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60 Handpicked Beautiful Tumblr Themes In today’s social networking world, people seek to post their everyday observations and opinions on their blog in the quickest manner possible. Tumblelog is a form of microblogging which enables users to post texts, images, videos, etc, such that their followers can receive up-to-date entries. The birth of Tumblr to facilitate such postings. Beautiful themes can attract visitors to your blog and compel them to read your posts. Here are 60 great Tumblr themes which we have consider them as the more unique and elegant ones across numerous Tumblelogs. BoxfactoryA simple theme for showcasing photos. ChopanThis Tumblr blog greets visitors with a unique design, putting eyes at ease with its easy-to-navigate menu. Digital MoleskineA greyscale background mimics news print, bringing special attention to colored images posted. EsquireA Tumblr theme inspired by Esquire magazine. FarberOrange fonts and white space against a wooden background; It all goes well in this theme.

sirmerlin 40+ Simple Tumblr Themes For Your Tumblr Space Tumblr is a microblogging platform that allows users to post text messages, images, videos, links, quotes and audio to their Tumblelog, a short-form blog. Users can follow other users and be followed, or choose to make their Tumblelog private. The service emphasizes ease of use. However, Tumblr provides a platform to small bloggers with fully customizable themes. This post will highlight some of the powerful and simple ‘Tumblr themes that you can use to give a personal touch to your Tumblr space. Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you purchase through those links (at no extra cost to you). Advertisement Domericano - Minimal Tumblr Blog / Portfolio Theme – DEMO Domericano – one of the amazing Vintage Tumblr Themes- is a clean, minimal and beautiful using the Masonry effect as well as optional Endless scrolling. Photographica Tumblr Theme – DEMO Focus – A Minimalistic Tumblr Theme – DEMO Pro – Responsive Tumblr Theme – DEMO

i light the fire. Theme 23: Moonsea(Features and links to codes on preview page) please read my Terms of Usage before installing. A like or reblog would be greatly appreciated if using! 12 June, 2013 • 10 months ago • 26 notes Theme 22: Mercury A like would be appreciated if you are using! 12 November, 2012 • 1 year ago • 79 notes Please like or reblog if you’re going to use it! 17 October, 2012 • 1 year ago • 75 notes Theme 21: Sun & Stars ∟ Install - PreviewKey Features:180px wide sidebar imageClick toggle description (optional)Monochrome image optionsTwo TitlesI would appreciate a like if you are using! Please read my terms of use before installing my themes. 12 colour optionsMonochrome/Hover Monochrome/Fading ImagesShow Captions, Post Info, Tags 3 custom links200px by 200px sidebar image I would appreciate a like if you are using! Please read my terms of use before installing this theme. Please read my Terms of Use here before installing this theme. Theme 18: Kids ∟ Install - Preview More features

JBAM THEMES Preview : (Code Source 1) (Code Source 2) Single columnSmall posts (250px) or large posts (500px) *optionalSidebar Image *optionalCustomizable fonts & colorsReblog link and like button on postsEndless scrolling or Pagination *optional 1 year ago Preview : (Code Source 1) (Code Source 2) Single columnSmall posts (250px) or big posts (500px) *optionalCustomizable fonts & colorsReblog link under permalinkEndless scrolling or Pagination *optional First preview / Second Preview : (Code Source 1) (Code Source 2) Multiple columns250px / 400pxOrator Std title font / Open Sans body font *both are optionalItalic title *optionalCustomizable header text align (center/right/left)Black/Grey/White music post playerColors are customizableInstant reblog link on photosEndless scrolling/Pagination

Untitled Haute Couture girlannachronism: Valentino fall 2014 rtw backstage (via iamyourmannequin) shoulderblades: versace spring/summer 1998 shot by donald christie (via jcsef) 34 Amazing Tumblr Themes, Twitter could never look this good!!! Twitter is the number 1 in the war of the microblogging apps, does it deserve its place there? Maybe. What about the others? Do you remember Tumblr? Tumblr is still there and still making it easy to share text, photos, URLs, music, and video clips. Customization of your Twitter homepage is limited, changing the background and styling the links is about all you will get. Below you will find 34 55 Amazing Tumblr Themes, Twitter could never look this good!!! Update:I’ve updated the themes below with some fresh new links! Tumblr Screencast – Rough Guide to Tumblr Screenkast: Tumblr from Greg Cooper on Vimeo. Vertigo InstallDemo Cavalcade InstallDemo Has a Portfolio InstallDemo Twittr Inspird InstallDemo Munich InstallDemo knight InstallDemo Cooked Wood InstallDemo Not Quite InstallDemo Photog InstallDemo ColorBars InstallDemo Time Capsule InstallDemo Simplification InstallDemo Rockstar InstallDemo Museum Theme InstallDemo Strict InstallDemo nine of mine InstallDemo Evening Tea InstallDemo Nostalgia InstallDemo Graph the Museum