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A Fascinating 3D Animation Shows the Depths of the Ocean. Deep sea exploration and the science of oceanography began 150 years ago when British survey ship HMS Challenger set off from Portsmouth with 181 miles of rope.

A Fascinating 3D Animation Shows the Depths of the Ocean

The Royal Society tasked the expedition, among other things, with “investigat[ing] the physical conditions of the deep sea… in regard to depth, temperature circulation, specific gravity and penetration of light.” It was the first such voyage of its kind. To accomplish its objectives, Challenger swapped all but two of its guns for specialized equipment, including — as assistant ship’s steward Joseph Matkin described in a letter home — “thousands of small air tight bottles and little boxes about the size of Valentine boxes packed in Iron Tanks for keeping specimens in, insects, butterflies, mosses, plants, etc… a photographic room on the main deck, also a dissecting room for carving up Bears, Whales, etc.” Findings from the four-year voyage totaled almost thirty-thousand pages when published in a report. Watch "The Impossible Map," a Short Animated Film That Uses a Grapefruit to Show Why Maps of the Earth Are Misleading (1947) There are any number of ways one might try to turn a globe into a two-dimensional surface.

Watch "The Impossible Map," a Short Animated Film That Uses a Grapefruit to Show Why Maps of the Earth Are Misleading (1947)

You could start by cutting it down the middle, as in this Vox video on world maps. You could choose volunteers and have them come up to the head of the class and peel oranges in one piece, flattening out the strips onto an overhead projector, as in this National Geographic lesson on world maps. Or, you might attack an already halved grapefruit peel with a rolling pin, as in the National Film Board of Canada’s animated short, “The Impossible Map,” above. Indigenous Weather Knowledge. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have developed an intricate understanding of the environment over many thousands of years.

Indigenous Weather Knowledge

The mystery of the Murray-Darling's vanishing flows. EOSDIS Worldview. Ten Fun and Challenging Geography Games for Students of All Ages. Over the years I've tried dozens of online geography games for students of all ages.

Ten Fun and Challenging Geography Games for Students of All Ages

Many have come and gone over the years but the following geography games are still going strong. WikiWhere is a neat map-based trivia game. The goal of the game is to identify cities based on their descriptions. How to Measure Distances in Google Maps (Browser Version) YouTube. 8 Options for Making Digital Maps. In yesterday's post about English Heritage's Map of Myth, Legend, and Folklore I included a mention of using StoryMap JS to create interactive maps. Timelapse – Google Earth Engine. GatherIQ App. Ten Great Tech Tools for Social Studies Lessons. Over the last decade I've written about a lot of excellent resources for social studies lessons.

Ten Great Tech Tools for Social Studies Lessons

Over time some of those tools have faded away and others have moved to the forefront of my top recommendations. Here's my current list of ten top tools for social studies lessons. Timeline JS Timeline projects as as old as history classes themselves. It used to be that timelines were only made on paper. Today, students can build timelines that include videos, audio recordings, pictures, and interactive maps. StoryMap JSStoryMap JS is produced by the same people that make Timeline JS. How each country's population will change in the next 30 years - Axios.

Interactive: How diverse is my suburb. How to Measure Distance in Google Earth. Where on Google Earth is Carmen Sandiego? Folding paper globes - origami globes - MapScaping. Whether you are looking for a fun family project, a teaching resource or just want something interesting and unique to decorate your home or office with these printable globes are just the thing.

The graphic on each globe is not just a pretty picture, made from real topographic data, each globe is a great way of exploring our earth. The globes are designed to be printed in A3 but A4 is fine too. But generally the bigger they are the easier they are to fold! Global Youth Perspectives. WallaMe. Misconceptions. Human Terrain. People on the Move - Exhibitions. Windy: Wind map & weather forecast. Collections - Collections - Maps on the Web. Country Comparisons - IndexMundi. International statistics: Compare countries on just about anything!

StatPlanet Cloud. World by Map: Statistics, Maps and Charts. Global Oneness Project. Walking in Tokyo.


10 Photo Essays for Global Learning. Ancient Earth globe. What Causes Ocean Currents? The systems of ocean surface currents and deep water currents are, as expected, connected, but the locations of the physical connections are limited to three areas (one per main ocean), and are all on the Northern Hemisphere.

What Causes Ocean Currents?

You decide Australia's population, we'll show you how it looks. Australia's population has more than quadrupled in the past century, with the number of people tipped to reach 25 million this year.

