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Three/Two Columns, Optimized Permalink Page, No Infinite Scrolling, Fixed Font Size Three/Two Columns, Optimized Permalink Page, Different Margin For Links, Fixed Font Size One Column, Option Of Captions, Pagination Numbers At Top and Bottom, No Infinite Scrolling, Simplistic/Minimalistic Two/Three Columns, Captions On Photos, Hover For Reblog, Previous Theme on Main Two/Three/Four Columns, Multi-Sized Posts, Underlined Colored Links, Image Opacity Option Three Columns, Reblog On Hover, Optional Captions, Tab Color Changeable Two Columns, Borders Of Posts, Fixed Sidebar, Permalink On Text Posts One Column, Note Count Shown On Hover, Optional Captions, Simple One Column, Smaller Or Bigger Posts, Simplistic Layout, Multi-Sized Posts Coming SoonFeat. Related:  TUMBLR THEMEStumblr themes

하.투.뿐. Tumblr Themes Tweaks! Anonymous said: Are you still active? i’m not, but i think others might be not sure - valencea Anonymous said: do you tweak themes for free? it’s completely free :) neonchills said: Can you please tweak my theme for me? please be more specific what-she-wanted said: hi! use this code: <a href=”/ask”>Ask me anything! - sabrina Anonymous said: how do you add vertical lines its-laurens-life said: how can i add a column to my tumblr? it’s different for each theme so it’s hard to explain freedomtowish said: Hi there (: I was wondering if you could help me tweak my theme? please specify what you’d like to be tweaked x gemify said: hai , can you tweak my theme so that it has the same reblog appearance as the one in chronicle v.2 by atlasdesigns? which theme are you currently using love? I’ve just made a tutorial for that, here :) - carley (florallish) Slide out tab from left STEP 1: Paste this code before </style> STEP 2: Paste this code under <body> then fill in the information Credits to sppice for coding

softcastle THEMES BY HER These themes are made by ADESSIVE. They are very simple purposely to be convenient and clean. I try to update and manage my themes weekly. For further help on setting up your theme, go to the FAQ page along with other questions you may have. Hello everyone. ALL themes are back up and running. Thank you! NAIVEPreview—Download One columnOptional width sizing, post spacing, image fade, show borders, show date on index page, and show captionsEndless scrollingEdit fonts, font sizes, and colors GLOBALPreview—Download Two columnsOptional show description and link borders, captions, and endless scrollingEdit fonts, font sizes, and colors Columns vary depending on screen resolution with larger 1st and 5th photo postsOptional image fade and endless scrollingEdit fonts, font sizes, and colors Please be aware that photosets and videos are set to default 250. RADIATEPreview—Download Two columnsOptional show borders, captions, and endless scrollingEdit fonts, font sizes, and colors MINIMUMPreview—Download

mcpoyles themes Hi all, I’m really sorry for the lack of replies! I haven’t been using Tumblr for awhile, so I will no longer be answering questions due to weeks of being inactive ~I’m sure you’ve all moved on from the question now. But I’ve been getting loads of requests on how to create a Tumblr theme. You can read more about how to edit/customize them, here. Themes by Sam (ry-ot) Shufflr Theme By Sam Strikingly different, the Shufflr theme throws aside the conventions of columns and rows in favor of posts scattered over the page. Shufflr continues the web’s love affair with flat design, bringing minimalism and customization together to create a theme that’s easy to make your own. Retouched Spaced Fluidity today! I bug-fixed and redesigned some portions of the Spaced Fluidity theme, as well as adding a few scripts. Themes by Sam (ry-ot): Spaced Fluidity is a theme inspired by minimal but beautiful and... ry-otthemes: Spaced Fluidity is a theme inspired by minimal but beautiful and functional thematic elements as well as the Fluidity Theme. brotherdab-deactivated20130603 asked: i used your theme. can i remove the credit? No, please leave the credit intact so that others can find my themes :) Spaced Fluidity is a theme inspired by minimal but beautiful and functional thematic elements as well as the Fluidity Theme. Feature list Infinite and Finite Scrolling code S T A R I O U S ★彡 木漏れ日 Install Theme perfect themes themes by anze aka cyberment These are my public themes. It would mean a lot, if you didn't remove the credit. home message customcreator preview - code preview - code preview - code post shadows by houyas preview - code just another version of my last theme preview - code i haven’t made a theme in so long so yeah theme 12 preview - code preview - code ps : this theme was made for highowsyourlife but i got a lot of requests to post it so here it is and no he didn’t pay for it i would never release something that someone paid for. preview - code this theme is really awesome so don’t u dare steal stuff from it preview - code ps : you can change the background of the sidebar, the theme will look the best without a background image and a grey background. you can also remove the sidebar background by clicking clear on sidebar background preview - code preview - code - border code from my friend lisa preview - code preview - code preview - code

Subtle themes. TERMS & CONDITIONS1. Do not remove the credit; 2. Do not steal any codes; 3. If you are editing it, please be sure to include our credit anywhere in the theme! terms & conditions Subtle themes. lol at the shitty quality… the whatever theme [NETWORK 2] by subtle themes; Features;vertical themespread out postssimpleinfinite scrollcustomizable options and featuresYOU HAVE TO CHANGE THE LINKS IN HTMLIMPORTANT NOTE: TO ADD THE ‘MEMBERS’, ADD THE PHOTO & SET A CLICK-THROUGH LINK Please follow the terms & conditions; the simple theme by subtle themes; Features;3 columned themespread out postsclean, neat and simpleinfinite scrollcustomizable options and features the fabulous theme by subtle themes; // LIVE PREVIEW (click on photo for the code!) Features;updates and network tabs2 columnedclean and neatinfinite scroll network theme one by subtle themes; // LIVE PREVIEW Features;bannerhover over linkspretty hover over on pictures the clean theme by subtle themes; food

テーマ Anonymous asked: how do you get a gif background for lelf? lol it’s le1f and are you gorebdsmfun?? lol if you’re not just upload a gif for the background image lol Anonymous asked: hey i have the le1f theme and i really want the captions to show on my audio post but the html code is so complicated, anyway you could help? Anonymous asked: would you ever consider making this theme (on your layout page) available and maybe giving a one column option? i love your themes so much. i'm using the leif theme right now. i like the style of leif and this theme because they're minimal and customizable but still unique. it's not the usual white background, courier or georgia font. lol it’s le1f (like the rapper). and i if i know what you’re saying lol i might publish it eventually. Anonymous asked: can we move the credit like put it in a link page just as long as we dont remove it? sure Anonymous asked: did you fix the le1f theme yet? yea i’ll change that in like 10 minutes lol Preview / Code

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