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Home - Fuwanovel - Translated Visual Novels. [E][NDS]Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 1st & 2nd. Recently I have been casually playing a series of otome games called Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side and I wanted to share them with my friends.

[E][NDS]Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 1st & 2nd

I think a lot of the people I interact with on here would enjoy them a lot. They’re also “all ages” games, so I don’t feel any more creepy playing them than I do watching some super girly romance-y shoujo animu or a Korean drama or something. Also, I really respect the people who have been creating the translation patches for doing such an amazing and thorough job. I feel like they deserve a thank you, even if it’s just a dumb blog entry. No one ever translates or localizes games like this in an official/professional sense (unless you count Princess Debut…), and they did a better job than some companies do.

But here are some screencaps to entice people into reading it. So far, there have been translation patches made of 2 of the games in the series: Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side: 1st Love Plus and Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side: 2nd Season. Bye Bye~ Otome Share. [NEWS] Love Revo English Patch for DS finally released!!!! Finally it's here!

[NEWS] Love Revo English Patch for DS finally released!!!!

This patch applicable for the Korean version of the awesome otome game "Otometeki Koi Kakumei Love Revo", called Girlish Love Revolution! DS, and of course, to use this patch you'd need an electronic copy of the game, a rom, that will be patched to English. You'll need an emulator to run the rom with if you don't have a Nintendo DS, I suggest desmume, it's easy to use and versatile. Let's give the translating team a big round of applause!!! Wheeee!!!!! Game interface and our pretty heroine :3 the new statistics screen kawaii save screen Now ren insults you in English! *mumbles*If only this were for the PC version....Though hearing all those sexy lines and actually understanding them might be too much for me :P GUIDELINES for installing the patch and walkthrough are at the links available in the translation thread, and the people looking for the Keywords needed for this English Love Revo DS can go here:

KuroiShiro. For you who don’t have a Nintendo DS, don’t worry, you can still play it on your laptop or your computer by downloading NO$GBA.


English Otome Games. Café Rouge "Isis, your average American teenager, happens upon a part time job opening at Café Rouge.

English Otome Games

During the day, it is a normal, quaint café and bakery. But when night takes over, it is transformed into a five star restaurant-theater-café, with live stage performances and first class customers arriving in the middle of the night. As Isis delves deeper into this strange café, she becomes entangled in the mystery of its’ haunted world. Will she find friends, or enemies? This is a free, online visual novel and cooking game created by Farway Studio. Sources and Instructions for otome gaming. Since the opportunities to get otome games are almost zero in my country, I mainly live off downloading freeware or rely on friends getting them for me.

Sources and Instructions for otome gaming

Due to piracy rules and such I won't be sharing any links in my blog other than the ones that are freeware, but feel free to message me if you have any questions, and I'll try my best to answer. No promises about troubleshooting though :P Now, let's start~~ Oh, before that. As many people would ask about this, I ONLY play visual novels on PC, I can provide no help or guidance on PS2,PSP,nintendo DS,iphone or android games. Where to buy:Japanese/English games: As I said before, I am kinda incompetent when it comes to getting games by myself, but this wonderful blog Yumi's Game Factory has some good directions :) Only English games: This site has a beautiful list of almost all English otome games that have come out so far. [PC] [120426][Rejet] BLACK WOLVES SAGA -Bloody Nightmare- PC版 + 特典ドラマCD [4GB] The Second Reproduction.

Sentou Gakuen - Massive Multiplayer Online Visual Novel - Login. Sentou Gakuen is the very first anime-styled Online Visual Novel that is combined with MMORPG elements.

Sentou Gakuen - Massive Multiplayer Online Visual Novel - Login

This game is web based so there is no need to download anything, all you have to do is just register. Enjoy the game! You are free to choose your own path. You can work and study, be a delinquent, protect the weak or even exploit their weaknesses. Get a part time job for money, or steal exam answer keys and sell them. Make friends or foes, the choice is yours. School Chat Are you interested? How about a Visual Novel? Sentou Gakuen is combining these Visual Novel and MMORPG elements into one.