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F*ck Yeah Illustrative Art!

F*ck Yeah Illustrative Art!
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Illustration Age nightingales Yurina, who belongs to my favourite girl, Katie! She was designed by Lynn, my other favourite girl ღ♡. I love this character so much ( ๑ ❛ ڡ ❛ ๑ )❤ hoursago: oras prints dedicated to the PURE FUCKING JOY I FELT WHEN I SURFED ON KYOGRE AND FLEW ON LATIAS FOR THE FIRST TIME OOHHHH IM STILL NOT OVER IT charlattes: the only thing I can draw other than otp is unspecified otp lol mallius: commissions for nightingales & lesterderosso! It was such a privilege commissioning Nattie back in December; her art is fantastic and I was so excited to get the opportunity! SO incredibly pleased with the way she illustrated Koji and Yvanna; since it was Decembeer she gave it a seasonal flair too which I thought was super cute! I love Nattie’s style, it’s perfect, a really good balance of a solid, believable foundation and personal stylistic flairs. I really appreciate the touch of background details that gives a real sense of context and environment, as well as the bright and cheery palette! relaxmammal: aivii:

tropical toxic Today's Inspiration animation news + art I do compositional lectures a lot in my classes, as well as at the occasional convention. I’ve been asked to post them, so here’s part one: The Schweizer Guide to Spotting Tangents!Comic art is, as a general rule, a line-based medium. I know, I know, there are plenty of artists whose work is painted, or who depict their subject in ink using solely light and shadow. But these folks are unquestioningly in the minority, as the history of printing technology originally dictated the use of line to depict form in the early days of comics. See how the overlap of the elbow causes there to be no question?

The Uncensored Outpour From My Brain Onto Paper lines and colors 私のことが好き? anustartpop: Yo but look what he did, the homie Snoop tried so hard that Snoop Dogg trying to be a meme BECAME a meme. ..:: Ndrangheta & DecK'Arte ::..: HQ: Dungeons & Dragons #00 a 14 (Atualizado) A nova série de HQs do Dungeons & Dragons , gira em torno do mundo atual do jogo e dos personagens arquétipos do D&D, como Adric (guerreiro), Khal (anão paladino), Varis (elfo), Tisha (feiticeira) e Bree (halfling). Na cidade de Fallcrest é o lar de muitos aventureiros, e Adric Fell lidera um grupo destes. Junto com Kahl o anão, Varis o elfo, e Bree a halfling, Adric vasculhou as profundezas do mundo subterrâneo em busca de um bando de salteadores, mas ao invés disso encontrou um grupo de gnolls traficantes de escravos e um jovem dragão negro. Nossos heróis conseguiram eliminar o dragão e os gnolls, salvando os escravos humanos, graças a ajuda de Tisha, uma feiticeira tiefling que entra para o grupo. Agora com o grupo completo, vão em busca de novas aventuras!

Muddy Colors FuckYeah AbandonedPlaces Fort Armistead. Baltimore, MD. Bibles in the abandoned Rochester subway. June 1938. secret–gardens: Lake Crystal, Minnesota, 1899 ntsouprake: Selling some American Journals of Psychiatry from an abandoned mental hopsital in NY dated 1925 & 1945 $20 each for all 3 for $50 message me @ntsouprake if interested Nighttime pigeon poop palace bkrogstad: everybody rocking chucks and pistol packing, that’s a must bkrogstad: 7 figures for a headline you want some stage time, we can talk about it abandonedperth: Diary entries in abandoned house goldenprairies: abandoned pink house&cemetery Fragata's Blog