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font standard & discretionary ligatures bariol offers a further number of standard & discretionary ligatures. a ligature is a single glyph created from the fusion of two or more letterforms. standard ligatures purpose is to make certain letter parts that tend to knock up against each other more attractive or less confused. discretionary ligatures are more decorative and heir calligraphic appearance can make them feel ornamental. stylistic alternates

Herb Lubalin Some work by one my favorite Graphic Designers Herb Lubalin. The 30 best free fonts for designers In this freshly updated free fonts for designers post, we bring you the world's best free fonts. We've filtered out the diamonds from the thousands of less perfectly designed free fonts available online, for you to use in your designs and illustrations. Get Adobe Creative Cloud now This list represents the 55 best free fonts we've found in eight categories. You can use the drop-down menu at the top of the page, or the boxout, right, to jump to the section you want.

Why is Simple so Difficult? by Oliver Reichenstein Simple websites are easy to use, easy to understand, nice to look at. In practice, websites are either unusable or ugly and in general filled with too many complicated words. Retiro Retiro is a daring interpretation of Spanish typography. Severe, austere and yet, full of life, Retiro is a vernacular version of Castilian and Andalusian in a typical Didot. Named after a lovely park in Madrid, Retiro started life as a a bespoke typeface designed to give a unique voice to the magazine Madriz. In 2006, the founder of Madriz was looking for a Didot for his new magazine. The Didot is the archetypal typeface used in high-end magazines. The 100% Easy-2-Read Standard by Oliver Reichenstein Most websites are crammed with small text that’s a pain to read. Why? There is no reason for squeezing so much information onto the screen. It’s just a stupid collective mistake that dates back to a time when screens were really, really small. So…

OBLIVION GFX - .work Info: The mighty Joseph Kosinski invited Munkowitz to the GFX party once again, this time for his spring blockbuster feature film JOE-BLIVION… Predictably, the list of graphic assets to be created was obscene, so munko assembled and led another super team of GFX mercenaries and descended into the lovely confines of Crater Lake Productions to generate the aforementioned fuckload of graphic content… Working with Joseph always brings out the best in Munk and Company, and this time around was certainly no exception… OBLIVION © Universal Pictures, Inc. All Rights Reserved. The team also designed all of the Machinery HUDs and various Gauges in the film, be it the Drone Machine Vision, Jack's Gun HUD, all the Scav equipment and some of Jack's smaller vehicles... The interfaces again stressed functionality over excess, keeping the Greeble under control and communicating key story points throughout the film..

Jayse Hansen/The Avengers - VFX Inspiration + Iron Man HUD Tutorials The Avengers is ™ & © 2012 Marvel and Subs. With the recent release of The Avengers on Blu-ray, now seems like a good time to revisit the amazing screen graphics & HUD design of Jayse Hansen. In case you didn’t know, Jayse along with Cantina Creative were responsible for the amazing glass screen interface designs seen on the Helicarrier in The Avengers, plus the futuristic Iron Man HUD (Heads Up Display) and several other FUIs (Fake User Interfaces). Jayse’s previous work includes organic visualizations for Rise of the Planet of the Apes and the Ark screen user interfaces in the disaster movie 2012.

BOX DEMO - .work Info: While collaborating with the geniuses at Bot & Dolly in beautiful San Francisco, Munkowitz was tasked to Design Direct a truly unique piece called BOX.. The piece was originally supposed to function as a Technology Demo, but Munkowitz and the team quickly realized it's visual potential and transformed it into a Design and Performance Piece… The resulting short film is a one-of-a-kind visual and technological achievement due to the very special combination of talent and gear behind the doors of the B&D facility... The piece was essentially grounded on the principles of Stage Magic, invoking five of the basic categorizations of Illusionary.. These Categories greatly informed the conceptual and aesthetic foundation and were fused with a graphic design aesthetic heavy in Minimalistic Form and Illuminated Geometry.. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.-Arthur C.

Google Visual Assets Guidelines - Part 2 on Behance Google’s brand is shaped in many ways; one of which is through maintaining the visual coherence of our visual assets. In January 2012, expanding on the new iconography style started by Creative Lab, we began creating this solid, yet flexible, set of guidelines that have been helping Google’s designers and vendors to produce high quality work that helps strengthen Google’s identity. What you see here is a visual summary of the guidelines, divided into two Behance projects: Part 2: User interface icons and Illustrations

MyFocus. Digital & Physical Work Distractions-CONTROLLED by CanFocus So you know the've hunkered down at 2pm to get this critical email/report/contract done by 5pm...and its somehow 415pm and EVERYONE and EVERYTHING has been distracting your attention away from it. There are fewer and fewer barriers to the invasion of your physical space and time by colleagues. Workspace layouts are trending towards more open-concept.