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UK life 'healthier for longer', ONS figures show. 29 August 2012Last updated at 12:32 GMT By Anna-Marie Lever Health reporter, BBC News Men spend a greater proportion of their lives in favourable health compared to women People in the UK are living in good health for longer, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) reports.

UK life 'healthier for longer', ONS figures show

Healthy life expectancy (HLE) increased by more than two years in the period 2008-10 compared with 2005-07. The proportion of life spent in good health has increased in England and Wales, but fallen in Scotland and Northern Ireland. The ONS figures also show that more than four-fifths of a lifetime in the UK is spent in good health from birth. Ed Jessop, Vice President of the Faculty of Public Health said: ""These figures are encouraging. "But the gap between the health "haves" and "have nots" has widened, particularly for men living in Northern Ireland. "We need action now to address the root causes of these health inequalities.

Gender gap Continue reading the main story Healthy life expectancy (years): OtherAberdeen: Woonerf for the Denburn Valley Development. Word comes from the European Commission that, for the sake of the future, for the sake of sustainability and for the sake of liveability, it is their aspiration that petrol and diesel vehicles be banned from urban centres by 2050.

OtherAberdeen: Woonerf for the Denburn Valley Development.

As radical pedestrians and utility cyclists, naturally, this is exactly the sort of thing we want to hear. This weekend, the taste of exhaust pollution in the centre of Aberdeen was quite disgusting, the noise-stress was unbearable and the vast majority of people (pedestrians) were, as usual, crammed into their tiny pavement allocation by the car drivers who use the space allocated to them on our town centre's roads to the exclusion of all other potential utility that might be gained from that precious urban space. A radical daydream creeps into our consciousness, a vision of a pleasant city centre which is proud to display both its heritage and its faith in the future. And so our radical daydream turns into achievable vision.

We're not joking. Union Terrace Gardens plan approved. Sir Ian Wood’s £140million vision for Aberdeen’s Union Terrace Gardens has been approved by councillors.

Union Terrace Gardens plan approved

Aberdeen City councillors voted 20 to seven in favour of the proposals to accept the tycoon's £50m donation to build a new City Square, with 12 abstentions. The oil tycoon has offered to put forward £50million of his own money towards plans to raise the gardens to street level and turn it into a civic square. The venture was approved at a meeting of the full council on Wednesday despite the plans being rejected in a public consultation - with around 55% of participants voting against it. The emergence of Sir Ian’s vision jeopardised an earlier development by Peacock Visual Arts who wanted to build an arts centre in the gardens. The group has said it would face a "grim" future if its proposal to build an arts centre in the gardens was turned down.

Peacock has already stated that it would be unable to secure its funding if it was to be incorporated into Sir Ian's City Square Project. Zoe Corsi - Aberdeen Voice. Old Susannah looks back over a week in Aberdeen which felt like a month whizzing by in a day and wonders how much of it was real, and how much more connectivity she can make sense of.

Zoe Corsi - Aberdeen Voice

The past week in the Granite City was as vibrant and dynamic as you could have hoped for. There were walks and photos on Tullos Hill, and photos taken on Belmont Street, to the outrage of security guards. The opening of the exhibition at the Pier (that’s one of the empty shops at the Academy shopping centre in case you didn’t know) for the six design finalists was of course the pinnacle of everyone’s week if not existence.

On the VIP ONLY opening day, an entire 5 people showed up before 9am to marvel at the designs. These were our very own Lord Provost, Jennifer Craw, Aileen ‘Ho’Malone, Kate Dean, and a charming blonde woman with clipboard, supposed by many to be Zoe Corsi from the BIG Partnership. It was as if all my Halloweens had come at once. Look away now if you are of a sensitive disposition. Aberdeen's divisive City Garden project hangs in the balance. It is touted as one of the most daring urban park projects seen in Scotland: a spider's web of arching concrete walkways, tree-lined paths and theatres capped by landscaped grounds for central Aberdeen, kickstarted with a £50m gift from the city's richest man.

Aberdeen's divisive City Garden project hangs in the balance

But for the past two years the City Garden project, which is replacing Aberdeen's steeply sided Victorian-era park at Union Terrace Gardens with a £140m park and arts complex, has split the oil-rich city.


Four. Three. Two. One. Nature and Need for Urban Parks.pdf.