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"Nous investirons dans une douzaine de start-ups" En provenance de 3I, Jean-David Chamboredon est à la tête d'Isai Gestion, un fonds d'investissement rassemblant une soixantaine de dirigeants du Web et doté de 24 millions d'euros. JDN. Qu'est-ce qu'Isai ? a Fa NT a SI a This post was reblogged from Uпtitlеd(Яaпdом Ιмаgеѕ). This post was reblogged from #PINUPS. This post was reblogged from #PINUPS. This post was reblogged from Photography 4 the SOUL. This post was reblogged from Bowie&Tate.

Interview: Julien Genestoux - Founder of Superfeedr SuperFeedr is proving to be one of the game changers in the feed industry. With it’s real-time Feed updates, Julien Genestoux is trying to change the way RSS works. In fact, if you have not heard of it yet, but unknowingly you may also be using it when you use Google Reader, Tumblr, Posterous, FriendFeed, etc.

Miss Folly Coming home from field work, Nile Delta, Egypt, n.d. © deskridge: Rough Crowd of the Farmyard J. W. L' oeil ailleurs Born in 1984, I spent the first few years of my life in a small rural village close to Dresden in what was then East Germany. I often visit my family there and think a lot about the changes of this part of Germany; it is not far from Berlin where I live right now. It is hard to tell when I started making pictures.

● // Home / Message / site / Archive / Theme Ours Polaire, 2014 2 notes Install Theme CUR3ES MESSAGE RSS SOCIETY 6ABOUTPORTFOLIOtwitterfacebookTHEME Art Stuff Enquiries: I Like “fc36zc15” 1x1.5 inch analog film collage by Zach Collins 2015 CUR3ES - Artwork for WÜF’s ‘Days / Winterwarm’ LP. no more heroes Notes: 17 / 4 years ago from insalatadiparole Notes: 93 / 5 years ago from akubizone (originally from hotparade) welcome back !!! and HB[ bit late though] !!!! akubizone:Proust and I were born on the same day…my mom thinks that explains why I prefer to spend my life in bed.eyeballmansion:lastdreamofjesus:Woman laying on bed, photo identified as “hysteria”.via (via hotparade) 5 years ago Notes: 116 / 5 years ago from turnofthecentury Notes: 68 / 5 years ago from billyjane billyjane:Schiele in 1914 by Anton Josef Trčka/d’Antios[few more before]Trсka did more than anyone else to perpetuate the image we have of Schiele. He was a revolutionary in the relatively new medium of photography, pushing the boundaries and creating a true art form.