You decide Australia's population, we'll show you how it looks

If current trends continue the population will top 40 million within 40 years. Some say Australia should have stopped growing decades ago. Others point out Australia is a wealthy country with plenty of space to welcome more. This is your chance to decide how big (or small) you think Australia should be. Glossary of geography terms. A[edit] absolute humidity The mass of water vapor in the atmosphere per unit of volume of space.[1] absolute location.

Glossary of geography terms

AQA 8035 SSV. Countries, economies and regions. Country profiles. How a three-decade remaking of the city revived the buzz of 'Marvellous Melbourne' In the gallery of Australian art at Federation Square hangs John Brack’s iconic portrait of Melbourne in the 1950s — Collins Street, 5pm.

How a three-decade remaking of the city revived the buzz of 'Marvellous Melbourne'

This painting of the ritual march home from work to the suburbs depicts a city full of people and buildings, yet monochromatic and flat. It has become iconic not only because it captured a mid-20th-century conformity, but also because it stood for the loss of an intensive urbanity that had flourished in the “Marvellous Melbourne” of the late 19th century. While this era came to a crashing end with the 1890s depression, Melbourne did not fall into decline so much as into conformity and staidness. This Massive Map Shows All of the World's Borders by Age.

To view the full resolution version of this massive map, click here.

This Massive Map Shows All of the World's Borders by Age

Animation: Human Population Growth Over All of History. Imagine that for every million people on Earth, there was a single dot on a map. In total, that would be about 7,600 dots – representing today’s global population of 7.6 billion. But, what if we went back in time, and watched those dots accumulate over human history? When and where do the first dots appear, and when does population growth ramp up to get to the billions of people that are alive today? The History of Population Growth Today’s animation comes from the American Museum of Natural History, and it shows over 200,000 years of population growth and the major events along the way.

OpenStreetMap Reviews. Dollar Street. National Geographic. How to measure distance and area on google maps. Cultural Atlas - Intro. The 10 Worst River Basins Contributing to Ocean Plastics. “[A new paper], published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology, calculates that rivers contribute between 410,000 and 4 million tonnes a year to oceanic plastic debris, with 88 to 95% [of that total] coming from only 10. Those rivers are the Yangtze, Yellow, Hai He, Pearl, Amur and Mekong in east Asia, the Indus and Ganges Delta in south Asia, and the Niger and Nile in Africa.” Source: Discover - Walking Maps. 51 World Geography Games for Kids. World Geography Games is a free site that features 51 geography games. The games are simple identification games in which students are shown the name of a country, state, city, or geographic feature and then have to click on the correct locations.

Students earn points for each correct answer. World Geography Games tracks how many attempts students make at correctly answering each question. Google Maps. Three Geography Games Based on Google Maps and Google Earth. From Ptolemy to GPS, the Brief History of Maps. Home. SilkRoad. This video ultimately explains why all world maps are wrong. Geographia - World Travel Destinations, Culture and History Guide. Brand New Subway. The online map game. Guess the Travel Destination! Inspiration for your next Break No matter what your budget allows, we will help you save your pennies. GeoGuessr - Let's explore the world!

360° Aerial Panoramas, 3D Virtual Tours Around the World, Photos of the Most Interesting Places on the Earth. History of Cartography. Early world maps. How to read a map. Idea Index - National Geographic Society. 40 maps that explain the world. By Max Fisher By Max Fisher August 12, 2013. 40 Maps That Will Help You Make Sense of the World. If you’re a visual learner like myself, then you know maps, charts and infographics can really help bring data and information to life. An Interactive Experience.

Draw On Maps and Make Them Easily. Global Trek: Virtual Travel Around the World. A Sense of Place. Index Mundi - Country Facts. Social Studies. 25 National Flags And Their Meanings. Originating on battlefields as a means of identification, national flags have come a long way since their bloody conception. Flying in courthouses, classrooms, and fire stations they typically hold symbolic significance for the nation and have complex meanings ingrained into their designs. So go ahead and test yourself on your flag knowledge because these are 25 national flags and their meanings. OpenStreetMap. Earth at Night 2012. Account Options Sign in. Kids' Corner, State of Alaska.

Worldmapper: The world as you've never seen it before. Rader's GEOGRAPHY 4 KIDS.COM. GmapGIS - A web based GIS application to draw on Google maps: polygons, lines, markers and labels.

Tours from Above – Aerial Virtual Tour Photography worldwide. Geographical Association - home. Maps. TimeMaps - World History Atlas. Old Maps Online.


Geography Resources.