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dec0der themes o download 86x86 icon image250px two column postsendless scrollpop-out blogroll and description o download themes by atonals Grace Theme Code This is a simple one column theme, with optional endless scroll. JBAM THEMES Preview : (Code Source 1) (Code Source 2) Single columnSmall posts (250px) or large posts (500px) *optionalSidebar Image *optionalCustomizable fonts & colorsReblog link and like button on postsEndless scrolling or Pagination *optional 1 year ago Preview : (Code Source 1) (Code Source 2) untitled Themes by Glared. To download these themes, click on the download link on whichever theme you wish to use > copy and paste coding > go to customize on your blog > Edit HTML > paste all the coding > Cick Update Preview > Click Save. These themes are meant to be the way they are. If you choose to alter them and something does not work do not annoy me with stupid questions about them not working. They all work because I used them at some point so yeah.

여보 adaryble whispered: thank you so much for all the help! i'm sure i am gettin gon your nerves /runs away THAANK YOUUU (also your profile picture is kawaiiii) you’re welcome :) & thanks! heavenlyhaute whispered: I feel like this is a hassle to ask you to do but I was wondering if it is possible to make codes for blogrolls to correspond with your existing themes. I just think it would be very helpful because I don't think that I am the only person who wants their themes to match. meththemes Anonymous said: can the gradiant be changed to horizontal ? Ask me off anon and I can alter the code for you xx After finals are done I’ll have a lot of time on my hands and a 24hour train ride… so leave me requests of type of themes you’d like me to make :)

themes by her These themes are made by ADESSIVE. They are very simple purposely to be convenient and clean. I try to update and manage my themes weekly. Themes by bluntstatements Masonry2 ColumnsTwitter integration (optional)Color customizationInfinite scrolling includedCustomizable title fontBackground/Sidebar image optionalCustomizable Quote, Photoset, and Question background colors Masonry2 ColumnsColor customizationInfinite scrolling (INCLUDED!)Body and title fonts customizableBackground image optionalCustomizable Quote, Photoset, and Question background colors Masonry3 ColumnsInfinite scrollingColor customizationBody and title fonts customizableSidebar img/Background img optionalCustomizable Quote & Photoset background colors MasonryOne columnInfinite scrollingColor customizationBody and title fonts customizableSidebar img/Background img optionalCustomizable Quote & Photoset background colors

Milk Themes Haven’t submitted a theme in ages! Just to let you know, I’m working on new stuff and I also want to make this place look a bit better! I’m glad you’re enjoying the themes and I’ll answer the asks soon, too. Pleats. Simple, clear, Jquery Masonry and Infinite Scroll. Pages can be loaded individually so you can take your time looking at your blog. Ettudis [v21] One Day, Three Autumns /index Ettudis (n) A graphic site offering freebies ranging from website designs, tumblr themes to textures and other graphic resources. about designer contact terms of use links sitemap The Wicked Eternity Themes About Theme 003 Revamp Since I’ve revamped theme 003 (which was previously called Breathe Me), I will have to delete the theme garden version as I can’t update the coding of that theme since tumblr won’t let me. I’ll be deleting it tomorrow morning and along with the old theme live preview, so please unfollow that blog and if you are using theme 003, please update to the new version.

Mcpoyles Themes. Hi all, I’m really sorry for the lack of replies! I haven’t been using Tumblr for awhile, so I will no longer be answering questions due to weeks of being inactive ~I’m sure you’ve all moved on from the question now. But I’ve been getting loads of requests on how to create a Tumblr theme. Unfortunately, I am very bad at explaining so I’ve provided you with a simple base stylesheet (two collumns) which you can get here. You can read more about how to edit/customize them, here. If you’re having trouble, ettudis has a great tutorial page on it!

Lucas Makes Themes Lucas —— makes —— Themes I don't update this lol Atticus Theme — Preview / Download Exclamation — Preview / Download