look at for hours, days, years.

Internet Catalogue Teacher Notes I used to enjoy taking my classes on Field Trips. Not only did I take them to historical sites and museums but to offices, libraries, courts and even the theatre as well as work sites. Have your students help plan the trip. Social Media Counter Facebook 18 New users Share 6 New mobile users Share 7,500 Messages Share 14,649 Status updates Share 2,499 Shared links Share 5,001 Friends requests Share 6,801 Uploaded photos Share Twitter 2 New users Share 1 New mobile users Share 17,361 Tweets Share 72,918 Searches Share Youtube 138,888 Views Share 34,722 Mobile views Share 0 Uploaded videos (hr) Share

About From the archaeological areas of Pompeii to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial, Google’s World Wonders Project aims to bring to life the wonders of the modern and ancient world. by angel_aldana Jan 11

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