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Your Daily Shot of Creativity

Your Daily Shot of Creativity

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a Fa NT a SI a This post was reblogged from Uпtitlеd(Яaпdом Ιмаgеѕ). This post was reblogged from #PINUPS. This post was reblogged from #PINUPS. This post was reblogged from Photography 4 the SOUL. This post was reblogged from Bowie&Tate. Well Made Studio Blog By Gemma There’s been a lot of chatter this week about Squarespace’s latest addition - a tool which allows absolutely anyone to very quickly, very easily design their own logo. The chatter was, understandably from our own ranks initially, full of vitriol. There was also a fluttering of noise from the Calm Down Dear brigade, sprinkling the conversation with some much needed sense. Miss Folly Coming home from field work, Nile Delta, Egypt, n.d. © deskridge: Rough Crowd of the Farmyard J. W.

Interview: Julien Genestoux - Founder of Superfeedr SuperFeedr is proving to be one of the game changers in the feed industry. With it’s real-time Feed updates, Julien Genestoux is trying to change the way RSS works. In fact, if you have not heard of it yet, but unknowingly you may also be using it when you use Google Reader, Tumblr, Posterous, FriendFeed, etc.

THE MADE SHOP And so the perception – on both sides of the Atlantic – takes hold that racism is not a system of discrimination planted by history, nourished by politics and nurtured by economics, in which some groups face endemic disadvantage – it’s about ignorant old people getting caught saying mean things. By privileging these episodes – outrageous as they are – racism is basically reduced to the level of a private, individual indiscretion made public. The scandal becomes not that racism exists but that anyone would be crass enough to articulate it so brazenly. The reality of modern racism is almost exactly the opposite: it’s the institutional marginalisation of groups performed with the utmost discretion and minimum of fuss by well-mannered and often well-intentioned people working in deeply flawed systems. According to a recent US department of education report, black preschoolers (mostly four-year-olds) are four times more likely to be suspended more than once than their white classmates.

Designcloud Spector by Fiana O’Leary As her graduation project from the Royal College of Art, designer Fiona O’Leary invented a device that scans and identifies typeface and colours — beaming the samples directly to a nearby computer or storing the information for later. While currently only a prototype, it’s clear that Spector could become wildly popular with graphic designers and typophiles. Wired referred to it as “Shazam for fonts” but also pointed out that one major obstacle in its development may lie in its ability to aid in design theft. L' oeil ailleurs Born in 1984, I spent the first few years of my life in a small rural village close to Dresden in what was then East Germany. I often visit my family there and think a lot about the changes of this part of Germany; it is not far from Berlin where I live right now. It is hard to tell when I started making pictures.

DYNAMIC AFRICA On Thursday, June 2 we are honoring Angela Y. Davis, the feminist scholar and social activist for this year’s Sackler Center First Awards—our annual celebration of women who have broken gender barriers and made remarkable contributions in their fields.Davis is known internationally for her ongoing work to combat oppression in the United States and abroad. A Sorbonne-educated scholar and college professor, Davis rose to prominence in the 1960s as an outspoken activist for civil rights and other social issues. An iconic figure to this day, she remains a living witness to the historic struggles of the modern era and a vocal champion in the fight for economic, racial, and gender justice.