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Haven’t submitted a theme in ages! Just to let you know, I’m working on new stuff and I also want to make this place look a bit better! I’m glad you’re enjoying the themes and I’ll answer the asks soon, too. Pleats. Simple, clear, Jquery Masonry and Infinite Scroll. Pages can be loaded individually so you can take your time looking at your blog. Install / Preview Warm Up, the third release by Milk Themes. Preview / Install Simple and ClearCustomize colorsCustomize fontsHigh resolution images Theme: Alba Grid Alba Grid, the second release by Nymphaea Themes. Preview / Install Customize colorsCustomize fontsCustomize widthInfinite scroll (audio, video, photoset fixed)High resolution images (might increase loading times and make load times long so use at own risk) November, 7th 2011 @ 17:45 / 24 / Permalink → Theme: Alba Alba, the first release by Nymphaea Themes. Preview / Install Related:  TUMBLR THEMEStumblr themestheme

untitled Themes by Glared. To download these themes, click on the download link on whichever theme you wish to use > copy and paste coding > go to customize on your blog > Edit HTML > paste all the coding > Cick Update Preview > Click Save. These themes are meant to be the way they are. If you choose to alter them and something does not work do not annoy me with stupid questions about them not working. They all work because I used them at some point so yeah. Please keep credit on all themes, it took time and effort to make all of them. Either than that, you can message me here regarding anything about themes, please do not annoy me with questions in where you can use common sense to solve.

♡мιℓк тнємєѕ♡ find this code remove tagged as link, delete the following code that is highlighted. remove reblogged from/via link, delete the following code that is highlighted. remove the date, delete the following code that is highlighted. remove notes, delete the following code that is highlighted. go to some themes will add the link to it automatically but because i’ve left what links you add upto yourselves, you will have to add it yourself. the url is and please refer to this tutorial on how to add links. <a href=” for example <a href=” add as many as you like and into the description box of the info tab. note!! add this underneath your <head> tag in your html click here for code adding your own avatar upload the picture to tiny pic or whatever and copy the direct link, then go to the html and where it says

Ettudis [v21] One Day, Three Autumns /index Ettudis (n) A graphic site offering freebies ranging from website designs, tumblr themes to textures and other graphic resources. about designer contact terms of use links sitemap tagboard 6 heart(s) Important Notes help centre - follow Ettudis on tumblr! terms of use - By viewing and using my tumblr themes, you have agreed to abide by the most recent version of this Terms of Use Agreement. installation instructions - Please read before proceeding. FAQ / ask a question - Please thoroughly look through the FAQ list and the browsing categories in the Help Centre before asking any questions. tumblr themes loading glared 여보 adaryble whispered: thank you so much for all the help! i'm sure i am gettin gon your nerves /runs away THAANK YOUUU (also your profile picture is kawaiiii) you’re welcome :) & thanks! heavenlyhaute whispered: I feel like this is a hassle to ask you to do but I was wondering if it is possible to make codes for blogrolls to correspond with your existing themes. I just think it would be very helpful because I don't think that I am the only person who wants their themes to match. you can try putting the following in your blogroll page. however, instead of making “custom page”, leave it as it is, click on html and paste the following below. try if that work or not. pasuteru-momo whispered: hii~ I feel pretty rude asking this due to you recently requesting not to >< However I'm not sure if this is a bug or tweak. sorry for not being clear >< customizable for background typically mean that you can alter the background color and/or image. adaryble whispered: h...i? what are tweak questions? gyapo:

Ville Noire Themes atonals Grace Theme Code This is a simple one column theme, with optional endless scroll. Sanity Theme Code This is a two or three column theme with endless scroll. Gypsy Theme Code This theme does not allow endless scrolling because of the location of the links and description. FLUME Premium Theme! Classy layout which was inspired by Neglect Theme Code This theme has two or three columns with endless scroll. Mirth PREMIUM theme for $5 Buy Here Preview 1 Preview2 Optional one or two columns for large picturesOptional two, three, four columns for small picturesOptional endless scrollCustom colors and fontsOptional to have a left aligned sidebar ******If after purchasing you do not get redirected to the correct website, send me a message with the name you used to purchase the theme via Paypal (I will check) and I will send you the code. Absent Theme Code One columnOptional endless scrollOptional small picturesCustom colors and fonts (inspired by Code

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