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Geocaching - The Official Global GPS Cache Hunt Site

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Crayon Rocks We've had a very, very warm winter here in Michigan. With such little snow, the ground has been exposed and my little rock hounds have been collecting rocks again. I thought we'd revisit the types of rocks again (sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous) - but this time give them a more active and visual way to think about how each are formed. Organize Your Internship Applications with a Spreadsheet - HackCollege - Student-Powered Lifehacking Spreadsheets are love.Last week, I talked about how to make your resume and cover letter stand out by choosing your words carefully. Even as you’re preparing to get your internship and job materials up to snuff, it’s important to keep all of your stuff organized. With all of internship opportunities that you’ll be looking into, sometimes keeping track of which internship or job has which requirement and which due date can get overwhelming.

Geocaching Maps Search for Geocaches Search by Address or Coordinates. Filter Caches Filterable Cache Types * * Includes Premium Member Caches: 500 m How to negotiate better than 99% of people In college, I had the opportunity to teach a “Student-Initiated Course,” or basically a course on whatever I wanted. So I got together with two of my friends and we put together a course on religious studies. Now, Stanford gave us incredible flexibility to teach essentially whatever we wanted…but the student instructors never got letter grades — it was always Pass/No Pass (everybody always passed), issued by the sponsoring professor. Until we came along. You see, I was never the smartest person in any school I attended.

Geocaching 101 Welcome to the geocaching community! If you still have questions after reviewing this information, we recommend that you search our Help Center or ask a question in the geocaching Forums. The Game Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location. At its simplest level, geocaching requires these 8 steps: UK Official name: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Location: located off the north-western coast of continental Europe. It spans an archipelago including Great Britain, the northeastern part of the island of Ireland, and many smaller islands.Northern Ireland is the only part of the UK with a land border with another sovereign state, sharing it with the Republic of Ireland Apart from this land border, the UK is surrounded by the Atlantic Sea, the North Sea, the English Channell, and the Irish Sea. The United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy and unitary state. It is a country consisting of four countries: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. It is governed by a parliamentary system with its seat of government in the capital city of London.

16 Hidden Gems of London London – the land of tea and crumpets, the Queen and the red phoneboxes. Every guide book will tell you to stop at Trafalgar Square or look around Harrods. But if you want to try something a bit more, well, local, then try these places out. OpenCaching Get a Device GPSMAP 64 comes preloaded with the coordinates of more than 250,000 geocaches so it’s ready to start searching right out of the box. Garmin also offers a variety of lightweight, rugged, waterproof GPS handhelds perfect for geocaching.

Barcode Yourself by Scott Blake Barcode Yourself is a complete, interactive experience in the series of barcode art, created using the personalized data of participants. Enter an individual's gender, weight, height, age and location, and the barcode is formed using real-world data. The individualized barcode can then be printed, mapped, scanned, even depicted on a t-shirt or coffee mug. Uber-geeks can even test out their barcodes on their next grocery run. It is in scanning a barcode that the project reveals its humor, like a banner that reads: Disclaimer! Human beings are not merely worth somewhere between one cent and 10 dollars. My Class Facebook: Screen shots Here are some screen shots showing how I used FB in the class this year. I posted a lot of pictures and videos but most of the examples below are other content for security reasons. We raised a caterpillar/butterfly and documented his growth and changes on FB. When the kids presented their animal project I videoed each of them and then posted the complete video on FB. Parents were able to see their child’s presentation this way. I like this example because it was one of the many times a parent posted something that extended or enriched our learning.

My cousin got me started geocaching. She inspired me to hide my first two in my home town. She even climbed to the first Mount Everest base camp and located the cache there. by itosukai May 16

Well I have hidden 16 caches at the movement but right now its a bit too much snow around. by grundtvig4 Feb 1

I too dislake caches where you have to take great risks and prefer caches which are nicly placed and where you can sign on a dry pice of paper. by grundtvig4 Feb 1

Nice. We have found a few but have hid none. We love the historical finds, HATE micros. Often they are so difficult to locate and not very interesting. Team Wolfseekers! by jadams Jun 2

Matchbox or film canister should be the smallest. Magnet key holders are ok too. by geo_48 May 25

We are begginners ; we enjoyed this one : la roche de Longemor N 48° 08.521 E 006° 42.518 ;-) by nath88 May 24

I do hide them occationally. I love the ones that really are creative and unusual.. BUT I absolutly DISPISE micros, especially in trees or rock. I believe caches should be hard to hide, not impossible to find by mrdiamond May 24

It has been a couple years since we hid a cache. We do have a couple travel bugs out there. But, I haven't checked on them lately. by georgebrett May 24

I think a cool idea would be to integrate social networking (e.g. gowalla or stickybits with geocaching). For example, put note for a gowalla location. At the gowalla location, put note for the final cache coordinates. by mdelaplane Dec 13

Simply one of the coolest things of our time. A game most people don't even know is going on around them... by the_third_man Dec 11

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