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Type Worship

Type Worship
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Minimalist effect in the maximalist market Our last project is about simplicity and we try to find alternate simple versions for some package samples of the international brands. We think almost every product needs some review for minimal feeling. What is your choice in these 3 different variations? 1. Original variation 2. External Source:Microsoft Ipod Package LOST labels for your DHARMA Initiative needsDerek Stroup, Unbranded ProjectJosef Schulz, Sign OutAndreas Gursky, 99 cent Starbucks' Move to Brand Minimalism Target, Starbucks logos: Out with the wordsWhy Simple Is Good: Jonathan Ive P.S. High Resolution Images Five simple steps to better typography – April 13th, 2005 – Typography, I find, is still a bit of mystery to a lot of designers. The kind of typography I’m talking about is not your typical “What font should I use” typography but rather your “knowing your hanging punctuation from your em-dash” typography. Call me a little bit purist but this bothers me. So, in an attempt to spread the word here’s the first of five simple steps to better typography. Measure the Measure. The Measure is the name given to the width of a body of type. One point = 1/72 of an inchOne pica = 12 pointsOne em = The distance horizontally equal to the type size, in points, you are using. But, with the advent of DTP packages and the website design the following are also now used: MillimetresPixels There is an optimum width for a Measure and that is defined by the amount of characters are in the line. CSS and fluid? What is interesting here is fluid designs on the web. The Measure and leading. Reversing out? Tracking Your responsibility The series Further reading

Calligraffiti design:related gallery CW Pencil Enterprise opens a shop just for pencils in Manhattan. Psycho Analysis of Dreams book cover designBy Matt Windsor with Mal Croft Floral AlphabetBy Jordan Kay Phillip Bumper Sticker Liberalism book jacket designBy Christopher Tobias Kommunikation/Komunikacija Swiss Red Cross posterBy Pablo Berger the art of Sun Yeo Game of ThronesBy Manuel Kilger Bread crumb birdBy Alex Robbins paper miniature clothesBy Samantha J. The Great American Cookbook illustrationsBy Sara Wood Face USB flash drive & LED lightBy Sang Hyun Jeong Unicorn-Pegasus InitialsBy Arthur Reinders Folmer “Wander” Self-Promo AdBy Angela Navarra MontparnasseBy Evgenia Klimova Book: Heartful Words illustrations & letteringBy Masako Kubo (design by Ayako Yabe) the design:related gallery is a tumblr blog featuring inspiration and design projects Sitemap • Contact Us • Copyright © 2010 design:related. • theme by Mike Harding

kufi Good typography Champ Fleury par Geofroy Tory | numérisation catastrophe de la BNF Type : texte imprimé, monographie | Auteur(s) : Tory, Geoffroy (1480?-1533). Auteur du texte | Titre(s) : L'art et la science de la vraye proportion des lettres attiques [Document électronique] : ou antiques, autrement dictes romaines, selon le corps et visage humain,... / par maistre Geoffroy Tory,... | Type de ressource électronique : Données textuelles | Publication : 1995 | Description matérielle : 136-[23] f. : ill. | Note(s) : Reproduction : Num. BNF de l'éd. de, Cambridge (Mass.) : Omnisys, [ca 1990] (French books before 1601 ; 75.3). 1 microfilmReprod. de l'éd. de, Paris : V. Gaultherot, 1549 | Sujet(s) : Calligraphie -- Ouvrages avant 1800 | Imprimerie -- Ouvrages avant 1800 | Notice n° : FRBNF37230330. En consultant les champs de recherche de Gallica, la bibliothèque numérique de la BnF, on constate d'abord qu'il s'agit (à moins d'une erreur grossière de ma part) du seul ouvrage consacré à la typographie ayant bénéficié d'une numérisation par Gallica.

Design made in Germany l'atlas 50 Inspiring Typographic Artists … and me | Moonsail design | Branding, graphic design, typography and web design I put the call out on Facebook and Twitter recently to see which typographers and calligraphers were inspiring people at the moment. The results were interesting, because very few of them were “typographers” in the true sense of the word, in that, they don’t “arrange typefaces for print”. What they do, is actually use typographic forms in an artistic, or “illustrative” way. In fact, I was interested to see there are very few recognisable typefaces amongst the works of these artists at all, most of them preferring to hand draw their own letterforms from scratch. I’m sure lots of talented people have been missed out, so feel free to add your inspirations in the comments section down below—I’m sure there will be a part 2 to this list pretty soon. Please be aware that the copyright of all these amazing works belong to the artists who made them. 1. Alex is a widely respected typographer, illustrator and designer from Spain with a very impressive list of clients. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Font Pair - Helps designers pair Google Fonts together Words & Eggs Words & Eggs Photo November 28, 2015 108 notes ffffffound: tumblr_l7905yWdmp1qamm7n.jpg 480×446 pixels Yes. (via wecouldhavebeenirvingpenn) Tags: yes type wrapper found yellow Photo 14 notes Speedball Linoleum Cutters, vintage packaging. Tags: vintage packaging Speedball green NC Photo 52 notes Via Jeremy Pruitt. Tags: vintage packaging design type coffee Photo 1 note Belated turkey day doodle. :) By me/Letter Be. Tags: calligraphy Thanksgiving TurkeyDay doodle lettering Photo November 25, 2015 44 notes Vintage Print magazine cover from the 1950s, by Morton Goldsholl on Texoprint. Tags: PrintMagazine type design vintage Photo 35 notes Robert De Niro’s taxicab driver’s license, 1976 Via Old Pics Archive Photo November 18, 2015 25 notes (Source: wecouldhavebeenirvingpenn) Photo November 14, 2015 38 notes coverspy: The Once and Future King, T. Tags: type bookcover design green Photo 70 notes Illustration by Gary Taxali. Mon cœur est à Paris. Tags: Paris illustration Taxali paper lettering EiffelTower parisjetaime Photo 37 notes