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DREAMING STORIES. FAMOUS INDIGENOUS AUSTRALIANS. Aboriginal and or Torres Strait Islander Resource - NCACL. ATSI Books in BPS Library. Narragunnawali - Curriculum Resources. Healing Foundation - Healing Foundation. National Museum of Australia. Bruce Pascoe: Aboriginal agriculture, technology and ingenuity - History,Geography,Science,Technologies (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10) In 2014, Bruce Pascoe wrote a book called Dark Emu that challenged the belief that the First Australians were hunter-gatherers.

Bruce Pascoe: Aboriginal agriculture, technology and ingenuity - History,Geography,Science,Technologies (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10)

In researching his book, Bruce examined the journals of the early explorers and found evidence of a complex civilisation that was using sophisticated technologies to live, farm and manage the land. Researchers continue to discover new evidence of the earliest human occupation of Australia. A recent scientific study in south-west Victoria suggests Aboriginal Australians may have been living on the continent for 120,000 years.

Kids TV Shows. Free Indigenous Teaching Resources - Crackerjack Education. Indigenous History - Vrroom. Curriculum Materials: Indigenous Education. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander collection - The Australian Museum. The Museum has one of the world’s most-significant Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander collections, with artworks, technologies and cultural material representing First Nations communities from across Australia.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander collection - The Australian Museum

Many of these objects are on display in our First Nations galleries, Garrigarang and Bayala Nura. The Museum works actively to build links with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to ensure the objects held in our collections are always available to Traditional Owners, to activate our collections through programs that provide connections with living cultural practice, and to deepen public understanding of Australia’s First Nations cultures. Bringing Them Home - Oral History Project. In December 1997, in response to the first recommendation of Bringing Them Home: Report of the National Inquiry into the Separation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children from Their Families, the Commonwealth Government announced the National Library would be funded to develop and manage an oral history project.

Bringing Them Home - Oral History Project

The Bringing Them Home Oral History Project ran from 1998 to 2002 and served to collect and preserve the stories of Indigenous people and others, such as missionaries, police and administrators involved in or affected by the process of child removals. These pages bring you background information on the Project, including newsletters issued between 1999-2000.  Australians Together. Welcome to Growing Enriched Cultural Knowledge in Our Schools.

Uluru: Google street-view allows visitors to 'experience all its wonder' without violating culture. Posted You no longer need to travel to Central Australia to marvel at the beauty of Uluru, with Google Maps launching a street-view of the iconic landmark.

Uluru: Google street-view allows visitors to 'experience all its wonder' without violating culture

Embedded in the interactive map are audio stories from traditional owners the Anangu people about the cultural significance of the site, Tjukurpa — the traditional law — and their creation stories. For Anangu people Uluru is more than a rock, it is a living cultural landscape and it is sacred. But Traditional Owner Sammy Wilson said many tourists visited Uluru without ever understanding that. He hoped the street-view would bring more people to Uluru, educate them about his culture and improve life for his community, Mutitjulu. "This Google thing what they want to do for visitors to come so they can have a look … hear about the stories," he said.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures. Little J and Big Cuz. Gambay - Languages Map. SBS: A proposal for a new, mature Australian flag. By John Blaxland, Australian National University As we know, there’s a divide between those who would support a new Australian flag and those who believe the current flag is fine.

SBS: A proposal for a new, mature Australian flag

And even those who declare an interest in a new flag are divided on what that design should be. I’ve designed a flag that, I believe, takes into account the many necessary cultural and historical factors – and that may help us mature as a nation. But why is this all coming to the fore again? New Zealand Prime Minister John Key recently proposed replacing New Zealand’s flag with a more distinctive national flag and Kiwis will vote on whether to do so in a referendum in the next parliamentary term.

Since then, talkback host Tom Eliott – among others – has come out defending the current Australian flag with its Union Jack. Fighting for the Union Jack? Indigenous Weather Knowledge - Bureau of Meteorology. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have developed an intricate understanding of the environment over many thousands of years.

Indigenous Weather Knowledge - Bureau of Meteorology

Artist: Laurie Nilsen The artwork used in the design of this website represents the relationships between seasonal, meteorological and astronomical changes - and how the Mandandanji people read these changes to inform life on country. Home - The Critical Classroom. Australian Relationships with Nature (Part 1) SBS: First Australians. Indigenous Languages: 27/05/2014, Behind the News. This week is Reconciliation Week, a time when all Australians are encouraged to celebrate Indigenous culture.

Indigenous Languages: 27/05/2014, Behind the News

And a big part of that culture are traditional languages. Did you know hundreds existed in Australia before European settlement? Some are still alive while others are starting to be forgotten. Matt shows us how some people are fighting back. And a warning to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers, this story contains images of people who've died. MATT HOLBROOK, REPORTER: You might recognise this song.

Since European settlement, many traditional languages have died out. KIERA: It was a really good experience I've never had before, and knowing you could make your own music video in Noongar language was the best thing I've ever done. MAZZ: It was awesome, I thought it was really good the school was letting us get in touch with our culture a bit more.There are thirty thousand Noongar people in Western Australia, but only around 250 speak the language fluently. Education » Yirra Yaakin. For over 24 years, Yirra Yaakin has presented a vital and strong education program suitable for young people.

Education » Yirra Yaakin

We have created more than 16 original youth-focused productions, undertaking residencies and workshops across the state. We tour locally and regionally every year, providing unique cultural experiences to some of the most remote communities in the world. Right now With a focus on West Australian Cross-Curriculum priorities Yirra Yaakin is developing and expanding its education program to meet the needs of schools, families and the wider community. Apology to Australia's Indigenous peoples. Australian Human Rights Commission. Indigenous culture & history. Healing Foundation - Healing Foundation. The design created for the 10th Anniversary of National Apology.

Healing Foundation - Healing Foundation

‘Sharing Our Healing’ depicts through it contemporary elements the Healing of Our People through sharing Our Stories, Respecting Our Culture and Healing Our People. The elements in the central part of the design formulates the overall 10th Anniversary brand is symbolic of healing waters and a smoking ceremony used in both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures in healing and cleansing ceremonies. The central element depicts coolamons which are often used in warming ceremonies to place leaves. The Orb. Narragunnawali - Curriculum Resources. Indigenous seasons calendars (including interactive version of the Gulumoerrgin (Larrakia) seasons calendar from Darwin). Teacher Notes: My Culture And Me. Teachers Notes: Stories for Simon. Why a Welcome to Country is never boring - History,Geography,English (3,4,10) Yulunga Traditional Indigenous Games.