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Qards: Responsive Page Builder Plugin for WordPress

Qards: Responsive Page Builder Plugin for WordPress

Screen Artifacts on Transparent PSDs in Exported PDFs Can Be Deceiving…Most of the Time. by: Bob Levine | July 4, 2008 I've been using transparent PSD files from Photoshop since the release of InDesign 2.0. I still remember the first time I used one and experienced a feeling of wonderment I'd never felt before when laying out a page. I felt free from the rigors of faking backgrounds with full page TIF files or drawing clipping paths. Like many of the other features of InDesign that have made our lives just a bit easier I came to take it for granted until the release of CS3. First, let's take a look the issue. Below is a screenshot from InDesign CS3 with two identical files placed. If that was all there was to it, there wouldn't be an issue. Not a very pretty picture and certainly not something I would want a client seeing. So, why is this happening? Let's see what happens when we disable smooth images. What should you do? However, both of those choices can introduce stitching artifacts so you've just jumped from the frying pan into the fire.

Björn Borg - RFLX PixelGrade Themes MIESArchitecture PILEPortfolio ROSARestaurant HeapBlogging BorderPhotography BucketMagazine LensPhotography FusePortfolio SennaCreative The world’s new largest building is four times the size of Vatican City China just cut the ribbon on the world’s new largest building. The New Century Global Center, which recently opened in Chendgu, China, is 328 feet high, 1,640 feet long, and 1,312 feet wide. That’s roughly 20 times the size of Sydney’s legendary Opera House, four times the size of Vatican City, and three times the size of the Pentagon. It’s an absolutely mammoth structure. But what good would the world’s largest building be without a mind-boggling array of businesses, range of activities, and mix of amenities. Read this next: The world’s tallest building will be in the middle of an empty field in China

3D in Website Assassin’s Creed Unite Check out the new interactive trailer featuring over 1400 custom Assassins & unlock exclusive Assassin’s Creed Unity content. New web project by the creators of BLA BLA and Just a Reflektor. Cartelle – Bun in the Oven Cartelle is a digital creative studio from Amsterdam. ANA Flight Connections ANA Flight Connections is an innovative way to reimagine your network. Sonoran’s Valley “As a remedy to life in society I would suggest the big city. HBM FiberSensing — Bringing Light to Measurement Products from HBM FiberSensing. Timeshift 165 A race against Oblivion TimeSifht165 is a Digital & Interactive Fan Artwork inspired by the exceptional story of a unique French car : The Delahaye 165. This project was collaboration, largely aimed at foreign audiences, between the residents of Kurokawa and Minami Oguni, a town that lies at the foot of Mt. The Witnesses The Witnesses – Northern France. Celebrating Chinese New Year 2015 Relax, we are the good guys Flakes Each one is unique!

Webalys. Creative Resources for designers & Developers, used By more than 75,000 Designers Ligatures Part 2 - Discretionary - by Ilene Strizver A discretionary ligature is more decorative in nature than a standard ligature and should be used at your discretion, as the name indicates. Some discretionary ligatures combine frequently occurring letter pairs (like “Th”) into a single graceful design. Fonts in the new OpenType® format, which can accommodate thousands of characters, often contain discretionary ligatures. Turning them on and off globally via the OpenType palette. In non-OpenType fonts, discretionary ligatures are often referred to as decorative ligatures. Note that unlike standard ligatures, discretionary ligatures are turned off by default in design applications. Ligatures should be used with extreme care (or avoided entirely) if you plan to adjust the overall letterspacing of the text containing these combinations. Missed part 1 this article? by Ilene Strizver A discretionary ligature is more decorative in nature than a standard ligature and should be used at your discretion, as the name indicates.

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