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Dark Side of Typography

Dark Side of Typography

BLAKE GOPNIK on art Oleg Koshelets Сергей Чернов, Олег Кошелец Малевич. Станция без остановки. 2014 Игра не претендует на искренность, напротив, она симулирует, притворяется, строит ловушки, активно маскируя свои стратегические цели. @1 year ago#Oleg Koshelets#Sergey Chernov#Malevitch#Москва#Кунцево#Малевич Oleg KOSHELETS MORE LIGHT, 2014 Installation. A rostrum for elevated speeches with the speaker absent has a long-time tradition beginning with antiquity through “The Chairs” by Eugene Ionesco. @1 year ago with 1 note#art#artists on tumblr#installation#ГЦСИ#Oleg Koshelets#Koshe WESTFALLEAST Yesterday Once More, hand-woven rug, 40″x50″ Kim Westfall, 2015. Against All Odds, hand-woven rug, 29″x23″ installation photos Kim Westfall // In the Project Room October 1 - November 8 Thierry Goldberg Gallery 103 Norfolk St NY NY jesuisperdu: kim westfall @ Jerry Bruckheimer Films Know nothing, see everything 23″x29″ Very excited to announce this! Please join us for the opening reception or lurk the gallery through November 8. Check me out. xxkw bad table manners, snow what? No cops, hand-woven rug, 29″x23″ My eyes are down here, hand-woven rug, 24″x29″

Arrowwws 2.0 adamcollierartist: Colour progression 37.5 x 10cm Acrylic, emulsion and mud on canvas covered mdf. 31/03/15 davidhockney: Blaise Larmee for Lumpen Magazine Christopher Kulendran Thomas, 2013 […]wood, acrylic, Nike New Distance singlet (blue/volt/reflective) and ‘Lion' Ilja Karilampi, 2014Om man ser det för vad det är så uppstår rätt många goa frågorself-adhesive vinyl, gold perspex mirror Kareem Loftyuntitledcomputer knitted fabric The Black Love Series Prev / Next Scroll To Top A R T U N I O N ™ Back to Top

The Swinging Sixties Jim Morrison photographed by Gloria Stevens, 1967. The Beatles: George Harrison reading some fan mail. Jane Fonda at Paris Café de Flore, 1961 no more heroes Notes: 17 / 4 years ago from insalatadiparole Notes: 93 / 5 years ago from akubizone (originally from hotparade) welcome back !!! and HB[ bit late though] !!!! akubizone:Proust and I were born on the same day…my mom thinks that explains why I prefer to spend my life in bed.eyeballmansion:lastdreamofjesus:Woman laying on bed, photo identified as “hysteria”.via (via hotparade) 5 years ago Notes: 116 / 5 years ago from turnofthecentury Notes: 68 / 5 years ago from billyjane billyjane:Schiele in 1914 by Anton Josef Trčka/d’Antios[few more before]Trсka did more than anyone else to perpetuate the image we have of Schiele. He was a revolutionary in the relatively new medium of photography, pushing the boundaries and creating a true art form.

Miguel Arias Creative / Tumblr lucasregazzi.tumblr alyssa piro 1 week agoDecember 2, 2015 shuvinai ashoona + shary boyle juliana huxtable 1 week agoDecember 1, 2015 andreas slominski 2 weeks agoNovember 23, 2015 j.e.h. macdonald marissa jezak 3 weeks agoNovember 15, 2015 jay rangam 4 weeks agoNovember 13, 2015 anna crews 1 month agoNovember 10, 2015 becky beasley 1 month agoOctober 30, 2015 john-elio reitman darren roshier 1 month agoOctober 22, 2015 tom otterness 1 month agoOctober 20, 2015 elora crawford 1 month agoOctober 19, 2015 sarah pettitt 2 months agoOctober 10, 2015 Page 1 of 2 12Next

I'm in love Ты не думай, щурясь просто из-под выпрямленных дуг. Иди сюда, иди на перекресток моих больших и неуклюжих рук. Не хочешь? Оставайся и зимуй, и это оскорбление на общий счет нанижем. Я все равно тебя когда-нибудь возьму - одну или вдвоем с Парижем. 3 месяца назад // 3 заметки Я Вас люблю. За то, что мы, что наши жизни - разны Во тьме дорог. За то, что Вам, мой демон крутолобый, Скажу “прости”. За эту дрожь. 3 месяца назад // 5 заметок