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My Daguerreotype Boyfriend

My Daguerreotype Boyfriend
Horace Hopkins Coolidge, age 22, on his graduation from Harvard College, class of 1852. (Harvard Archives) Among the many gifts his fairy godmother endowed on Horace Coolidge were a genial charm of manner, a rare tenderness and a spirit of living kindness, and a loyalty in friendship which made him dearly loved by all who knew him. After graduating, he did what many young men of his time did, and traveled to Egypt for two years, returning to Boston to marry his sweetheart and become a lawyer.

Related:  So Much MoreTumblr Photography Some of you who follow me on instagram (@myrollingstar) might know that I switched dorm rooms recently from a double to a single! I’ve gotten several requests on posting up a room tour, but I’ve been real busy :( So I got out of classes early today, and instead of studying for my mountain of midterms next week like a timely student, I cleaned my room and took a nap. And then I woke up and took some pictures! bits&bites " Between the demand to be clear,and the temptation to be obscure, impossible to decide which deserves more respect." E.M.Cioran Hello & welcome to my little queerdome! If you like what you see, do visit : queerest of them all & turnofthecentury & oh!so 30s & Studio Manasse & Nazimova & belgradestreetart [not so] occasionally i check out nomoreheroes as well. Many of these images are from public domain but some of them are owned and © by the respective holders, so please do not remove original credit-artist/source information! These blogs are for academic & educational purposes only and generate no income and probably never will.

21 Images You Won't Believe Aren't Photoshopped (Part 8) This is the latest edition of our most popular feature, in which we demonstrate that the truth is stranger than Photoshop. Here are more photos that will make every poster in the comment section scream "FAKE!" but are absolutely real. In case you missed the previous episodes, here's Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, the gritty reboot that doesn't acknowledge the previous editions, Part 6 and Part 7. Tacitum Original Hiroshi Yoshida (1876 - 1950) Japanese Woodblock Print Tea House in Azalea Garden, 1938 Kiyomizu Temple in Spring by Ito Yuhan (1882 - 1951) awesome people hanging out together Andy Samberg, Nick Offerman, Adam Scott, Bill Hader, Bill Murray, Paul Rudd, Megan Mullally and Amy Poehler

J. E. Haynes Photographs Collection 1507 - Haynes Family Photographs, 1866-1969 Creator: Haynes family Provenance Note: Many photographs were received by Montana State University with the donation of the Haynes family papers by Isabel May (Nauerth) Haynes (IMH) in 1977. The collection includes more than 5000 photographs pertaining to collections 1500-1506, collectively referred to as the Haynes Family Collections. The photograph collection was divided between the University and the Montana Historical Society in 1978 with the MHS receiving the bulk of the negatives and other items.

85 LOL Animal Pics (1.8.11) In honor of Caturday, here’s another batch of funny animal pics! via The Frogman Phantasmagoria Cafe can we get a little info on our servers before we start? yknow, so we can pick the one we like based on personality and not just looks? Anonymous Mr. LIFE Life Print Sale. Image 2 of 5. Get your Christmas gift early this week with an iconic LIFE photograph for 30% off at our print sale, including this photograph of the Eiffel Tower, Paris, France, 1948 by Dmitri Kessel. Visit < to purchase this original print from the LIFE Archive.

Timothy Allen Pembrokeshire, Wales Home is where the harp is I am sitting in a remote mud hut discussing ‘Big Brother’. Next to me an open fire radiates its welcoming orange cast, tinging all but the brilliant whites of the scene outside, trees freshly dusted with an icy coat of late January powder. Today, unusually, the topic of my conversation has nothing to do with any prophetic Orwellian nightmares of oppression but rather the popular reality TV programme. Two months ago I traveled to this secluded corner of west Wales in order to photograph Emma Orbach, a 59 year old lady who’s been living in this isolated woodland for over 13 years.

32 Pictures To Help You Appreciate The Awesomeness Of Nature October 12, 2010 | 136 Comments » | Topics: Awesome, Nature Hot Stories From Around The Web Other Awesome Stories Luigi D'Albertis Luigi Maria D'Albertis (21 November 1841 – 2 September 1901) was a flamboyant Italian naturalist and explorer who, in 1876, became the first person to chart the Fly River in Papua New Guinea. He took eight weeks to steam some 580 miles up the Fly River in an Australian launch, the Neva. On board as engineer was young Lawrence Hargrave, later to become an aviation pioneer. Michal Pudelka Together with Elle CZ I shot a special project for “Rainbow for Ivanka” Charity, to help Ivanka a girl with serious and rare type of Goldenhar Syndrome to raise money for her operation in USA. This is a preview of the series I created which will be exhibited and sold at auction at DOX Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague in October. 100% of proceeds go to Ivanka. In addition, all donations making this life changing surgery possible would be gratefully appreciated. Account number: 266 952 0090/ 1100Variable symbol: 13640IBAN: SK19 1100 0000 0026 6952 0090SWIFT: TATR SK BXCheck her story on facebook page by Jan Králíček​ huge thanks to Andrea Běhounková​ ELLE​ my new editorial for Numero Magazine October issue 2015 (France) styled by Irina Marie

Most Fascinating Geological Wonders On Earth Mar 08, 2011 / Category : Misc / 37 Comments This planet we live on offers us beauty beyond words. Every country has its own special region that takes your breath away with the magnificence of it. Here we can see some places that are a geological wonder that you may know about already, or maybe not? Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA